April 19, 2022 2 min read

By Harry Simonis, Founder - @Harrysimonis

Summer is around the corner! And all that hard work in the gym means you probably have larger hamstrings and quads but a smaller waist.
Guys, I've been there. I know what it’s like to be one of the few who actually don’t skip leg day and that’s why I struggled to find clothes that actually fit me. I’d have to size up to get it over my quads then end up with a really baggy waist that I’d have to tie around with a belt. It looked awful.

And THAT is why I created TAILORED ATHLETE!

Having started with ‘True Muscle Fit’ Shirts and Jeans, when it came to the warmer months, I knew designing shorts that complemented the athletic physique was a must!
Just like our Premium Stretch Jeans, the brief was simple: a well made, super comfortable, stretchy garment that actually fits and doesn’t feel like it’s going to rip the moment you lift your leg or bend down.
We spent months on the design, selecting the right fabrics, ensuring the right amount of tapering for a ‘True Muscle fit’!
And this is what we achieved….
A founding principle of TA’s products is that we aim to solve the problems Athletes usually experience when it comes to buying clothing, and for that reason, there should always be at least 2 reasons to purchase TA over another brand.
With our Shorts Collection, we have a fair few…

We always found the length to be one of the main issues with existing shorts; either too short, and therefore restrictive and looking like something from the 1970s, or too long, leaving you looking really short and not showing off your legs at all.
Because of this, I designed our shorts to fit perfectly above the knee, with the perfect inseam length whilst still providing extra room in the seat and thigh!
Combined with reinforced seams, we purposely designed them in this way to prevent crotch tears. Wear worry free!

Secondly, it wouldn’t be TA without STRETCH fabrics. There is nothing like having the freedom of motion and mobility to be able to move in your clothing whilst looking amazing and feeling confident! Rest assured, from a family BBQ to a weekend hike, a pair of TA shorts are designed to perform no matter the occasion.

Versatility was another consideration, particularly with our 365 Shorts. Our 365 Collection means you can dress up or down, no matter where you are. I recommend pairing them with trainers and a T-shirt for casual summer days or loafers and a Bamboo Short Sleeve Shirt for date night. It's the ultimate smart and casual summer piece.

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