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The apparel sector accommodates a diverse array of body types. However, people with athletic builds often grapple with the ongoing challenge of finding the ideal fit. For anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym, an ill-fitting T-shirt can lead to self-esteem issues and even make them question the hard work they have put into achieving their physique.

Thankfully, there’s no need to stress any longer. We know just how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit athletic builds, let alone find ones that look good, which is why we made it our mission to provide an alternative.

TAILORED ATHLETE has everything you need to upgrade your wardrobe, starting with T-shirts for athletic builds and going on to find jeans, chinos, and even polo shirts.

Let’s show you why TAILORED ATHLETE is the brand you need to complete your fit.

What this article covers:

Things to Consider When Choosing Best-Fitting T-shirts for Athletic Build

Here are a few things you should consider when selecting the ideal fitting t-shirts for athletic build:

Material Matters: Pick and Wear Fabrics that Complement Your Build

Fabrics play a crucial role in how a T-shirt fits and feels against your skin. For athletic builds, it is essential to choose materials that have a slight stretch to them, such as spandex, elastane, or Lycra blends. This will allow the shirt to move with your body without compromising on fit. 

Additionally, opt for moisture-wicking materials like polyester or bamboo blends to keep yourself dry and comfortable during your workouts or daily activities.

This is one of the key areas that makes TAILORED ATHLETE’s garments superior. We’ve worked with athletes and tailors to come up with our proprietary blend of premium 4-way stretch fabric.

best muscle fit t shirts

The multi-directional stretch properties allow the clothes to not only contour around your body, but also give you a complete range of motion without having to worry that your shirt is going to explode off your back.

What’s more, it wicks away moisture, stopping you from getting sweaty and uncomfortable in your new favorite tee.

The Right Cut

While finding a T-shirt that does not feel like a second skin is challenging for those with athletic builds, the right cut can make all the difference. Look for tapered cuts or slim-fitting T-shirts that follow the natural V-shape of your body, accentuating your broader shoulders while comfortably accommodating your narrower waist. Avoid boxy cuts or straight-fit shirts, as they tend to make your physique look less flattering and can feel restrictive.

These guides are doubly important for muscular and athletic men, so we incorporated them into our True Muscle Fit. Where most off-the-rack options (even generic athletic-cut styles) assume the average body type, the True Muscle Fit does anything but.

We work around the muscular structure of your body, where most brands and tailors design around your skeletal structure. This usually results in shirts that onlyjust fit, without actually accentuating any of your features.

With our True Muscle Fit, you don’t have to worry about only some of your shirts’ components fitting. You get a perfect, even fit every time.

best shirts for muscular guys


Since your shoulders are already broad, it's best to opt for a neckline that gives you a leaner look, like a v-neck or scoop neck. This will also elongate your torso and give you an overall balanced silhouette. Avoid choosing high necklines or collared shirts as they can make your physique appear heavier and unbalanced.


Ideally, your T-shirt should fit comfortably without being excessively tight or excessively loose. Measuring yourself is the best way to determine your size, as this will help you get a better understanding of the fit and fabric you should opt for. Remember to take into account any shrinkage that may occur after washing.

Major Benefits of Athletic Fit T-Shirts

Enhance Your Physique

Athletic fit T-shirts are designed to accentuate and flatter your muscular build, showing off your hard-earned gains. The right T-shirt will hug your body in all the right places, enhancing your shoulders, chest, and arms while creating a slimming effect at the waist.

best t shirts for muscular build

Boost Your Confidence

A clear link exists between our choice of attire and its impact on our self-perception. A well-fitting T-shirt can make all the difference in boosting your body confidence, ensuring that you never second-guess your choice to pursue a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Versatility and Flexibility

With the right athletic fit T-shirt, you can enjoy the versatility of dressing up for a night out or dressing down for a casual day. The slim and flattering cut easily transitions between different occasions, making it a staple in your wardrobe.

Top Best Fitting T-Shirts for Athletic Builds

Below are some of the best t-shirts for those with an athletic build.

Muscle Fit T-Shirt

TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit T-Shirt is what put us on the map for athletic guys trying to find shirts that fit.

best fitting t-shirts for athletic build

It’s our go-to recommendation for any muscular guy looking to find an everyday t-shirt that works for any occasion you can think of. The best thing about these shirts is just how versatile they are. 

You can pair them with jeans for athletic men if you’re planning on spending the day out with friends or throw on a blazer and dress shoes and you’re ready for a night on the town.

Like all our garments, our True Muscle Fit tee is made from our premium 4-way stretch fabric that gives it an edge over more generic brands. You can move around as much as you want without having to worry that the seams are going to split.

best athletic fit t shirts

Ribbed T-Shirt

Ribbed t-shirts are great options for athletic men. With most t-shirts, in order to get the garment to fit, you often have to sacrifice on showing off your silhouette. After spending hours in the gym, this is the last thing you want to do.

Ribbed shirts accentuate all your best parts thanks to the subtle creasing and bending, suggesting the musculature beneath.

If you struggle to find plain t-shirts that you look good in, TAILORED ATHLETE’s Ribbed T-Shirts are an excellent choice, whether you need the best-fitting t-shirts for tall guys or the best slim-fitting t-shirt to show off a toned physique. 

Boasting an impeccable fusion of comfort, sophistication, and performance, you'll perpetually exude confidence and poise.

best muscle shirts

Slub Loop T-Shirt

If you’re a bit shorter than the average gym-goer, it can be challenging to find shirts that look good on your physique. The clothes that look good on tall guys can often make you look square and stocky, which only draws more attention to your height (or lack thereof).

Short guys need to pay even more attention to the fit of their clothes, since poorly-fitting, poorly-sized t-shirts are more obvious on smaller bodies.

Thankfully for you, TAILORED ATHLETE has some of the best-fitting T-shirts for short guys on the market.

Our Slub Loop T-Shirt is the perfect option for shorter guys. The key to looking good—aside from finding shirts that fit properly—is using detailing and design to draw attention away from your legs. If people are spending more time looking at your arms or chest, the fact that you’re a bit shorter isn’t even going to register.

You don’t have to go crazy, but a little detail here and there makes a world of difference.

Our Slub Loop T-Shirts are made from slub cotton, which adds a subtle, knotted texture to the fabric. To draw attention to your arms, we’ve included a turned-up hem around the sleeves, which make the shirts look both casual and refined.

best muscle fit shirts


The journey of finding the ideal T-shirt for the athletic build may seem never-ending, but it's a journey worth taking. By embracing the options outlined above and exploring brands that cater to athletic physiques, you'll no longer feel disheartened by ill-fitting clothes.

Instead, you can stride with confidence, proudly donning a T-shirt that embodies both style and comfort – because you deserve to feel and look your absolute best!

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