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Clothing trends are constantly changing with various styles, prints, and fit options emerging through every season. Shopping for formal shirts has become an arduous task because of the wide variety of tapered shirts currently on the market. 

It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep track and distinguish between these different types of fit, especially when it comes to slim fit and fitted clothes.

Having a muscular upper body and a smaller waist can make shopping for slim or fitted shirts a complete nightmare. Most of the time you end up walking away with nothing because nothing fits properly.

If you’ve ever had an experience like this or you’re genuinely struggling to determine which one of these fitting styles will be best suited for your body type, you’ve come to the right place.

Fortunately, TAILORED ATHLETE provides you with clothes made specifically for your body. We know how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit you properly and don’t feel like you’re being smothered. Our clothes are made with premium 4-way stretch fabric that contours around your muscles so you can show off all your hard work.

In this article, we discuss the major differences between the two styles, making it easier for you to choose a style that shows off your best features.

What this article covers:

Fitted vs Slim Fit Clothing

There’s a heavy debate when it comes to what the differences are between the different fitting types of clothing such as slim vs skinny fitslim vs regular fittraditional fit vs tailored fit, and slim vs fitted shirts. However, the differences are uncomplicated and straightforward.

fitted vs slim fit

The major differences lie in how the shirt is tapered and how it sits around your chest and waist area. Each shirt gives off a different type of style, so choosing the appropriate one will make your outfit come together.

Either way, if your weight tends to fluctuate, something that a lot of us are familiar with, just because a shirt fits you one day doesn’t mean it will tomorrow. This is only one of the reasons that TAILORED ATHLETE’s clothes are so popular with athletes and bodybuilders: the 4-way stretch fabric will grip your body no matter what.

So, let's clear up some of the confusion around the differences associated with slim-fit and fitted shirts.

Fitted vs Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Fitted Shirts

Fitted shirts are designed in a way that it hugs your chest and shoulders and is alot closer to the body than traditional designs. .

These shirts are well known for their frame-hugging design and are commonly referred to as tailored shirts. It has a narrow cut that highlights the shoulders and chest. These shirts are commonly worn by guys who want to show off their physique by having clothing that is alot more ‘fitted’ and tighter to the body.

These shirts are designed to have a sleeker finish than a slim-fitted shirt. Darts at the back of shirts remove all excess fabric, giving it that familiar tight fit.

While these kinds of shirts work a little better for more muscular and athletic builds, they still don’t give you the full range of motion that only a True Muscle Fit can provide.

Slim Fitted Shirts

Slim fits have the same tight fit around the shoulders and chest, but they are usually tighter across the whole body with no taper as it is made for straighter body types. Instead, they hang directly straight from the chest area down to the waistline.

fitted vs slim fit dress shirts

A slim-fit shirt is designed to subtly highlight the frame of your body. The sleeves aren’t as loose as your normal dress shirts, giving you that standard tighter look.

The arm holes are narrower than that of an ordinary shirt and there’s a lot less fabric around the waist. A particular struggle with these is the size of the arms and armholes, they’re very slim and being cut so close to the skin means there is added risk of ripping or tearing at the seams if you have above average sized arms.

Slim fit shirts are great for slimmer guys, but if you’ve put the time in at the gym, it’s going to sit uncomfortably. Slim fit shirts tend to bunch up around your armpits and sit unnaturally around your torso.

Which Shirt Type Is Best for Athletes?

Shopping for shirts, especially dress shirts, can be a headache when you’re an individual on the more muscular side of the bodybuilder spectrum. Shirts are either too tight or too large, with no options existing in between.

Perhaps the fitted shirt style is close to what you’re looking for, but you are still after a shirt that allows for freedom in the chest area and is accommodating to your larger muscular upper body.

Muscle/Athletic Fit Shirts

The good news is that there is a shirt that is a perfect combination of fitted and slim-fit shirts.These specifically tailored shirts are our True Muscle Fit dress shirts and they have taken the athleisure clothing scene by storm.

fitted shirts vs slim fit

Our True Muscle Fit shirts are made with 4-way stretch fabric that molds to your frame. It provides a far greater range of motion than both slim fit and fitted shirts. They’re designed to be the perfect fit for bodybuilder athletes who needed a little extra movement range.

TAILORED ATHLETE is fully dedicated to true muscle-fit clothing designed specifically for athletes by like-minded, and bodied, individuals.

We have a wide range of fitted and true muscle-fit shirts that show off all your chiseled features with their perfectly designed fit that tightens around the shoulders and bicep areas.

fitted vs slim fit dress shirt

What About T-Shirts

Interestingly, dress shirts aren’t the only upper body items that come in different fits. T-shirts also come in a wide variety of fits that are made for specific body types.

Fitted T-Shirts

Similar to fitted shirts, fitted T-shirts curve in at the waist and loosen out towards the hip area, creating a tighter fit for your upper body.

Slim Fit T-Shirts

A slim-fit T-shirt is a lot tighter than its looser counterpart. The sleeves of slim-fit T-shirts are a lot narrower, tightening around your arm.

Unlike a fitted T-shirt, slim-fit T-shirts tighten around the waist area.These types of shirts are suited for individuals with leaner builds and less bulk in the arms and chest.

slim fit vs fitted dress shirts


Shopping for clothes, especially shirts, was once an arduous task for anyone with muscles. You would often leave the store empty-handed and disappointed.

Thankfully, there are now companies dedicated to manufacturing shirt types specially designed for athletes with muscular builds. 

Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to identify the differences between slim fit and tailored fit dress shirts and which one will work best for you. For all your athleisure shirts,visit TAILORED ATHLETE. You’re bound to find a style that works with your specific body type. 

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