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Different clothing fits are determined by how close the fabric is to your body. 

Not only does the fit influence your appearance, it also affects how comfortable you’re going to be wearing it. 

TAILORED ATHLETE’s clothes are designed with an athletic build in mind. We offer tapered clothes that consider bigger arms, legs, and chests.

Our clothes use ‘performance fabrics,’ offering benefits you usually only find in gym wear clothes, such as our non-creasing and 4-way stretch athletic-fit dress shirts.

When it comes to clothing fits, there’s no end to the variation. However, all these different fits with minor changes are what can make or break your outfit. 

TAILORED ATHLETE offers the ultimate formal wear options for any athlete. 

What this article covers:

What Is Custom-fit Clothing?

what is custom fit

Custom-fit clothing is the middle point between classic and slim-fit clothing. When compared to slim-fit, custom-fit is slightly more relaxed and less tight. It’s more closely cut than what a comfort fit is, but it also aims to be a bix more relaxed.

When someone wants a more fashionable appearance rather than sharp custom-fit items are the perfect option.

Technically, a custom fit is usually 1½ inch tighter at the chest and has shorter sleeves than a classic fit. Classic-fit clothes don’t come with a hem, whereas custom-fit does.

If you want a comfortable yet fashionable look, getting the right clothes can be difficult. While custom fit clothing might seem like a good idea at first, in practice, they’re not right for more muscular men.

Remember, most off-rack-clothing is made based on the average person. If you’ve put the effort in to get your body above average, that means these clothes aren’t going to fit you, even if you get the technically ‘correct’ size.

What Is Slim-fit Clothing?

Slim-fit clothing is the slimmer version of a custom-fit andthe tightest option you can get before skinny fits. This style is close to the body without looking awkward and overly stiff. 

Slim fit clothes aim to highlight your frame by sitting almost tightly around your body. While they’re form-fitting and attractive on average body types, they just don’t work for more muscular men.

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we offer True Muscle Fit t-shirts, cut to flatter your physique with 4-way stretch fabric giving you a slim and sleek style that neither custom nor slim-fit clothing can provide.

polo slim fit vs classic fit

Who Are Slim-fit Clothes Made for?

Slim-fit clothing looks best on lean and slimmer bodies. They’re best for those looking to make up for their physique with a close-to-the-skin garment.

Slim-fit is often the preferred choice for a modern and professional appearance, and a far more suitable option than any traditional fits, with tapered shirts and t-shirts.Just because you can’t comfortably fit into these kinds of clothes doesn’t mean you should have to give up on everything they offer.

TAILORED ATHLETE is the perfect choice for clothes that look professional so you can feel good about the hard work you’ve put into your body.

If you want to know more about tailoring, like how straight jeans fit, we’ve got plenty of resources to keep you in the know.

Differences Between Custom Fit & Slim Fit

These cuts are the polar opposites of things like relaxed and oversized fits. 

Custom-fit and slim-fit clothing vary in size. Slim-fit is ½ an inch smaller around the chest than custom-fit. It has tighter and shorter sleeves and a shorter back and front length. 

In terms of what they aim to achieve, custom and slim fit clothes are pretty similar. They both want to be relatively close-cut to slim the wearer and make them look lean.

The few differences there are between them don’t make up for where they fall short. Because of the way they’re cut, both custom and slim fit clothes are going to lie unnaturally around your knees, chest, and arms and make you look poorly put-together.


We hope we’ve made it easier to narrow down your choices and understand why custom and slim fit clothing isn’t the way to go.

classic fit vs polo slim fit

Only TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit clothing will properly highlight your best features without any of the drawbacks that come from wearing clothes that weren’t made with your body type in mind.

You can also check out our blog section to find out more about the subject, like choosing between a sharp fit and a slim fit and what you need to know about contemporary and regular fits.

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