June 21, 2022 2 min read

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we understand how frustrating it can during the Summer months; wanting to want to look your best for a date… without the fear of… sweat patches!

That’s why we put together this guide with some inspirational outfit ideas, featuring our ‘Performance Fabrics’ allowing you to feel cool and confident on a perfect Summer date. Everything from nights out on the town to a laid-back coffee shop chat.

Below, are Some Summer Style Outfit Inspiration:

Summer Date Outfit #1 City Casual

IG: @_levynation_

Why it’s a great date outfit:Looking good doesn’t have to mean getting dressed up. Sometimes it just means opting for something other than jeans.

Remonde Levy in this photo is wearing the perfect smart-casual Summer outfit . A cool Essential t-shirt, with 365 Trousers and leather loafers.

Keep things feeling breezy for a date by wearing light fabric and casual shoes.

Summer Date Outfit #2 Urban Sophisticate

IG: @brandonlevar

Why it’s a great date outfit: A monochrome outfit – aka, wearing all one color or shade head to toe – makes life easy while helping you look good.

An Essential Dress Shirt is one of Tailored Athlete's ultimate essentials, and this look on Brandon LeVar shows why.

Summer Date Outfit #3 Elevated Casual

IG: @connormtrott

Why it’s a great date outfit:Connor Trott shows off  a great afternoon date outfit somewhere you’ll be spending time indoors in the AC.

Elevating the classic jeans & a nice top look with Premium Stretch Jeans and a 'True Muscle Fit' Essential Polo Shirt, will have you turning heads. 

Summer Date Outfit #5 Cool

IG: @approvedbybrooks

Why it’s a great date outfit: This outfit from the Reuben Brooks Instagram account is just perfect. Don’t be afraid to go for shorts, and show off some leg.

  • Basic doesn’t mean boring. Stick to a simple look and add pieces to show your personal style will go a long way. 
  • Experiment later. Reach for the staple look you’d wear to a dinner with your boss and let your personality do the heavy lifting. You can always show off your bold style at the next family BBQ. 
  • Dress for the job you want. We all know the drill: a first date can feel like a job interview over dinner. You want to impress, so dressing your best goes hand-in-hand with sharing your personal resume highlights. If you’re worried about being overdressed, just remember it’s better than looking too casual because you’ll wind up feeling self-conscious and it’ll throw you off your game.

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