Meet Harry Simonis - The 21 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Designs Clothes For Those That “Train Hard, and Dress Well”

LONDON: A new figure has started making a name for himself in men's fashion, with a line of unique menswear that caters to athletic and physically fit men.

Harry Simonis, the 21 year old founder behind TAILORED ATHLETE - the brand that's "Designed By Athletes. For Athletes" - is the perfect example of his target audience. . At 6’0, he is 200lbs with a physique a professional athlete would be envious of. “I started really working out at the age of 16,” he tells us. “The feeling I got both mentally and physically from the gym was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Pretty soon, I found it to be an essential part of my daily routine and noticed how much my physique began to develop.

Tailored Athlete However, this created a problem, and ultimately an opportunity for Simonis. His growing athletic build made finding clothing that fit well a challenge.

“Everything I would try on wouldn’t fit properly,” he explained. “Clothes were either too large and baggy, or they were way too slim in the chest or arms, and I felt very restricted.. Shirts would fit me tight in the chest, but would be super baggy at the waist.”

This problem arose again when Simonis was attempting to find a shirt to wear to his high school prom. “I was trying on all of these shirts, suit jackets and pants, and nothing was designed for my body type - being either too tight across the chest and baggy at the waist or unflattering. . There was just nothing off-the-rack that was made for someone with my physique,” he explained. “Being in high school, I didn’t have the budget to get something custom tailored, so I was stuck wearing an ill-fitting suit.”

Prom turned out to be an amazing night, but Simonis was convinced that something had to be done about the problem he kept facing.

After some extensive research, he realized there was a pretty significant gap in the market for athletic guys.

“I found that most of the high end designer brands catered almost exclusively to a slim fit physique,” said Simonis. “There are of course Big and Tall shops, but there was nothing on the market for guys with a more athletic and muscular build.”

So Simonis decided to change that.

Working out of his bedroom at his mother’s house in the United Kingdom, Simonis sourced hundreds of fabric samples, started sketching numerous new designs, and began conducting market research on his own by measuring thousands of athletes at nearby gyms. “I got a lot of funny looks at first,” the entrepreneur laughs. “Some people agreed, some thought I was mad.” However, it was through this arduous process that Simonis began to develop the “True Muscle Fit” - scientifically designed for their athletic physique. He also started building the brand, TAILORED ATHLETE.

The first delivery of 200 shirts arrived at his mom’s house in late 2016. “It was a makeshift set-up, in my bedroom, and I distributed all orders from there, packaging them up on my bed for the mail carrier to collect every day.”

Tailored Athlete

When the website finally launched in early 2017, orders began to take off. Although Simonis kept his part-time job, it wasn’t long until he realized he was onto something big.

“The feedback and comments we were getting, via product reviews and social media were incredible.” he continues, “People loved how properly the clothes fit, how they were cut, and overall how comfortable they were, due to the stretch in our fabrics. We heard from hundreds of customers that this was the shirt they had been searching for their entire life, because it accentuates their physique and makes them look and feel their best”.

Tailored Athlete That first run of shirts quickly turned into a full-fledged clothing line featuring formal wear, jeans, shirts and polos, and Simonis shows no sign of slowing down.

“We started selling in the UK, but have quickly expanded to the USA, Canada, Australia, and all across Europe and Asia.” he tells us. “We’ve had tens of thousands of orders globally to date.”

While the growth has been exciting, Simonis has ensured that the high standards in quality, material, and customer service he built his brand on have not suffered. “Our customers are incredibly particular about the fit and quality of their clothing,” he tells us. “They spend so much time getting their body into amazing shape, and therefore expect clothing of the same standard that complements their physique.

Athletes have also taken notice: TAILORED ATHLETE has been worn by professional athletes, celebrities, and business executives around the world.

For now, Simonis is focused on growing his brand, and delivering top quality, stylish and comfortable apparel for athletes around the world.

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