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One of the main differences between an extreme slim fit vs. a slim fit is how much space there is between your body and the fabric. 

Some people prefer extra room to breathe which can mean they’re most comfortable in a regular fit. However, some people want a tighter, more fashion-forward appearance. This is where slim fit comes in. 

These kinds of clothes are only good for slimmer people. So if you’ve put hours into getting your body to look the way you want, unfortunately, they aren’t going to work for you. 

Don’t lose hope, though. TAILORED ATHLETE has a range of clothes that give you the benefits of a tight-fitting garment without forcing you to squeeze into something that’s two sizes too small. Our True Muscle Fit clothes accentuate your best features and are made with premium fabric to keep you comfortable.

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What this article covers:

Slim Fit

slim fit vs extreme slim fit

Slim fit suits have come back into style in recent years. They are a classic first popularized as far back as the 1880s. In the 1940s the slim fit was revived again as they required less fabric, which was very expensive during World War 2.

You can recognize a slim-fit suit by how tight-fitting it is. It should sit close to the body without constricting the wearer. It must fit tight without being a second skin. The chest should be open, and the fabric is light and comfortable enough to wear year-round.

Slim fit suits have a more modern appearance than a regular fit.They’re narrow across the chest and taper down considerably towards the hips to really accentuate slimmer bodies.

You don’t have to be tall and thin to wear a slim-fit suit. Slim fit suits can be slimming and lengthening on shorter, rounder body types. But this still excludes men with athletic builds who want to wear something that flatters them.

Only our True Muscle Fit can provide you with the features you need to both fit into your clothes and look sharp.

Our True Muscle Fit jeans, in particular, are a life-changer. Athletic fit jeans over slim fit ones give you enough room around your legs and waist to avoid the unsightly bunching that’s so common. The fact that our denim incorporates our premium 4-way stretch fabric means you won’t have to deal with the limited movement.

 slim fit vs extreme slim fit jeans

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Extreme Slim Fit

An extreme slim fit is a slim-fit suit taken a step further to create an even tighter fit. This fit works really well if you’re very thin and tend to look like you’re swimming in regular fits. These suits have very little room between your skin and the fabric.

So if you’re on the bulkier side from going to gym, an extreme slim-fit cut isn’t going to work.Have a look at TAILORED ATHLETE’s athletic-fit men's dress shirts for something that’s going to make you look good and not cut off blood flow when you try and put it on. 

 slim fit vs extreme slim fit shirt

Size is even more critical when buying extreme slim-fit clothing items. You should get your clothes as true to size as possible. Don’t be tempted to size up, the fit is meant to be tight. However, If you feel uncomfortable, consider a regular slim fit.

It may be helpful to have your extreme slim fit suit professionally tailored just to make sure that everything sits properly and doesn’t constrict your movement too much. 

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When Slim Fit Doesn’t Work

If you’re reading this, odds are that slim-fit clothes don’t work for you, never mind extreme fits. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find clothes that fit snugly around your body and show off your best assets.

TAILORED ATHLETE has clothes designed for anyone who takes pride in their bodies and the way they look. Our clothes, made with 4-way stretch material, give you a complete range of motion without being baggy.

extreme slim fit vs slim fit pants

Compare the sizes on the website to your existing clothes to get an idea of how the slim fit will look in person. Use a measuring tape to check the width of your t-shirts at the shoulders, chest, and waist to know what to look for when buying suits online. 

For more information, like the differences in straight and regular fits, we’ve got loads of resources to keep you informed.

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