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No matter what type of garment you’re looking for, you’re faced with choosing between different cuts. Two of the most popular are classic and regular fits. 

Some of these styles are too tight or loose and can be uncomfortable, particularly if you’ve got more muscles than the average person. 

TAILORED ATHLETE caters specifically to athletes and gym enthusiasts. Our garments, made with premium 4-way stretch material, show off the body you’ve worked hard to achieve. You’ve put the hours in, so why hide it behind baggy clothes that don’t fit properly?

What this article covers:

Difference Between Classic and Regular Fit

regular fit vs classic fit

Classic and regular fit are styles with similar design goals and aesthetics.

They’re both relatively baggy and loose around the body. However, the classic fit is slightly looser and has more room than regular fit clothing. 

What Is Classic Fit?

Classic fits are easy and comfortable to wear because they’re cut generously through the waist and chest.They’re cut broader across the shoulders and have straight side seams. Some classic-fit shirts, however, are designed with a tapered waist. 

Classic-fit clothes are designed so that you can move freely. They maintain their shape without being restrictive. Most suited for dad-bods, this fit is designed to cater for most body types, as opposed to looking good.

The downside is that classic fit clothes don’t show off any muscular definition. Because they’re so loosely tailored, they tend to hang off of the body rather than hug it. While this can look okay on the average person, it looks a little unnatural on bigger men.

What Is Regular Fit?

Regular fit clothes also fit more relaxed, though they’re not necessarily baggy. It’s a professional-looking style that’s tailored to suit different body shapes and sizes. 

Compared to a classic fit, regular fit has slightly less room. Classic fit is looser, whereas regular fit is in between slim and classic fit.

The problems we faced with classic fit clothes are the same ones we’re going to run into here. Regular fits are made for regular people, which is a problem for people who are anything but. They aren’t going to be as difficult to get into as slim or skinny fit clothing, but they aren’t going to show off your best features.

Difference Between Regular and Classic Fit Pants and Shirts

classic fit vs slim fit

The main differences in these styles are how tight they are in the shoulders and upper legs.

While they work for most people, these kinds of fits don’t sit comfortably if you’ve got larger arms, shoulders, or calves.

Classic Fit Pants

If you’re looking for classic fit pants, this is what you can expect:

  • Straight leg opening,
  • Tailored above the knee,
  • More slim than loose,
  • Flat or pleated in the front,
  • Usually sit around the waist
  • Suitable for formal occasions

Classic fit pants are true to their name as they offer a “classic” look that has been popular throughout the years.

During the 1970s and 80s, there was a shift towards looser clothing. Many brands started to manufacture classic fit pants for those who wanted a more professional classic cut, without it looking too baggy.  

Regular Fit Pants

Regular-fit pants, on the other hand, are defined by:

  • Loose fit but not baggy,
  • Sits a little below the waist,
  • Straight leg opening,
  • Spacious fit around the thigh, 
  • More suitable for casual occasions

what is classic fit

The looser cut on regular fit jeans are the primary difference between something more form fitting, like fitted vs regular fit.

Both regular fit and classic fit pants are in between slim and loose fit. 

Classic Fit Shirts

Classic fit shirts emphasize comfort. They have a precise cut through the chest and waist giving them a clean appearance with a broad cut across the shoulders and the sides.

The people most likely to wear a classic or slim fit shirt aren’t going to struggle choosing between slim fit vs athletic fit shirts. If you’re putting time in at gym, you’re not going to get into a slim fit shirt easily, so you should proably tend towards a True Muscle Fit instead.

Regular Fit Shirts

We know that regular fit hugs your body while leaving enough room for comfort. This principle applies to regular-fit t-shirts as well. It leaves adequate room in the sleeves and waist so you don’t look sloppy but stay comfortable.  

Although it’s certainly part of a regular fit’s goal, it shouldn’t be confused tieh a relaxed fit or loose fit.

The relaxed look makes this fit more suitable for casual situations. You wouldn't really get away wearing this to your office or a formal event. If you want to be smart-casual, then you can wear semi-fitted classic T-shirts. 

classic fit vs regular fit shirt

Regular fit shirts are really unattractive on larger men. Because they hang so loosely, they can make you look boxy and poorly put together.

Size of the Leg Opening of Classic Fit vs Regular Fit Pants 

The measurements for classic and regular fit pants are unique depending on the brand. Most brands, however, have leg openings that measure around 16 inches for both classic and regular fit pants. This is a standard leg opening.

A leg opening of 16-inches fits over the top of your shoes and boots. The difference in size between the two fits is usually above the knee. The size of the leg opening is often quite similar. 

Is Classic Fit or Regular Fit More Comfortable?

Both classic fit and regular fit are comfortable choices. If you prefer more room in the upper leg of your pants, regular cut pants are better for you.

For shirts, both styles offer lots of fabric on the chest and shoulders, allowing you to move freely in both styles. Regular cut T-shirts and button-down shirts sometimes have wider side seams. This may be more comfortable as it becomes puffier and airier. 

If you’re going for a professional look but want to stay comfortable, a classic fit button-down shirt or jacket that’s streamlined will work. 

Either way, if you want to properly balance comfort with style, True Muscle Fit garments are the way to go.

What About Muscle Fits?

classic vs regular fit

So we’ve covered everything you could possibly know about classic and regular fit clothes, but does that mean they’ll work for you?

As you may have noticed by now, while classic and regular fits may sound nice, they’re not exactly designed with larger people in mind. We make true muscle-fit clothes that fit comfortably around your muscles without limiting your range of motion.

Finally, you can be comfortable in your office without looking like you just crawled out of bed. 

If you have a broad chest and bigger arms, TAILORED ATHLETE has a range of clothes, ranging from True Muscle Fit shirts that will be suitable to your body type. Our clothes are made with premium, moisture-wicking material that allows your skin to breathe.

what is the difference between classic fit and regular fit shirts

If you’re curious about other clothing comparisons, like the difference between drop shoulder and standard fit shirts, check out our blog section. 

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