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Updating your wardrobe for a new season doesn’t need to be an extravagant affair. Save the big spend shopping sprees for your next big life event, like moving somewhere with a new climate, or starting a job with a different dress code. At the start of a new season, just adding some fresh new pieces that work with your existing wardrobe can give a completely new look. 


1. Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt 

Why it’s essential: Perfect for making a good first impression while showing off your hard work at the gym, a short-sleeve button-up shirt is your go-to staple for Spring. Day at the beach? Pair with shorts. Dinner date in the evening? Pair with 365 Trousers. With a variety of colourways available, use it to sprinkle some colour in your wardrobe with seasonal tones.

What to look for: A short-sleeve button-up should be easy to move around in and super-low maintenance. The Bamboo Shirt (SS) is both clean-cut, with classic styling and design, but a modern fit and easy-care features. Leave the iron at home and enjoy your holiday in style: the machine-washable, anti-wrinkle Bamboo fabric won't crease when tucked away in your suitcase. 


2. Comfortable Trousers

Why it’s essential: As the weather heats up, the last thing you need is stiff trousers that stick to you... everywhere. Cue discomfort and overheating.

What to look for: A pair of trousers made from lightweight, stretchable fabric. You want a pair to fit well but not be too restrictive. The 365 Trousers are designed to balance work/life whilst keeping you comfortable and stylish.


3. A Long Sleeve Polo 

Why they’re essential: Spring weather can be temperamental at best - Rain, sun, rain, wait... was that snow?! Don't pack away your long-sleeve polos just yet.

What to look for: A merino polo will keep you warm on cold nights and cooler during the day. A classic colour like navy or black is recommended to keep in style year after year. Our recommendation: Merino Wool Polo Shirt (LS) - crafted from luxurious italian merino wool, expect breathability, moisture wicking from this super soft lightweight fabric. 


4. A Pastel T-Shirt

Why it’s essential: Everyman this spring needs a quality t-shirt (long and short-sleeved, preferably) in a stylish 'True Muscle Fit'. Spice up your wardrobe with springlike colours in yellows, greens, and blues.

What to look for: When you’re wearing a colourful shirt, skip any other bells and whistles in favour of a simple crewneck design. Dress yours up under an unstructured blazer, or down with dark-rinse jeans and sneakers.


5. Everyday Jewellery

Why it’s essential: Everyday jewellery - a small bracelet, chain, or ring - can elevate a simple look. 

What to look for: Opt for understated pieces made of quality materials.


6. A Hoodie

Why it’s essential: Perfect for those cold early mornings, a classic hoodie is an excellent spring staple. Use it to dress up for those "what do I wear" smart-casual occasions or to go full chill at home.

What to look for: A quality piece, made with soft cotton to keep you comfortable. You can go for a classic black or add some colour with soft blue hues. 


7. Clean White Sneakers

Why they’re essential: versatility is the name of spring, and what better way to step into a new season (literally) than in a crisp pair of white sneakers. It’s no accident that you’ll see these featured in most of our photoshoots, as you can pair them with Jeans, shorts or smarter trousers such as our 365 Trousers (On any given day, you’ll see this pairing on most of our employees!) 

What to look for: A durable, hard-wearing sole, invest in a good pair that will last well. Stick to sneaker style as opposed to high tops, for versatility and focus on minimalistic designs. Preferably a good leather to withstand wear and tear, as well as easy maintenance: simply wipe clean with a good cleaner.



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