Muscle Fit Shirts

With our signature 'True Muscle Fit', our shirts are designed to allow for a broad chest and shoulders, but to taper at the waist for a perfect fit guaranteed.

Made from a luxuriously soft premium stretch fabric.

True Muscle Fit

Buttery Soft

Machine Washable

4-Way Stretch


They are designed to snugly fit your body to accentuate your shape while emphasizing the muscles in your torso and on your arms.

Crafted from luxurious materials for a high-end look and feel, they have reinforced seams for durability, and provide comfort and breathability for the wearer.

The Dress Shirt in 4 staple colours, and the Signature Shirts for a smart/casual look are highly sought-after by TA customers.

They are designed to hug the contours of a muscular body, highlighting the chest, shoulders, and arms.

They're not just for show, however. The right muscle shirt also provides comfort, breathability, and ease of movement.

Made by athletes, for athletes, with years of research behind it to ensure a scientific fit, the TA Shirts are the perfect choice.

If versatility is what you are after, our Muscle Fit Jeans are perfect for everyday wear and comfort.

For a modern casual look, our everyday tech trousers are a must have.



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