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When looking at the relaxed and oversized fits, we can plainly see they’re comfortable. These cuts aren’t made for all body types, though.

If you’ve put in the hard work and time at the gym necessary to get yourself an athletic physique, you want to make sure that your clothes do their job of making you look good. 

Looking good doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable, though. TAILORED ATHLETE makes clothes for athletes that are both form-fitting and comfortable.

We’ll go over what makes these cuts unique, and who they’d look best on. We’ll also explain which cuts will look best on your athletic build, and why this is true.

What this article covers:

What Is Relaxed Fit?

Relaxed fits can have a slouchy look. They’re a great option for lounging around at home. They’re simple and don’t hug the body at all. They’re easy to move in and are usually made with a light fabric.

oversized vs relaxed fit

Relaxed fits are loose around the arms and waist, so they don’t accentuate those features you want to show off as an athlete. They can’t highlight any definition and end up making you look like everybody else.

This fit is perfect for people who want to hide their body - but we’ll bet that’s not you. Much like drop shoulder and standard fit shirts, they should be avoided by people who want something more flattering for fit bodies.

Our range of shirts is designed by athletes, for athletes. We avoid material that doesn’t show off your hard-earned physique, whilst giving you the freedom of movement you find in looser-fitting shirts. We do this with our premium 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabrics that give you the freedom to move. 

What Is Oversized Fit?

Oversized fits are even looser than relaxed ones. Their shape is also slightly different since they’re boxier. This means they’re made to look square and angular and hide the natural shape of your body.

Similar to therelaxed fit and regular fit, the oversized fit gives you space around the arms and waist. In addition, it gives you breathing room around your torso, which is how it achieves its characteristic boxy look.

This aesthetic is obviously not the ideal fit for an athlete. So, let’s go over what is. 

Do These Work for Athletes?

We’ve established that relaxed, oversized shirts aren’t the best for your body type. So what options do you have? 

oversized vs relaxed

These styles are the opposite of something like a slim or straight fit. Where these styles are meant to sit close to the body to show off slim physiques, relaxed and oversized cuts hang loosely.

Historically, there weren’t many. Athletes were stuck in boxy clothes that hid their best features or stuffed into shirts and pants that were far too tight. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. 

What Fit Is Best for an Athletic Body?

We’ve created a range of True Muscle Fit t-shirts just for your body type. We noticed that athletic men weren’t catered for in the clothing world, often being forced to wear unflattering cuts that just weren’t made for the athletic build.

We craft our shirts using premium 4-way stretch fabric that works not only for your body type, but for your lifestyle too. 

We know that most figure-hugging t-shirts that are designed to look good on athletic builds aren’t comfortable. They’re not made practically, and they don’t allow for free movement. 

Our garments take these factors into account. The stretchy, breathable fabric makes it feel like you’re wearing a second skin. As a bonus, they look good. Our shirts are available in a variety of colors and prints, allowing you the freedom to choose what looks best on you.

Our sleeves have a raglan cut; a design feature we included in our shirts to accentuate the best features of the athlete’s arms. 

They’re 95% cotton, making them soft and comfortable. The remaining 5% is elastane, which is what makes our shirts easy to move in. This fabric blend stretches naturally with your body while ensuring quality shirts that last for years.

They’re plain and versatile, so you can use these as staples in your closet.

You’ve Got Options

We wouldn’t leave you hanging with only one cut to choose from. As part of our True Muscle Fit range, we also have men’s athletic fit polo shirts.

oversized fit vs relaxed fit

These are for those slightly fancier occasions. We know a plain t-shirt doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes a collar is needed.

Don’t worry - we kept it comfortable. This cut is made from the same cotton and elastane blend as our t-shirts, ensuring optimal comfort for people who enjoy movement.

Similar to the slim fit and trim fit, this shirt has no excess fabric. It’s got a tailored look, thanks to the slim waistline, fitted shoulders, and raglan cut arms. You can dress it up or down, so it’s appropriate for everything from working from home to a semi-formal dinner. 

Did you know that we also make pants for athletes? Unlike slim fit and skinny fit jeans, TAILORED ATHLETE jeans are a True Muscle Fit, and pair perfectly with the t-shirts and polo shirts we offer.

So, now you know you have options other than relaxed and oversized shirts which aren’t made for your body type. These traditional cuts simply aren’t tailored enough to accentuate your best features, and will instead drown them out.

True Muscle Fit shirts and pants will work best for your body, and you won’t need to size up or down to get the perfect fit. 

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