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Through the years, there have been more styles of clothing designed for all body types. While this is a great way to have you feel your best, it does mean you have to pay attention to the differences in cuts like straight and slim fit clothes. 

In the men's clothing industry, there are different types of cuts and fits available. Designers take many different factors into account when coming up with the shape and tailoring of their garments. Unfortunately, most of them fail to think about one thing: muscles.

It can be overwhelming and confusing to choose between all the various styles. If you’re larger and spend a lot of time in the gym working on improving your body, odds are you already struggle to find clothes that fit properly, let alone the challenge of then shopping online.

Straight and slim fit garments are fine for the average Joe, but they look terrible on people with wider shoulders, chests, and calves.

This is why TAILORED ATHLETE works hard to provide you with quality garments that not only look good, but are comfortable to wear and give you a wide range of motion.

In this article, we discuss the differences between all the different fits and show you why only TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit is right for you.

Straight Fit vs Slim Fit vs Slim Straight

Before we dive into the main differences between straight and slim fit garments, we should clarify something that can cause confusion. There are many different terms used in the industry to describe relatively minor changes, so the words used to describe them are often quite similar.

slim fit vs slim straight

At a glance, you could get confused between straight fit, slim fit, and slim straight fit. Think of the these clothes all exsting on a spectrum, with slim fit clothes on one end, straight fit on the other, and slim straight somewhere in the middle.

Slim-fit pants, for example, hug the thigh and taper below the knee.The straight fit pants, on the other hand, cut a straight line from your waist down to your ankle.

Slim straight pants are slightly looser than slim fit, but they’re a bit more shapely than straight fit, which looks boxy and unflattering on narrow legs. Slim straight pants still hug the knees the same way a pair of slim fits do. However, the leg flares out slightly more. 

All of these minor changes can make it difficult for more slender people to decide on the right cut, but it’s a simple choice if you’re bulkier: none of them.

Slim fit pants around larger thighs look stretched and are uncomfortable, even if they’re the right size. Straight fit are even worse: they’re just as uncomfortable around your thighs and won’t show off any definition in your calves.

True Muscle Fit pants give you the benefit of slim fit garments, highlighting the best features of your legs, but they naturally contour around your muscles, giving you unrestricted movement without all the extra fabric making you look unkempt.

Slim Fit vs Straight Fit Dress Shirts

Slim fit clothes are aimed at skinnier men with less muscle definition. They hug the body more tightly and have narrower openings for your arms, legs, and neck. Slim-fit dress shirts are usually the tightest and the most form-fitting optionprovided you’re not wide around the chest.

A slim-fit shirt will have a narrow waist and curving side seams. It’s designed to make the fabric cling to your body from the chest down. This shirt will also usually have tailored, closely-fitting sleeves. The arm openings are smaller and there’s excess fabric on the shoulders.

Just because it’s ‘tailored’ doesn’t mean that a slim fit is the same as a tailored fit shirt. Tailoring is time-consuming and expensive; certainly not something you want to do with every garment in your wardrobe.

To avoid having to go to a tailor just to have a dress shirt taken in so it fits you properly, cut out the middle man by investing in True Muscle Fit clothing that fits you straight off the rack.

Slim Fit Shirt

straight fit vs slim fit

Slim fit means that the shirt is designed to fit close to the body. 

The stretch of the material, however, is usually an issue. Slim fit aren’t made out of stretchy material, which puts you at risk of tearing it at the seams if you fill it out. 

TAILORED ATHLETE uses premium 4-way stretch fabric so you don’t have to worry about you clothes splitting or tearing just because you have a little extra bulk.

Straight Fit Shirt

Straight fit is a term that's usually used for pants. However, it can be used to describe how shirts fit as well.Straight-fit shirts tend to look boxy and unflattering if you’ve got a large chest. What’s more, if you’re shoulders are wider than average, it can give you a tented look as the shirt hangs off you completely straight.

Straight-fit shirts are cut straight, so there’s no tapering as it draws towards your waist. They’re generally narrower around your chest and arms than your torse, a significant problem if you’ve put the time in at the gym. 

Straight-fit shirts don’t have much room in the chest and biceps. If you’ve got a bigger torso or arms, you need to opt for a True Muscle Fit. However, regular fits also have a bigger waist.

Slim Fit Vs Straight Fit T-Shirt

Straight fit t-shirts are rectangularly cut, so they’re best for people without much definition in the chest. This style has a straight side seam and hangs loosely around the body.

slim straight vs slim fit

Fitted t-shirts are the same as slim-fit t-shirts. These have curved side seams designed to be narrower at the waist. They may also have cap sleeves or more tailored sleeves. This style clings more to the waist and can accentuate a narrow waist.

More athletic men will struggle to find t-shirts that fit well. In this case, the better option would be to go for a slimmer, more fitted t-shirt.However, If you’re choosing between slim fit and athletic fit, you can find the perfect men's athletic fit t-shirts in our catalog.

What is a muscle-fit shirt? TAILORED ATHLETE offers a range of true muscle-fit shirts that allow for a broad chest and shoulders, bigger arms, and tapers at the waist.

slim vs straight fit

TAILORED ATHLETE’s extra muscle fit shirts are made with 4-way stretch material and moisture-wicking fabric so you can move freely and not have to worry about feeling smothered in your clothes.

Straight Fit Jeans vs Slim Fit

The difference between slim and slim straight jeans is that slim fit jeans fit tightly all over and usually have tapered legs. Straight fit jeans are the same width at the waist as they are at the ankle, since the fabric is cut in a straight line.

Again, neither of these styles are going to look good on you if you have definition in your legs. Since they’re made of denim, ill-fitting jeans can be particularly uncomfortable.

Slim fit and skinny fit jeans might sound appealing to show off all the hard work you’ve put into your legs, but they’re tight and restricting and you’re only going to end up looking like you’ve had to squeeze into them.

You might then be tempted to go with a classic fit over slim fit jeans, but you’re going to end up with the same problem. At the end of the day, most clothes are simply not tailored to accommodate people with increased muscle mass.

Straight Fit Vs Slim Fit Chinos

Chinos are easy to find in a slim fit or a classic fit. Some brands do offer chinos with a straight leg, however, these are not as common. 

The problems you face when trying to find a good-fitting pair of jeans are also present when buying straight fit or slim fit chinos. There’s even less give in chino fabric than there is in denim. This means that it’s even more likely that you’re going to tear or just stretch out the garments if you’ve got wider legs.

straight fit jeans vs slim fit

Straight Fit Vs Slim Fit Vs Regular Fit

We’ve discussed straight fit and slim fit in detail,but how do these compare to regular, everyday fit clothing as a comparison?

straight vs slim fit

Regular fit is a standard cut for clothing. Regardless of the type of garment, the regular fit is meant to fit the average body without needing big alterations.

A regular fit t-shirt or pair of pants is possibly the worst option for you if you spend time at the gym. Because there’s practically no contouring in the clothes, it makes you look boxy and disheveled. The lax fit will hide all your hard work and make it look like you’ve never even set foot in a gym.

Looking at straight fit vs regular fit, straight fit shirts are usually more body hugging than regular fit shirts. 

When it comes to pants, a straight fit will always be wider than a slim fit and it will generally be the same width of cut all the way down.

Choosing a style is fully dependent on which look you prefer. It also has a lot to do with what looks best on your body type, and most importantly, what the most comfortable is for you.

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