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You’ve spent countless hours working out in the gym and want to look your best in your clothes, but traditional clothing designs are not flattering to the muscular physique.

Traditional fits are typically designed around people's skeletal structure rather than their muscles. While this works for the average joe, if you’ve got more bulk, you’re going to struggle to find something that fits.

You can buy regular clothes and take them to a tailor to have them fitted, but that takes time and money. Instead of taking every piece of your wardrobe to a tailor, you can shop at TAILORED ATHLETE. We cater specifically to athletes and anyone who takes pride in their bodies.

With our specialized designs and 4-way stretch material, you can stay comfortable and look good without breaking the bank.

Keep reading for all the facts about what the right fit can do for both your appearance and confidence. 

What this article covers:

Traditional vs Tailored Fit

tailored fit vs traditional fit

What Is A Tailored Fit Suit?

Firstly, let’s look at the basic differences between a traditional vs a tailored fit in a men’s suit. 

If you want to look at another pairing, like the difference between slim fit and classic fit suits, we’ve got plenty of information on that too.


A traditional fit is easy and comfortable to wear straight off the rack.While that may sound appealing, it only works if you have an average physique. 

A traditional fit allows most wearers to feel comfortable if they have an average body shape thanks to its more boxy design. However, it does little for the athletic build and is kinder to more heavyset body types.


Tailored fits are, on the other hand, designed to follow the lines of the wearer with a more bespoke frame. They’re much more modern and not nearly as roomy as the traditional suit. A tailored fit features more of a tapered waist and therefore looks less boxy.

regal fit vs tailored fit

Tailored Fit Vs. Classic Fit

A classic fit men’s suit is roomier than a tailored suit, yet not as restrictive as a slim fit suit. Although it’s comfortable to wear, it’s not baggy which highlights your shape. Classic fit suits are the preferred look for most (but not all) body types. 

You shouldn’t confuse a classic fit with a relaxed fit. In classic fit vs relaxed fit jeans, for example, the difference is that the relaxed fit allows more fabric in the legs. 

For dress suits, trousers, and shirts, a tailored fit is more appropriate than a classic fit for a muscular body. This is exactly what TAILORED ATHLETE set out to do.

We make a range of clothes, including men's athletic-fit jeans and athletic-fit dress pants meant to fit everyone who’s put the time in at the gym. Our true muscle-fit clothes are form-fitting and snug, but not so tight as to restrict your movement as you go about your day. 

what is tailored fit suit

Regular Fit Vs. Tailored Fit

So, what is a “regular fit”? A regular fit in menswear describes a standard style suit or shirt that is generally 32 inches long. When properly fitting, the regular fit suit jacket should just cover the crotch. Regular fit suits are made to fit men whose height falls into the range of between 5’10” and 6’2”.

The regular fit jacket is gently shaped through the waist area. The fabric of regular fit trousers is more full through the seat and thigh. The trouser legs hang down smoothly to the shoe. 

Because of the narrower openings, if you have extra bulk around your chest, legs, and shoulders, regular fit clothes can be difficult to get into and uncomfortable to wear.

Regal Fit vs Tailored Fit

What Is Regal Fit

The regal fit in men's apparel is more closely fitted to the body than traditional or classic fits.However, it’s not as form-fitting as something tailored to your physique. TAILORED ATHLETE’s garments will naturally contour around your frame to accentuate your best features.  

tailored fit vs classic fit

Regal fit trousers are also baggier. If you’ve got larger thighs, this can leave you with an unpleasant ‘tenting’ effect, where the excess fabric bunches up around your crotch

This is the same problem you’ll see in the difference between slim fit and athletic fit jeans. Form-fitting, athletic fit garments will hang much more naturally around your frame than something that was made for someone half your size.

Tailored Fit vs Regal Fit Shirts

Regal fit shirts hang loosely from your chest, have higher shoulders, and also looser sleeves. They look modern and attractive to those who have a smaller build. 

So how do regal fit shirts perform against tailored shirts for athletes? Regal fit shirts are too loose to highlight the musculature and frame of athletes and regular gymgoers.  

Our True Muscle Fit tailored shirts have similar lines to regal fit ones, but are designed to give a more flattering fit to an athletic shape, with gradual tapering towards the waist. The arms and chest give a bit more ease of movement.

While a regal fit is probably going to be more comfortable than trim fit or slim fit dress shirts, it still won’t show off your best features.

Which Fit of Clothing Is Right for Your Body Type?

 regular fit vs tailored fit

A suit only looks its best when it complements the frame that it covers. As much as you might want to try and squeeze into slim fit or extra slim fit clothes, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. They might have the same goal of accentuating your build, but they simply aren’t meant for larger people.

  • If you are slightly overweight or have a more rounded shape, traditional fit suits are the better option for you. 
  • For men of average height and build, classic or regular fit are ideal. They’re flattering to the male shape while allowing enough room for a not-so-trim waist.
  • The slim fit is the best option for men who are lean or “skinny.” If you’re underweight, or just have a very lean shape, this is the fir for you.

The Best Clothing Fit for Athletic Men

tailored fit vs regular fit

A tailored fit is the best choice for athletes, personal trainers, and men who work out regularly. It accommodates the wider shoulders and chest, muscular arms, and more tapered waist, which are the hallmarks of an athletic build.

How Does The Tailored Fit Apply to More Casual Wear?

Even in more casual wear and athleisure, our high-end true muscle fits make the most of your muscular physique. 

This is evidenced by the look of items such as our Essential Polo Shirts, designed to accommodate broader shoulders, a wider chest, and bigger arms. They are also more fitted at the waist, for a flattering look.

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