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If you’re looking at two different pairs of pants on a store’s shelf, odds are they’re classic and relaxed fits. These two styles of clothes are some of the most popular around, so it makes sense that you’d want to see if they could work for you.

These styles are designed to be comfortable with average bodies in mind. While it will work for most people, if you’ve got more muscles, they’re just not for you.

Stick around and find out why TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit is the thing you need if you find that regular clothing doesn’t fit comfortably around your muscles.

What this article covers:

classic vs relaxed fit

What Is Classic Fit?

Classic fit is a style that borders on baggy and loose, but stops a little shy of it

In the fashion world, classic is used to describe the normal fit for garments,a style designed with average frames in mind.

A classic fit is comfortable because it’s not cut too close to the body, but this means it lacks the definition and form-fitting design to show off an athletic build.

While this might make you choose a slim fit over a classic fit, that’s still not going to be the right decision. Slim fit clothing is certainly more form-fitting, but it’s cut too close to the body to be comfortable.

Classic fit has less excess fabric than our athletic fit clothes, so it’s clear who’s the winner in the fight between athletic fit vs classic fit garments.

Cut and Shape

If we look at the cut of classic fit trousers, you’ll see that they are a genric shape that hides the leg beneath the fabric.

This is because they have that extra fabric, as found in the more loose and baggy fits. 

Because they’re cut with a genric body shape in mind, they tend to be tight in some places and loose in others meaning there is no consistency in sizing. Without a properly fitting stretchy fabric, they stop you from moving around without risking tearing your clothes.

In terms of shape, the classic is aimed at the average person to feel comfortable and look stylish. Chances are that you’ve seen this style sported by the dads with broader bodies.

relaxed fit vs classic fit

Classic Shirt

The classic fit shirt offers a decent amount of space and fabric in the chest region. However, this is mostly dependent on the brand and manufacturers.

Most classic shirts contain a box pleat, allowing for several inches of the fabric to fold into the back of the shirt.

However, some classic shirts may use diagonal knife pleats to make for a more shaped shirt.

The sleeves of a classic shirt can be described as a loose full cut.This tends to look boxy and unflattering on athletic builds since it doesn’t contour around your muscles to highlight your best features.

Classic Trousers

In terms of how classic pants sits on the waist, you can expect a traditional style of trousers. It offers a loosely hanging seat region and gives that area plenty of breathing room.

The leg of the classic trousers falls in a straight line from the knee down to your ankle. This gives it a wider leg opening at the bottom.However, the knee area is narrower and slimmer which causes bunching that can be really uncomfortable if you move around a lot.

What Is Relaxed Fit?

With only slight differences between the various fits, it's easy to get one confused with the other. A common mistake is pinning regular fit vs relaxed fit up against each other.

classic fit vs regular fit jeans

Regular fit clothing is often referred to as straight cut, having a consistent leg and arm width in the clothing.

Relaxed fit on the other hand offers a baggier appearance with plenty of leg room and arm space in the clothing.

It’s looser than the other fits but not to the point where it’s considered baggy. This style or fit is often referred to as the comfort fit as there isn’t much professionalism to wearing it.

Like classic fits, relaxed fits are made with for an average body. They’re fine for slimmer men, but they can make athletes disappear behind their clothes and completely hide any definition.

Cut and Shape

Since the style and shape of the relaxed fit can be described as loose and flowy, it’s a no-brainer that this fit was popular in the 90s.

The relaxed fit bridged the gap between a regular and baggy fit and was comfortable to wear.

If you want to wear jeans but not have them sitting snug on the skin, relaxed-fit jeans are the way to go.

regular fit vs classic fit jeans

Relaxed Shirts

The relaxed fit shirt is loose, featuring a wide body with longer and looser sleeves. It also has a more relaxed neckline than the higher slim-fit shirts.

There’s plenty of room in the chest and upper torso region,meaning that anyone can wear this shirt if they’re not too worried about the way they look.

So, since relaxed fit and comfort fit are the same, we know which is lighter between comfort fit vs regular fit.

Relaxed Trousers

The same way that relaxed shirts fit the body applies to jeans and trousers too. This style of pants offers the most room and loose feeling out of the fits, making it the most comfortable.

They’re wider in the seat and thigh region, featuring a longer rise than most fits. 

So athletes with larger thighs shouldn’t go for the relaxed jeans and should instead choose more athletic-fit jeans. TAILORED ATHLETE makes true muscle-fit clothes that have all of the benefits or athletic fit jeans with none of the drawbacks.

relaxed vs classic fit

Our proprietary 4-way stretch material clings to your skin and highlights your best features without feeling like you’re going to suffocate.

If you have broad shoulders and require wide armholes, then the classic fit is a good pick if you can’t decide between classic vs modern fit.

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