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If you struggle to find clothing that truly fits your body, you may need to introduce some muscle-fit items into your wardrobe. They open a new world of outfit possibilities. Properly fitting clothes can elevate your look and take you from drab to classy.

When it comes to muscle-fit Vs. slim-fit clothes, slim simply refers to how tight-fitting the garments are. True muscle-fit clothes, however, are designed by us for people with large muscles so you can look good in and out of the gym.

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we believe a large physique shouldn’t disqualify you from finding well-fitting, comfortable clothing. We created our true muscle-fit clothes to cater to people looking for luxurious materials and top-quality designs.

The most modern iteration of fits, if your chest is wider than your waist, you will benefit from a true muscle fit, as our designs are based on 1000’s of measurements from real athletes and follow the natural shape of your muscles, for the perfect fit, look and feel.

If you’d like to find out more about athletic fit vs regular fit, check out our blog.

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Factors to Consider When Shopping

When you’re looking for clothes that accentuate your build, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, know your measurements. It’s easier to buy tailored items if you know your exact sizes.

what is a muscle fit shirt

On our website, the model’s measurements are in the description to help you find the perfect fit for your body. We also have a sizing guide to make the process even simpler, so you don’t have to worry about returning the wrong size.

Secondly, consider color. Neutral colors are a good choice for athletic bodies. Allow your physique to do the talking by wearing white, beige, navy, and sand colors. Go for solid black if you really want to make a statement. Black and white are the top choices for formal wear.

Slim-fit vs Muscle-fit

Slim-fit clothing is tapered closer to the waist and midsection. Before muscle-fit, slim-fit was the tightest cut you could get. Slim-fit shirts are designed to sit close to the torso.

For muscular people, this can mean having to size up to fit large arms and shoulders. It’s difficult to look neat when you have an XL torso and 2XL arms and no shirts cater to your physique. 

This often means athletes end up with extra, baggy material around the stomach. In a setting where you want to look polished and well put-together, bagginess looks frumpy and unprofessional. 

Muscle-fit clothing allows you to look sleek, confident, and comfortable in any setting. You no longer need to lose the shape you work so hard to achieve under baggy layers. You can look and feel your best by choosing the right fit for your body.

If you want to know more about slim-fit vs an extreme slim-fit, we’ve got plenty of explainers in our blog section.

What Is Muscle Fit?

slim fit vs muscle fit

Muscle fit is a specific clothing style designed to sit close to the body while providing extra room for large arms, shoulders, and legs. This allows you to wear clothes true to your size without losing shape and definition.

If you’ve put hours in at the gym, you require clothes specifically designed to fit your body. This requires clothing designed with forethought about how a person with larger muscles can be accommodated to be most comfortable whilst still able to look professional.

Muscle-fit clothes aren’t built to be super-tight or constrictive. This is the ultimate fit if your body type doesn’t fall into regular cuts and styles. Finding the right fit in regular clothing doesn’t have to be such a challenge with TAILORED ATHLETE.

Put simply, we accentuate what’s there without looking too ‘try-hard’.

If you always look wide and square in regular fits, muscle fit can give you the shape you need to truly feel like yourself when you go out. What’s the point of all that work building your body if it ends up hidden under poor-fitting clothes?

While this is similar to the difference between slim and trim fits, our true muscle-fits are made to accommodate extra bulk.

How Should a Muscle-fit Fit?

what does muscle fit mean

Arms. A muscle-fit shirt should have high, closely cut armholes which reduce the amount of loose fabric. There shouldn’t be any sagging or bunching material around the upper arm. It also shouldn’t be tight in the armpits. We combat this with our signature raglan cut sleeves.

Waist. Muscle-fit shirts should have two long darts (seams) along the back. These darts cut down on any excess fabric and create a clean, tapered waist shape by pulling the fabric inwards to create an figure accentuating taper that accentuates the drop between chest and waist.

Chest. This shirt cut should feel quite snug against the chest. Your body shape should be visible beneath the fabric which shouldn’t bunch up or wrinkle. However, you should still feel comfortable and have a full range of motion without unnatural pulling at the buttons.

Shoulders. The seam connecting the sleeves to the muscle-fit shirt should sit on the shoulders. If the seams sit too close to the collar bone or sit on the arm itself, you’re wearing the wrong size. If this happens consider going up a size for a more comfortable fit.

When wearing muscle-fit clothing, you should feel the fabric along the contours of your entire body without feeling squeezed into it. You shouldn’t have to hold your breath to close the zipper and your arms should be able to move freely.

Muscle Fit vs Slim Fit T-shirt

Muscle-fit t-shirts are cut close to the body, similar to a slim-fit t-shirt. However, they’re made with stretchy materials for a comfortable fit. The shoulders and arms are well-fitted to show them off as they really look, rather than feeling a size too small.

Think about muscle-fit as following the natural shape of your muscles, whereas slim fit can feel like a smaller size. The fit should be similar, but with added room for your chest and arms. The sleeves of a muscle-fit t-shirt should sit slightly higher than a slim-fit due to the elasticity of the material.

Our Athletic Fit T-shirts have a True Muscle Fit. They’re designed to highlight your shape and complement your physique. Built with premium soft fabric, our moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch t-shirts are perfect to accentuate your physique.

 slim vs muscle fit

You may be all too familiar with the feeling of ripping a t-shirt open at the seams. Many shirts and t-shirts aren’t created with wide shoulders and large biceps in mind. Most fast fashion brands create a “one style for all” t-shirt pattern, but that rarely actually works for everyone.

If you want top-quality clothing items that won’t tear right before your next big date, TAILORED ATHLETE offers t-shirts made with stretchy materials designed specially to fit larger frames. Our clothes won’t let you down and can last for many years with proper care.

For two completely different styles, check out the difference between tailored and traditional fits.

Muscle Fit vs Slim Fit Pants

Muscle-fit pants are designed specifically for people who lift weights. They show off the body you’ve worked so hard to build. Often, slim-fit pants are the same width from thigh to ankle which doesn’t account for extra room needed for large thighs, resulting in tightness in some areas and baginess in others.

Made with stretchy material, Muscle-fit  pants are made to complement large thighs and calves. They have room for large muscles with a flattering taper down to the ankle, so you don’t lose your shape. If you understand the struggle of a loose fitting ankle, we have the pants for you.

Well-made muscle-fit pants show off the contours of your body nicely. The elastic in the material cinches the fabric in and creates a shapely silhouette. If you prefer to show off the body you worked for, muscle-fit pants are the right choice for you.

No longer a need to size up in order to fit your quads, whilst theres a taper at the waist meaning you can order your natural size. 

If you’re unsure of where to start looking for athletic fit pants for men, take a look at our selection. We have a wide variety of colors in a fit that doesn’t require you to size up. Built with muscles in mind, our clothes are all tailored to fit non-standardized body proportions.

 what is muscle fit shirts

If you’ve ever battled in the fitting room with pants that are loose in all the wrong places, muscle-fit pants can be a total game-changer. It is possible to look classy and fashionable by choosing some top-quality tailored basics, made to fit athletic bodies.

This isn’t the same as the difference between slim and tailored fit pants, which has more to do with the way that the pants hang around your waist.

Slim Fit vs Muscle Fit Knitwear

Slim-fit knitwear is designed to create a streamlined silhouette. They’re made for slender, rectangular bodies that are the same width from shoulder to hip. Muscle-fit knitwear, however, is designed with athletic builds in mind.

An athletic body type is defined as someone whose chest is at least 8 inches wider than their waist. Muscle-fit knitwear is built with extra room in the chest while maintaining a sleek, defined look with a narrow, tapered waist.

We offer high-quality knitwear tailored to fit larger physiques. If you’re tired of stretching out knitwear just to get it to fit, TAILORED ATHLETE has the solution for you. Our knitwear range is thoughtfully designed to give you a comfortable experience.

what are muscle fit shirts

Our seasonal knitwear comes in beautiful neutral colors for every occasion. TAILORED ATHLETE sizes range from small to extra-extra-large, so you can find the perfect fit. The 4-way material is made with high elasticity, so your knitwear always bounces back into shape.

It’s not unreasonable to want clothes that fit and accentuate the body you work for. TAILORED ATHLETE provides these clothes in quality that won’t disappoint.

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