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When it comes to choosing pants that fit just right, we know you might struggle to decide between skinny fit vs slim fit. 

Ultimately, your decision should be based on how tight the pair of pants feels. If you prefer a “spraypainted” look, you’ll prefer skinny. If you prefer a tighter look without the restriction, slim-fit should be your choice. 

There is an alternative; at TAILORED ATHLETE, we create ‘True Muscle Fit’ clothing, uniquely designed to follow the natural contours of your physique, whereas traditional outdated designs are very square and boxy by design.  

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Below, we explain each fit in detail. This will help you make an informed decision about your preference, which makes choosing the right bottoms from our store a breeze.

What this article covers:

What Are Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are made from denim, and are cut closer to the leg.

Slim fit jeans are made in a way so they fall closer to your body. This makes the garments look more slimming and means that, unlike a straight cut, you’re able to see the shape of your thighs and calves. 

While this might work for more slender men, if you’ve got defined calves, it’s going to grip too tightly and be uncomfortable. Only a ‘True Muscle Fit’ will allow you a full range of motion while also showing off all your hard work.

skinny fit vs slim fit

These look great with a muscle fit shirt. 

Slim fit jeans are designed in a way that leaves some space between your legs and the denim. This gives you a slightly wider silhouette than skinny jeans do. 

This extra space means you won’t always have to size up when buying slim fit jeans. They will however feel tight; a problem you won’t have with our jeans.

The crotch area is loose, leaving more to the imagination than skinny jeans. The ankles on a slim fit pair of jeans are also loose, and many people have told us they find this unflattering.

Slim fit jeans are a good choice for a relaxed weekend outing.

There are some variations of the slim fit jeans, such as slim fit vs extra slim fit.

What Are Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny fit jeans are much tighter. There’s no space between the pair of pants and your leg, unlike the slim fit. If you already struggled to comfortably get into a pair of slim fits, skinny jeans are definitely out of the question.

Their fit is similar to athletic tights, but the denim will grab to your skin causing all sorts of problems. 

Skinny jeans can look sleek and well put together, but you’re going to look like you’re bursting out of your clothes if you’re too big for them. 

They’re also going to sit too tightly on your thighs, so you’re going to have a severely limited range of motion. 

This helps them fit in the same way tights do, but with limited mobility and often a more rigid fabric, unless you are wearing jeggings. 

Where skinny jeans are designed to be very narrow and straight fitting, TAILORED ATHLETE’s men’s athletic fit jeans are cut around your muscle contour. This gives you the extra room you need for the extra bulk.

slim fit vs skinny fit

They’re fitted around your thighs and calves but are made to be flattering for your athletic build. Our jeans are designed using premium 4-way stretch fabric so that you don’t have to size up just to make room for your thighs, whilst tapering back at the waist so you can order your actual size.

They look good when paired with a Tailored fit t-shirt.

Skinny vs Slim Fit Jeans

In general, skinny fits sit tighter than slim fits. The style of both is similar as the shape is designed to fit as close to the skin as possible, meaning both cuts give you a defined silhouette. 

For the average man, slim fit clothes will offer a little more movement around than skinny fit ones. However, if you’re more muscular than the average person, only a ‘True Muscle Fit’ is going to give you the freedom you need.

Some people, however, prefer the slender look of the skinny fit. This is particularly true for those who have a straighter leg shape with little definition.  

One of the biggest differences between the slim fit and the skinny fit is the way they fit your calves. Skinny fit jeans hug your calves, while slim fit jeans leave some extra breathing room.

skinny jeans vs slim fit

Slim Fit Vs Skinny Fit Pants

Slim and skinny fit pants differ from jeans with the same fit. Most jeans are made with elastane for easier movement, but this isn’t true for most pants.

Chinos, for example, are more rigid than jeans. They’re more formal, but you can find them in both a skinny and a slim fit. This just means you’re able to choose how tight you’d like them to be.

Most people wear a slim fit pair of chinos as formalwear, which doesn’t really work for jeans. 

Skinny fit pants can hinder your ability to move freely, and athletes usually have to size up. Our pants are designed to accommodate your build, so you don’t have to.

Slim Fit vs Slim Fit Stretch

Slim fit pants can be difficult to move in. Slim fit stretch pants take this into account, and are manufactured partially with elastane or a similar material. 

The waistband for both should sit low on your hips,between three and four inches below your navel. The pants should have a slim fit all the way down your leg, but shouldn’t sit too tight.

Slim fit pants are comfortable and versatile. You can mix and match them with various types of shoes, shirts, and jackets, making them perfect for a family lunch and workwear. It’s no wonder they’re a closet staple.

This is why we’ve designed our pants to give you free range of movement without looking baggy.

Skinny vs Skinny Fit

slim fit vs skinny

There’s also a difference between skinny jeans and skinny fit pants. 

Skinny jeans are made to move with you. They’re stretchy and elasticated so that they feel more like tights or leggings than they do jeans.

Skinny fit pants, on the other hand, aren’t usually as malleable. They look great but can be a bit uncomfortable. This is especially true when you have an athletic build and need to size up for your calves to fit into a pair of skinny fit pants. 

You often land up with pants that don’t fit your waist when you size up, though. That’s why we designed clothing for athletes, so you don’t have to upsize to fit into your clothing.

Stretch vs Slim Fit

As you now know, we’re big fans of pants with some stretch in them. Many other brands offer stretch pants targeted at bulkier men.

It’s an attractive proposition, but be careful. Inferior stretch garments can look just as unsightly, if not worse, that squeezing yourself into a pair of slim fit jeans.

skinny vs slim fit jeans

Stretch garments can show unnattractive lines and creases as they contort to fit around your muscles. This can make you look like you don’t care about your appearance, which is tha last thing you want.This is the difference between athletic fit and slim fit jeans.

Slim fit pants are still a great option, especially if you’re opting for jeans. This is because they’re elasticated, whereas regular slim fit pants such as chinos aren’t.

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