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When it comes to finding the perfect fit for a dress shirt, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. 

If you’re shopping for clothes in a store or online, most of what you’ll find is going to be slim or classic fits. This is a problem for anyone who’s put the hours in to get their bodies looking good, as these kinds of clothes aren’t made with those bodies in mind.

TAILORED ATHLETE, on the other hand, specifically designs our garments to cater towards more muscular builds. Our True Muscle Fit clothes use premium 4-way stretch material that allows the clothes to contour around your muscles without making you feel smothered.

What this article covers:

What Is Slim Fit?

Slim-fit shirts are designed to hug the body and show off its curves.These clothes work best for slimmer men without too much definition, as the clothes are meant to be pretty tight.

classic fit vs slim fit shirt

Ideally, a slim-fit dress shirt will show off your muscles in the best light possible, while still being comfortable and easy to wear. 

However, many slim-fit dress shirts are not designed for those with athletic builds and can run quite small. Luckily, you can find specially tailored men’s athletic fit dress shirts which factor in the real shape of real men.

This allows you to get the benefits of a slim-fit shirt without looking like you are about to burst out of it, whilst prioritising your comfort.

There are also some mixups between slim vs skinny fit. If you want something that is very tight to the skin, you are probably looking for a skinny fit rather than a slim fit, as these are even more figure-hugging. 

The perfect slim-fit dress shirt will look like it was molded to your body, rather than simply something that came off the rack and vaguely fits you. 

If this is something you want (and why wouldn’t you?) but you struggle to achieve it with off-the-rack clothing, TAILORED ATHLETE is exactly what you need.

What Is Classic Fit?

Classic fit is a much looser style of dress shirt that is not designed to hug the body in the way a slim fit shirt does. 

To understand the difference between slim fit and classic fit, you also need to understand the difference between a classic fit and a regular fit

Regular fit falls in between slim and classic fit for a style that is still close to the body, but not as close-fitting as a slim fit or an extra slim fit

Classic fit is what probably comes to mind when you picture a dress shirt or suit. It has broader shoulders to give a more classic shape rather than a fitted one. 

Classic fit suits look best on the average body, but they can be pretty unappealing on someone with more muscles. You’ll probably be able to at least get into a classic fit garment without it tearing at the seams, it’s going to make it look like you’ve never set foot in a gym.

classic fit vs slim fit dress shirt

One particular area where a classic fit is larger than a slim fit is in the neckline, making this a great choice for men who are larger in that area.  

A classic fit dress shirt also has a straighter silhouette than a slim fit, being less tucked in at the waist. It is also often longer, as it is not designed to show off the waist.

How to Choose Between Slim Fit vs Classic Fit

There is no one correct answer when it comes to choosing a fit of a dress shirt. Both a slim fit and a classic fit can be very flattering.

You need to take into consideration how formal the event is, and what sort of impression you want to make.

With a slim fit, there is less fabric which allows for a neater tuck. However, this doesn’t mean that you can't also look sleek and professional in a classic fit dress shirt. 

A slim-fit dress shirt can be a powerful statement and accentuate your figure. But for a regular day at the office, a classic fit dress shirt might be a better choice.

Neither of these options are a good choice if you’re more muscular than the average joe. Both are going to sit unnaturally around your body and make you look like you don’t know how to dress yourself. 

If you’re going to spend your money on clothes, the very least you should expect is that they’ll be comfortable. This is what our True Muscle Fit clothing provides: a slimming garment that shows off your best features without making you uncomfortable.

classic fit vs slim fit

Once you understand the different fits and their respective silhouettes, you can make an informed choice about which style is the best fit for you.

Whatever fit you choose, it is vital to make sure that you get it in your correct size so that it fits the shape you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

While we have covered the differences between two of the most popular styles, there are many other styles of dress shirts, allowing you to find an option that perfectly suits you.

For a close-fitting shirt, you could also look at the difference between muscle fit vs slim fit, where muscle fits are specifically designed to show off your muscles, rather than simply enhancing them. 

On the other hand, for a more natural fit, you can explore the classic fit, or look into the differences between a classic fit vs a relaxed fit

But the options don’t end there. If you are wanting a looser, more casual fit, you can explore relaxed fit vs oversized.

slim fit shirt vs classic fit

There are many different styles of dress shirts, allowing you to make the perfect choice based on the event and your body type.

And don’t forget to think about athletic fit pants to complete your look.

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