July 04, 2022 2 min read

Summer is finally here! For me, that has previously meant an ongoing struggle to try and find a pair of shorts that not only fit but can take me from the beach to the bar and beyond… This year, in true TAILORED ATHLETE style, we have solved that very problem!

Introducing the HYBRID SHORTS. 

The Hybrid Short is about to become one of the building blocks of your Summer wardrobe. Made with quick-drying fabric, these comfortable, versatile shorts transform effortlessly from the pool to the golf course to dinner. Combined with reinforced seams, we purposely engineered them in this way to prevent crotch tears. 

Following the popularity of our Chino shorts & 365 Chino Shorts, I knew we needed a pair of shorts for those of us that enjoy swimming & being outdoors during the Summer but still want a smart/casual look (See sizing here).

The brief was simple: a well-made, super comfortable, stretchy garment that actually fits and doesn’t feel like it will rip the moment you lift your leg. 

The team and I spent months perfecting our ‘True Muscle Fit, the primary focus of all our clothing. Secondly, we wanted to combat these requirements as detailed by our Athletes in previous surveys: 

  • “Minimalist and understated design, with a modern & premium look”
  • “Multi-functional, I want to be able to wear in the pool and by the bar”
  • “Quick-drying so I don’t have to sit and be wet all day”
  • “I want them to be as comfortable as my favourite gym shorts without looking like them”
  • “Pockets deep enough to hold more than one thing”

And here’s what we achieved…

The Hybrid Shorts Key Features:

  • Adjustable Drawcord that can be worn internally or externally.
  • Elasticated waistband for an adaptable fit.
  • 4-Way stretch fabric for comfort & ease of movement.
  • Zip fly closure for a more formal look and ease of getting them on.
  • Inner Mesh liner.
  • 3x Functional sleek pockets.

I recommend pairing them with sneakers and our Summer Shirt for casual summer evenings, or sandals and an Essential T-shirt for days spent in the sun. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Hybrid shorts here.

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