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Menswear has come a long way in recent years. We now have many more choices when it comes to how we express ourselves through our clothes. Unfortunately, fast fashion doesn’t flatter the majority of body types. And in those stores that offer different fit options, the jargon can be confusing. 

Here at TAILORED ATHLETE, we want every man to look and feel good in his clothes. That means understanding the right fit for your shape. There is sometimes uncertainty about the terms comfort and regular fit, and what they mean. 

So read on for the facts about a comfort fit vs a regular fit, and which one may be right for you.

What this article covers:

Comfort Fit vs Regular Fit Menswear

comfort fit vs standard fit

What Is A Comfort Fit?

Comfort fit in menswear allows more room for the average body type, especially if a bit overweight. 

  • A comfort-fit shirt has more room in the torso and chest area. It’s not tightly fitted and therefore is suitable for men who aren’t in the best shape, or who are naturally heavier set.
  • Comfort-fit trousers/pants feature more fulness of fabric in the back and a higher rise. The leg openings are also wider. Stocky men, and those who are carrying a bit more weight, will find them far more comfortable than slim-fit pants.

What Is A Regular Fit?

Regular fit in menswear isn’t quite as relaxed a fit as the comfort fit but is also ideal for the average body type. It’s less suited to men who are overweight than the comfortable fit. 

  • A regular fit shirt allows more room in the chest and torso but is less baggy than a comfort fit one. 

It gives some shape and follows the lines of your body more closely than a comfort fit. It does, however, have fuller sleeves and wider armholes.

This is one of the main differences between a fitted and regular fit shirt, as slim fit is more tailored at the sleeves.

  • Regular fit trousers are designed to be looser fitting than slim or skinny jeans and are a more traditional style. They suit most body types, unlike the choice of slim fit vs straight fit pants, which are both better suited to slimmer legs.

what does comfort fit mean

Is A Comfort Fit Or A Regular Fit Right ForYou?

Advantages Of Comfort Fit Clothes

Comfort-fit clothes are comfortable and easier to move about in. They’re great for everyday wear when you want to be less restricted by your clothes. 

This fit is suitable for most body shapes, but not if you’re overweight. This fit is often referred to as a classic, natural or relaxed fit, and would be suitable for slim and fit men. 

Advantages Of Regular Fit Clothes

When looking at a regular fit vs relaxed fit, regular fit clothes are comfortable and give some shape. If you’re very stocky you may prefer regular fit to comfort fit. It’s more spacious and comfortable around the arms.

They’re a more traditional style and while they can fit the average body, they’re designed with comfort in mind rather than appearance.

Which Fit Of Clothing Is Best For Your Body Type?

Different styles and fits of clothing are suited (pun intended) to different body types. No matter what your physique is, you can find one that complements you.

There are three main male body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. 

The average body type may be a combination of these or a less well-defined version of the true mesomorph. If you’ve got a muscular, athletic build, you’re going to look your best in tailored and athletic fits. 

This is where TAILORED ATHLETE comes in. We make true muscle-fit clothing that contours around your body without making you feel constricted.

comfort fit vs standard fit shirt

Lean (Ectomorph)

Ectomorph is characterized by a lean, more rectangular frame. Are you long and lean, with thin legs and arms, a narrow chest and shoulders, and very little body fat? You have an ectomorphic body type. 

To make the most of your body type, you should choose menswear with a slim fit. Avoid roomy or boxy styles. If you cannot decide between straight fit vs relaxed fit jeans, remember that relaxed fit jeans are not baggy. However, if you have a very lanky body, the straight fit may follow your lines better.

Stocky Or Rounded Shape (Endomorph)

The endomorph is characterized by a stocky or even an oval body shape. Are you short, with a shorter neck, smaller shoulders, and a thicker waist? You may also have thicker calves and ankles. You have an endomorphic shape.

To accommodate your shape, you should choose clothes with a more relaxed fit, and more room around the waist. Slim-fit clothes only make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. Regular fit clothes are perfect for you if you have a stocky frame with thicker arms. If you do not have 

Athletic/Muscular (Mesomorph)

comfort fit vs regular fit jeans

The mesomorph is characterized by a more athletic body shape, which is similar to the lines of an inverted triangle (wide at the top, tapering at the bottom). 

If you’re a true mesomorph, you have strong, muscular arms and legs, and very little body fat. A narrow waist and broad shoulders are typical of this body type. A tailored or athletic fit is ideal for your more muscular physique.

What does athletic fit mean? Athletic fit shirts and jeans are designed to flatter the lines of more muscular arms and legs while remaining comfortable to move around in. 

And our men's athletic fit jeans are perfectly tailored to show off your athletic shape while offering you maximum comfort too.

This will be the most comfortable option, and also the most flattering, for your body type. Our athletic fit clothing is specially designed for your muscular frame.

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