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Discerning clothing with different fits can be an arduous task, especially in jeans.

Fashion has come a long way in the last few decades. There are so many sizes, styles, and colorways available these days. Your favorite pair of jeans no longer has the standard bootleg design with simple tapering. 

Modern jeans now come in a variety of fits from slim to skinny fit and many more. Two such popular fit options for jeans and pants these days are a relaxed fit and loose fit. While these two pairs might sound and appear similar at first glance, there are indeed clear differences between them.

Trying to decide on a pair of jeans nowadays can be quite overwhelming because of the variation in fit options. It’s no longer as simple as going to your favorite store and picking out a pair of jeans.

If you’ve got larger legs, arms, or shoulders, you probably know the pair of trying to find clothes that fit properly. Even if you get clothes that are the right size, they just don’t fit properly in some places. Something that’s comfortable around your thighs might completely suffocate you in the calves.

This is why TAILORED ATHLETE is the go-to brand for athletes and bodybuilders. Our clothes are made with muscular men in mind. We consider the shape and motion of your muscles as you move when we design our clothes rather than going for a “one size fits all” approach.

If you’re looking to find out the differences between tailored and slim-fit clothes, check out our blog section.

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 loose fit vs relaxed fit

What Are Relaxed Fit Jeans?

Before we get into the differences, we should understand what’s meant when a pair of jeans is referred to as a “relaxed fit.” There’s a lot of confusion around the term and it’s often incorrectly used to describe loose-fit jeans.

Relaxed-fit jeans are generally looser than regular jeans. They offer more freedom around the crotch and more breathable space around the thighs.

Relaxed-fit jeans are made to accommodate people with wider hips. They don’t fit snugly around your legs and offer a wider range of motion.While this is great for comfort, it hides any definition you might have in your thighs and calves.

The rise, which is the area between the center of the crotch and waistband, is often a lot larger in relaxed-fit jeans. The leg openings are generally extended which is what gives the jeans their signature wider look.

There’s a slight taper in the leg area, but relaxed-fit jeans generally keep their shape around the hips and thighs with no size variation.

Relaxed jeans were popular in the 90s before fading away. However, they’ve made their way back into modern trends. They’re the perfect combination of casual and smart, making them appropriate for most occasions.

What Are Loose Fit Jeans?

Unlike relaxed-fit jeans, loose-fit jeans are absent of any sort of tapering. This means that there’s no size variation from the hips down to the ankles.

Loose fit jeans offer no shape but rather give off a flowy design, which fully encompasses the term ‘loose’. Because they don’t have a form-fitting shape,they’re even less appealing on muscular men than a relaxed fit.

relaxed vs loose fit

These jeans are suited for larger people who might not be comfortable wearing something skin-tight.Their trademark baggy design goes well with thigh-high boots or skateboarding sneakers.

As you might suspect, loose-fit clothes aren’t exactly going to show off your body. So, if you’ve put a lot of effort in at the gym and want to show off your calves and thighs, they’re probably not for you.

So, What’s the Difference?

As you know, there are some important differences between the two fits. They’re largely due to the way they’re shaped through tapering.

Both fits have significantly more material and space than regular fit jeans, but they achieve this extra roominess through different tailoring techniques.

In the past, the terms “relaxed fit” and “loose fit” were used interchangeably. Now they’ve become two separate things because of their unique designs.

what does loose fit jeans mean

Loose jeans are commonly worn by slimmer men to stick to the trendy norm-core look. Regular fit jeans are worn by bigger people who want support around their behind and extra space for their calves.

If you need to tell the difference between a relaxed fit and a loose fit, all you have to do is look at the shape around the seat and thigh area. If you notice a slight bit of tapering, it’s a relaxed pair of jeans.

If the pants are completely uniform in size throughout with no tapering, then it’s a loose-fit pair of jeans.

Both pairs are equally as comfortable but offer different levels of support around some areas. Next time you’re at the shops make sure to try on both pairs to see which one suits you and feels the most comfortable.

Other Fit Options

If relaxed or loose fit clothing doesn’t quite fit your style or your muscular build then, then muscle fit clothing is the way forward.

Our true muscle-fit clothing like pants, shirts, and jackets, give you the tight fit you’re looking for. At TAILORED ATHLETE, we have a wide range of muscle-fit items specifically designed to fit those with muscular builds. Here you can find everything from men's athletic jeans to athletic shirts to trousers and sweaters.

 loose fit vs regular fit

Our clothes are made with premium technical fabric to give you exceptional wearer benefits. The quality 4-way stretch material is comfortable to wear while still outlining your best features.

Our clothes are designed by athletes for athletes, so we know exactly what you’re looking for and the comfort you desire. If you need further assistance in finding your suitable fit, then take our 2-minute shirt finder quiz.


Modern clothing trends continue to change and understanding the different fit sizes and style options is beneficial for your next shopping venture.

By now you should be able to discern between relaxed fit and loose fit jeans without having to try them on.

The differences between them are slight but there are easily recognizable by looking at the rise area and tapering. You can use these same methods to figure out the difference between relaxed fit vs oversized fitrelaxed vs classic fit, and regular vs straight fit clothes.

Now that we know the differences, let’s go do some shopping.

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