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A style that’s best described as casual with a bit slight skin-hugging feel against something worn by the everyday man: This is the deciding factor between slim and regular fit clothing. 

If you’ve put the time in at the gym, you want to be able to show it off properly in your clothes. If you’re looking at slim and regular fit clothing, you might be tempted since, on their face, they hang comfortably and are advertised as form-fitting.

We’re here to suggest an alternative: TAILORED ATHLETE. Our unique True Muscle Fit is the only cut that will contour around your muscles to highlight your best features. The premium 4-way stretch material means the fabric is slimming without restricting your movement and making you feel smothered.

Before we can show you why TAILORED ATHLETE is superior, though, we need to explain what slim and regular fits are and what the difference is between them.

What this article covers:

Regular Fit vs Slim Fit

In the battle of these two styles, these contenders are different in many ways but also share some similarities.

So if you’re looking at two t-shirts at a shop, how do you know which is which?

regular fit vs slim fit

What Is Slim Fit?

For the average man, many opt for slim fit if they want something that sits closer to the body but still has enough room to breathe.

There are always complications between slim fit and skinny fit as ‘skinny’ and ‘slim’ mean the same thing in everyday language. However, in fashion, the difference is in comfort and style.

Slim-fit clothing, especially jeans and pants, has smaller leg openings than other styles. They are close-fitting cuts that still offer a loose feeling.

A slim-fit dress shirt sits on the body, hugging your skin while having a narrow cut by the waist.

If you’re broad across the chest and shoulders, this can be unflattering as you look squeezed into your clothes. Our muscle-fit dress shirts, on the other hand, sit close to your body without causing those unsightly folds and tents that we’re all so used to.

Men with an hourglass figure or thicker thighs will appreciate the look of True Muscle Fit clothing.

Skinny fit clothing hugs your skin tight, leaving little to no space between the fabric and your skin. This applies to both dress shirts and pants or jeans. While this works for skinnier guys, on someone a bit bulkier, it’s unflattering at best and uncomfortable at worst.

Preference all comes down to your build as well as what occasion you’re dressing for. Slim-fit styles are more casual and less formal than skinny-fit ones, and they offer more comfort.

Many can’t distinguish the difference between slim fit and fitted clothes, which is all about space.

Fitted is more of a tailored look and is tighter than a slim fit. Choose this style if you are more for appearance over comfort.

Slim-fit clothing is designed for someone who wants to look the part but not feel restricted in their movement.

what is slim fit

While these terms can be confusing, it’s helpful to iron out all the small differences in the various styles. Check out our article on the differences between slim and trim fit or more information.

Slim vs Classic Fit

We’re going to take a quick moment here to explain the difference between a slim and a classic fit. At first glance, this might seem like we’re repeating ourselves; not so. While the wording can be a little confusing, regular fits and classic fits aren’t the same things.

In a classic fit shirt, the cut around the waist and chest is more generous than in a slim fit shirt.

It prioritizes broader shoulders and straight seams to offer a wider range of movement and more comfort.

The design of these shirts is more traditional, having a relaxed shape that’s caters for a lot of body shapes with one singular design. 

A regular fit dress has straighter seams and gives a rectangular appearance in dress shirts and T-shirts. 

This is the standard cut for garments that are meant to fit the average body. They’re fine for the average person, but it’s probably the worst choice you can make if you’ve put time into getting your body to look good. Regular and classic fit clothing can make it look like you’ve never stepped foot in a gym.

So, if we’re looking at classic fit vs relaxed fit,  he former takes inspiration from the latter by being a looser style. However, we need to look at slim vs classic fit.

Slim-fit clothing is narrower and hugs your body more than a relaxed or classic fit. They taper towards parts of your body that are narrower such as your ankle and wrists.

In terms of jeans, the classic look has a midrise, sitting below the waist and running straight down to the ankle. The slim-fit jeans however are better for casual occasions rather than a formal setting where you’d want to wear chinos or dress pants.

They rest below the hip and are fitted through the thigh region, with the leg and knee opening being significantly smaller compared to the classic fit.

Things like our Essential Striped Business Shirt are a great example of a classic fit shirt for muscular builds.

regular vs slim fit

TAILORED ATHLETE makes the only true muscle-fit clothing on the market. Our cuts are designed to fit your form without restricting your movement so you can look fresh on the move.

Dress Shirt Slim Fit vs Regular

We’ve already covered the differences between classic and regular fit shirts, but what’s the difference between a slim-fit dress shirt and a regular one?

Regular fit dress shirts are more relaxed and looser than slim and they work best for more casual occasions. This is because they’re not as form-fitting—even on men with average builds—whereas slim fit dress shirts taper more.

Slim-fit dress shirts are snug in areas like the arms and upper chest. This works on slender physiques, but if you’ve got bigger arms, it’s going to cut into your armpits. Even worse, if you fill your shirt out, there’s a reasonable chance you could tear it.

slim fit vs regular

Regular fit dress shirts, however, are loose in those areas and aren’t designed with particular body types in mind.While this is less of a comfort issue for bulkier men, it does mean that you’re going to look like everybody else, and who wants that?

These shirts are mass-produced as those who wear them aren’t too fussy about how they should complement the body.

TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit dress shirts, on the other hand, are perfect if you’ve spend time working on your arms and chest. Because they’re designed around your muscle shape rather than skeletal structure, you can wear them comfortably without limiting your range of motion. 

The proprietary 4-way stretch fabric means you can fill your shirt without worrying that it’s going to split at the seams. What’s more, because of the extra give, if your weight fluctuates from time to time, you don’t have to worry about it fitting comfortably one day and hanging slack the next. 

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