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Choosing between sharp fit and slim fit isn’t easy if you don’t know the difference. You want your suit to fit your body perfectly, and the only way of doing this is to choose a fit that flatters your body type. 

Sharp and slim fits are two great options for slimmer body types, but if you go to the gym regularly, they’re probably not for you. 

Instead, TAILORED ATHLETE offers high-quality, professional garments that are designed with athletes in mind. Our clothes are made with premium 4-way stretch fabrics that fit tight to your body without making you feel suffocated.

What this article covers:

What’s the Difference Between Sharp Fit and Slim Fit?

slim fit vs sharp fit

You may not have heard the term “sharp fit” often. It can be interpreted in different ways. Slim fit is easier to understand as its name kind of gives it away. 

The difference between the sharp and slim fit is in the design. 

So, what is a sharp fit vs a slim fit?

What Is Sharp Fit?

Sharp fit is like slim fit, but it’s cut closer through the chest, sleeves, and waist. It has narrow armholes and sleeves.

Sharp fit is a suit cut that is specifically trimmed. It fits closely to the body and has higher armholes than the standard suit.

It’s only a “sharp fit” for smaller men. On larger bodies, it looks anything but. The higher armholes mean they’re going to cut into your armpits which can constrict your movement. It’s also likely that the clothes will split if you move too fast.

The sharp fit is made to fit a wider range of body types, compared to the slim and classic fit.

What Is Slim Fit?

sharp fit vs slim fit shirt

Slim fit is best for slim and tall bodies. Slim-fit clothing tapers towards the narrower parts of your body. The legs get more narrow towards the ankle. The sleeves are more narrow towards the wrists, and the side seams are more narrow towards your waist.

Slim fit doesn’t mean that the garment fits tightly to your skin. For example, slim-fit jeans don’t fit as tightly as skinny jeans. A slim fit means there’s still enough room in the garment that allows you to move around comfortably.

Sharp Fit Vs Slim Fit

Slim fit is defined by its tailoring. It’s adapted to fit closer to your body.Slim-fit clothes are elegant but can feel slightly restricting on how much you can move.

The difference between sharp fit and slim fit suit jackets is the cut on the chest. Slim-fit suit jackets are trimmed more to the chest area. They also have higher shoulder points and more fitted sleeves.

Slim-fit pants are also slimmer compared to sharp-fit pants. While they’re somewhat similar, you shouldn’t confuse it with the differences between slim and tailored fits.

sharp fit vs slim fit jeans

Who Should Wear a Sharp Fit?

Sharp fit is typically aimed at smaller guys who want to look good but don’t want tight clothes. They give these men many of the benefits of slim fit garments but aren’t as closely cut.

True Muscle Fit vs Slim Fit

As we alluded to earlier, the decision between sharp and slim-fit clothes is one that’s pretty much limited to skinnier people. But just because you’ve put hours in at the gym shouldn’t mean you don’t get to buy clothes that contour around your body and show off your hard work.

You shouldn’t have to buy a relaxed or oversized fit just to get clothes that aren’t uncomfortable.

This is where TAILORED ATHLETE comes in. We know just how difficult it can be to find clothes that conform to your body if you’re bulkier than the average person. What’s worse, what little clothing there is available is either all athleisure or casual wear. 

TAILORED ATHLETE has a wide catalog of men’s athletic fit dress pants and shirts so you can be comfortable and look good at work or out on the town.

slim fit vs sharp fit shirt

We use a unique 4-way stretch material that contours around your arms, legs, and shoulders to show off all the hard work you’ve put in without making you look unprofessional. This is the main difference between our athletic fit and other slim fit clothes.

If you find that sharp and slim fit clothes are simply too tight to fit you comfortably, TAILORED ATHLETE’s clothing is for you.

Key Takeaways

Sharp fit and slim fit can both be great styles of clothing. Your preference may depend on your body type and what fits you the best. 

If you’re looking for a fit that has a bit more room for comfort, then a sharp fit is for you. However, if you have a slim body shape and would like your suit or shirt to have a more narrow fit, then a slim fit might be best.

By reading this article, you should now know which style to choose. Remember to always go for the fit that is not only the most flattering for your body type but that suits your style preference too.

If you want to find out more, like the differences between custom and slim fits or what regular or classic fit jeans are, check out our blog section.

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