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Muscular men often have a hard time finding dress shirts with collars that fit comfortably. Large neck muscles stretch most collars, making regular clothing an unappealing option. 

How a dress shirt collar should fit depends on a couple of factors.

No matter which style to choose, your collar should fit snugly against your neck while still being loose enough to be comfortable for long periods. Nothing can distract you quite like uncomfortable clothing and you want to make sure you’re feeling you’re best as well as looking it.

Athletes often have to size up and this can look untidy. For dress shirts made to fit athletic bodies, take a look at the TAILORED ATHLETE dress shirts. Our shirts are stretchy, moisture-wicking, and designed to fit large muscles.

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How Should a Shirt Collar Fit?

how should a shirt collar fit

The first thing to note is that there are six different types of collars. Each one has a different aesthetic and can convey different things about your style. By following the two-finger rule you can ensure that any collar style fits properly.

The point, tab, and button-down collar are well suited to broader face shapes. For narrower faces, the spread, cutaway, and club collar are all more flattering.

The Two-Finger Rule

This rule makes it easy to ensure your collar fits comfortably. While wearing your shirt, button up your collar. Now put your index and middle finger against your neck and slide them under the collar. This should tighten the collar against your neck, but you should still be able to breathe.

There shouldn’t be any resistance when you place your fingers under the fabric. There should be pressure against your fingers from the fabric pulling tight, but when you let go, that pressure should disappear. Your neck shouldn’t feel constricted in the collar.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are three essential things to think of when trying on new dress shirts:

  1. How long do you have to wear the shirt?trying on a shirt for a couple of minutes in a store won’t give you the full effect of wearing the shirt for a while. When shopping at TAILORED ATHLETE, you can try your purchases on in your own home and return them within 35 days if they don’t fit. This way you can be sure of long-term comfort.
  2. The necktie test. Be sure that you can easily close the collar button in under 10 seconds. If you can then make sure your tie lies flat against the collar and along your chest. If there is also no gap at the back of your neck, the collar fits well.
  3. Your neck length. Higher collar styles can make those with shorter necks look like they have no neck at all. By opting for a shorter collar, you can elongate the neck.

The Different Types of Collars

how should collar fit dress shirt

As we’ve already mentioned, there are six popular collar styles. While these collars vary in shape but the fitting rules remain the same. Your collar should always be snug, but still comfortable. Here are the four most popular styles on the market.

The spread collar. This collar has a large gap between the two points. This is a modern style and it looks good with a wider tie knot such as the full Windsor knot. It’s polished and professional and works in most settings.

The point collar. This style is a classic and is the most common collar style available. The gap between the collar points is much smaller and pairs well with a thin tie and narrow knot. This is the default collar style for most clothing brands.

The button-down collar. This collar has a button on each collar point. This style is more casual and was designed to be worn with a sports jacket. If you’re wondering how button-up shirts should fit, we’ve got a useful blog with resources to help you out.

The club collar. This collar has a distinctive history, originally designed as part of the uniform for the prestigious Eton College. The points of this collar are rounded and provide an alternative to the usual sharp-pointed collars. It looks best with a tie.

How Should Dress Shirts Fit?

The Three Biggest Dress Shirt Mistakes

When you look at the people around you wearing dress shirts, there are three things to look out for. Being able to easily recognize these mistakes will help you avoid them in the future. Getting a dress shirt to fit properly isn’t just about the collar.

  1. Excess fabric. When a shirt is too loose, the fabric around the arms, chest, and stomach is baggy. This looks unprofessional and messy and could hide any muscle definition if you’ve spent time in the gym.
  2. The sleeves are too long or too short. When shirt sleeves sit too high or too low on the wrists, it’s a clear sign of an ill-fitting shirt. This can be a common problem for muscular men since there’s more fabric necessary to cover your arms.
  3. The collar is too loose. If the collar of a dress shirt is too loose, the shirt is definitely too big. It can also look unpolished.

Three Things to Look out for When Buying A Dress Shirt

how should a dress shirt collar should fit

When you’re trying on dress shirts, there are things to always keep in mind. If you spot any of these signs, try a different cut or a different size.

  1. Fabric hanging over your belt means the shirt is too large.
  2. Wrinkles around the buttons mean the shirt is too tight over your chest.
  3. Sleeves pulling up too high when your arms are raised means the shirt is too small.

What Shirts Make You Look Muscular

If you are looking for shirts that will accentuate your muscular physique, our essential fit shirts are perfect for athletic bodies. We also offer top-quality men’s athletic fit t-shirts designed with athletes in mind.

how should dress shirt collar fit

If you’ve put the time in already, you don’t need a special shirt to make you look muscular. Instead, go with TAILORED ATHLETE to highlight your best features.

How Do Essential Shirts Fit?

Our essential fit shirts are tailored specifically for the muscular body. They are tapered at the waist with ample chest room for large pecs. The arms are wider to allow for big muscles and they have two darts in the back for added room for movement.

If you find yourself wondering how should a short sleeve shirt fit, check out our blog for more information.

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