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The humble t-shirt is a versatile garment that never goes out of style. Walk into any clothing store and you’re sure to find rail upon rail of t-shirts, in a wide array of colors. But most menswear stores cater to the average man, and not everyone fits into that category. 

Are you an athlete, bodybuilder, or gym enthusiast? Chances are, you already have a hard time finding t-shirts to fit your muscular frame. And if you’re short and stocky, that makes it even more of a challenge!

So, where do you find the best-fitting T-shirts for short guys? The good news is, you’re in the right place. We explain what will fit and flatter your body best, and give tips on balancing your proportions, in the guide below. 

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What Are the Best Fitting T-Shirts for Short Guys?

One of the most common pitfalls when it comes to shopping for t-shirts and other leisurewear is trying to meet the fashion designer’s ideal. Your clothing should fit and flatter you, and make the most of your physique. You shouldn’t have to settle for less.

t shirts for short guys

Short guys are not all the same. Some are short overall but otherwise have balanced proportions, others have shorter torsos but have average-length legs. Then there are the guys with long torsos but short legs. The group you fall into affects the fit of your clothes in different ways.

That’s why you must get to know your proportions so you can up your style game. We’ll get into how to determine your body’s proportions in a moment. But first, let’s talk about the top two criteria for the best-fitting t-shirts for short guys with muscles. 

Criteria for Well-Fitting T-Shirts

Short guys need to get the right t-shirt fit. A good T-shirt fit will take the attention away from your stature and instead, accentuate your neat athletic shape. But it can be difficult to find the best-fitting T-shirts for short guys, particularly really muscular short guys.

When you are very muscular, an ordinary T-shirt won’t fit you properly, no matter how high-end the brand is. It’ll pull tightly across the shoulders, upper arms, and pecs because it just can’t accommodate your well-defined muscles. 

So, you may try sizing up, but then the excess t-shirt fabric just bulks you up at the waist. Worse still, it’ll make a short guy look like he’s drowning in the oversized t-shirt! This is a common problem that short guys with muscles face, but we can help.

best fitting t shirt for short guys

TAILORED ATHLETE’s collection of True Muscle Fit T-Shirts is designed specifically for you. They hug the lines of your torso, without any pulling or bunching. That’s because we don’t stop at clever design and expert workmanship. We also incorporate the right fabrics. 

Comfort & Stretch

The best shirts for muscular guys have the right stretch. When your t-shirt fabric has the right amount of and type of stretch, it follows the contours of your torso.  Rather than your t-shirtdictating how you should fit in it, your physique iscomplemented by it. 

We understand the importance of stretching where you need it and use 4-way stretch fabrics to perfectly hug your muscles. It’s this attention to detail that allows you to move more freely, and be comfortable at all times.

Not only is this great for allowing you a full range of motion, but it’s also moisture-wicking. The fabric keeps you dry even when you’re working your hardest, making them some of the most comfortable options available.

Body-Skimming Style

Wide, straight-cut t-shirts hang in an unflattering manner on most men. They do nothing to flatter the physique that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. They just look baggy and unkempt and can make an already stocky frame seem shorter. 

Our athletic fit t-shirts not only stretch where you need them but follow your natural waist and hipline for a neat and stylish fit. That’s why athletes have come to know us as the best-fitted t-shirt brand for muscular men.

best fitting t shirt for short guy

What Type of ‘Short Guy’ Are You?

Whether you’re looking for the best-fitting T-shirts for tall guys or short guys, you need to understand your proportions. It will empower you to make the best fashion choices for your frame. And you’ll always step out the door looking and feeling your best. 

To determine which category you fall into, you’ll need a full-length mirror and a measuring tape. You can do these measurements at the gym, or home, but it may be easier to ask a coach or trainer or fellow athlete for assistance to get more accurate measurements.

Standing up straight, without bending your neck or your knees, do the following:

  • Measure the distance from the top of your head to your groin. 
  • Next, measure the distance from your groin to the floor. 
  • Are the measurements very close, or is there a noticeable difference of at least 2 inches? 

Short Overall, But in Balance

Is there no difference between the two measurements, or a very small one? If you are short in height, with balanced proportions, you are short overall. You may find that you need to befriend a good tailor. You probably find off-the-rack clothes usually have to be tailored, both jeans and T-shirts.

t shirt for short guys

Short Torso, Longer Legs

This is also called short-waisted. Men who fall into this category aren’t usually short in stature. Taller guys or those of average height often have these proportions. But short guys can too. And it means that many t-shirt styles hang too low on your body.

Longer Torso, Short Legs

This is also called long-waisted. This is rare among tall guys, but common among average height and especially short guys. Unfortunately, it’s also the trickiest body proportion category. You may find that you have to raise the hem of your jeans, yet T-shirts hit you right at the waist.

Our Tips for the Best Fitting T-Shirts for Short Guys

Now that you’ve identified which body proportion category you fall into, it’s time for some clever fashion sorcery. While you may still need the services of a tailor if you are exceptionally short in stature, and proportions can be balanced out with a few visual tricks. 

The image you portray to others is not dependent on your height and proportions alone. A good posture, confident stride and high self-confidence go a long way to making short guys appear taller. When you know you look good in your clothes, you’ll be self-assured and act taller. 

t shirt for short guy

To ensure that your t-shirts and other causal wear are working hard for you, try the following simple tricks:

Go Monochromatic to Look Taller 

Wearing the same colour, or shades of the same colour, from top to toe can elongate you visually. If you are short overall, this will do wonders for making you appear taller. 

Consider matching your T-shirt to your jeans, as in all blue, all black or all grey. Or go for a subtle form of monochrome with a grey t-shirt and black jeans or a light blue t-shirt with darker blue jeans. 

Need something a bit more polished for a smart-casual look? Our men's athletic fit polo shirts combine the comfort of t-shirts with the classic collared style you need for a date night or social event.

best t shirt for short guy

Go Bold on Top If You’re Short Waisted

If you have a shorter torso and longer legs, this is not a bad thing. Most people surveyed find slightly longer legs than torsos, visually appealing. 

If you happen to be short in height and short-waisted, keep the interest on the upper half of your body. Try a red or royal blue T-shirt with grey or black jeans. Our muscle-fit jeans are available in all the classic neutrals - black, grey, and a wide selection of blue shades to suit your every mood. 

Don’t wear your T-shirt tucked in. That’ll just cut your torso off visually, making it appear shorter. Vertically striped t-shirts, or vertical lines created by an open jacket over a t-shirt, will also help to visually elongate your torso.

fitting t shirt for short guy

If You’re Long-Waisted, Be Bold Below

This is the most common issue for shorter guys -  a longer torso with much shorter legs. But you can make those legs appear far longer, and diminish the effect of your long upper body, with this trick. 

Wear a plain t-shirt in a dark colour or neutral, and pair it with vertically striped pants or boldly-coloured pants or jeans. 

If that sounds a bit too adventurous for you, keep it simple. Wear a belt with your jeans and tuck your T-shirt in. Matching your pants or jeans to your belt and your footwear will also create the illusion of longer legs.

Closing Thoughts on Best Fitting T-Shirts for Short Guys

You no longer have to stress about meeting the standards of out-of-touch fashion designers creating garments for average men. Purchase quality t-shirts and other clothing that is designed for real men. Men with muscles. At TAILORED ATHLETE, every t-shirt is madeby athletes,forathletes. Get yours today.

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