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If you’re looking for snug fit clothing, you might be weighing up the contemporary vs slim fit. A contemporary fit is also referred to as a modern fit, so be aware when those terms are used interchangeably.

The styles are both more figure-hugging than a regular fit shirt or pair of pants. As a result, they’re well-suited to smaller bodies.

This is a problem if you’re bigger than average and have put the time in at the gym. This makes it difficult to find clothes that actually show off your best features.

Fortunately for you, TAILORED ATHLETE makes True Muscle Fit garments that give you all of the benefits of contemporary and slim fit clothes without any of the drawbacks.

Below, we’ll show you what these clothes are and why they’re a bad choice for anyone with a little extra muscle mass.

What this article covers:

What Is Contemporary Fit?

slim fit vs contemporary fit

A contemporary fit has narrow shoulders with high armholes. It’s fitted around the chest area but doesn’t sit too snugly. 

You’re more likely to get into a contemporary fit without splitting the clothes, but it’s still not particularly form-fitting.

In terms of shirts, the sleeves are fitted but not tapered. This means they’re not as loose as the sleeves on a regular cut shirt. They’re slightly tighter, and the tightness is consistent throughout the sleeve. It doesn’t get tighter around your forearm.

The waist area of this cut follows your natural waistline and sits low on your abdomen. The contemporary cut doesn’t taper at the waist either, so there’s some breathing room there. 

In terms of pants, contemporary fit is also generally fitted but doesn’t taper. The leg openings are narrow and tightly fitted, but not tapered at the ankles. 

Because of how narrow the leg openings are, these pants can be really uncomfortable if you’ve got bigger thighs. The fabric tends to bunch up behind your knees which causes chafing when you move around.

This is different from what regular fit pants are. The fit follows your body’s natural shape, as opposed to having a straight cut.

TAILORED ATHLETE creates clothes designed by athletes, for athletes. We know that historically, snug fits have been difficult for athletes to wear because they restrict our movement.

 contemporary fit vs regular fit

We fixed this problem by creating clothing using premium performance fabrics. This means you can look smart, while still wearing fabric that is easy to move in and moisture-wicking. 

What Is Slim Fit?

Slim fit is similar to contemporary fit. There are some small differences though, similar to the differences between the classic fit and regular fit.

Slim fit also has fitted shoulders, but they have a sharp angle. This means it defines your shoulders better than a contemporary fit does. 

The armholes are high, which is the same as the contemporary fit. The chest is tighter than the contemporary fit, though.Because of this, slim fit shirts are almost unwearable for larger men. It stretches across your chest and shoulders which causes unattractive creases.

The sleeves are fitted at the top and taper towards the wrist. This means the fit is tighter around the forearm and has a more formal look than the contemporary fit. The waistline is also tapered, meaning there’s little excess fabric.

This is similar to the difference between loose and relaxed fit shirts, where the cut is similar, but the amount of fabric used differs.

It’s important that you size correctly when purchasing a slim-fit item of clothing. They’re made to fit tightly, and there is no extra fabric that provides room for error with sizing. 

Slim fit pants are also similar to their contemporary counterparts, with a tighter fit. The seat and thigh area are fitted, and the leg openings are narrow. The waist area is tapered, leaving no excess space between your skin and the pants.

This again points to how important it is to get sizing right with this fit.

TAILORED ATHLETE has designed a range of form-fitting shirts that are perfect for athletes looking for contemporary or slim fit shirts. They’re made in the same style and cut, but we’ve designed them with athletes in mind. 

contemporary fit vs slim fit

We know which parts of the shirt tend to feel like they run small in shirts from regular stores. This is because those stores don’t design shirts specifically with athletes in mind.

That’s why we created this range. We felt that athletes needed to have a line of clothing designed for their body types, and the way they move. 

Which Fit Is Best for Me?

Because they’re designed with average bodies in mind, both contemporary and slim fits aren’t going to work on larger men. Don’t worry though, just because you take pride in your body doesn’t mean that you can’t get clothes that show off your best features.

If you buy a size too big, the fit won’t have the desired effect. It’ll look too baggy, which you don’t want when buying a slim or contemporary fit item of clothing.


regular fit vs contemporary fit

If you spend much time in the gym, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to get clothes that fit you properly. Slim-fit clothes can be attractive at first glance, but they often don’t work out.

Because slim-fit clothing isn’t designed with bigger muscles in mind, they end up sitting awkwardly and being uncomfortable. TAILORED ATHLETE’s unique design and 4-way stretch material are great for contouring around your arms and chest to show off your best assets.

We have a comprehensive catalog of men’s athletic-fit jeans that are sure to make you feel fresh.

If you’re still curious about other styles, check out our blog section. We’ve got resources that cover things like regular and fitted options to keep you up to date on the latest clothing trends.

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