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Slim fit and extra slim fit can refer to jeans, pants, or shirts. 

If you want to show off the best parts of your body—your arms, legs, and chest - you might end up gravitating towards slim or even extra slim fit garments. Sadly, though, these kinds of clothes aren’t made with larger bodies in mind.

They’re going to be plenty tight, but they’re not going be comfortable or properly show off all your hard work. 

Instead of slim or extra slim fit clothes, consider TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit garments. Our clothes, made with premium 4-way stretch material and moisture-wicking fabric, contour around your body while keeping you comfortable.

What this article covers:

What Is Slim Fit?

Jeans and Pants

Slim fit jeans and pants are similar in shape to skinny jeans. They are purposely tight to your leg, accentuating your thighs and calves, often at the expense of comfort. They’re a great example of a modern fit.

extra slim vs slim fit

Slim fit pants taper inwards below the waist and are a tighter fit to the ankle.

If you’ve put work in to get your legs looking good, this isn’t going to lie comfortably on you. The fabric tends to bunch up around your knees or leave you with an unattractive ‘tent’ around your crotch from the excess fabric.


Slim fit shirts offer a tailored look that doesn’t feel too tight. They’re an ideal shirt for everyday wear, providing you have a slimmer build. 

Slim fit shirts have a slightly narrower cut around the midriff than regular shirts. This allows for better accentuation of a slender body shape. 

This cut is best suited to men who have a skinny or slender body type.On someone with bigger legs, they tend to cut upwards and not lie straight.

extra slim fit vs slim fit

What Is Extra Slim Fit?

Extra slim fit is a smaller cut than a slim fit. All of the problems you face with regular slim fit garments are amplified here.

Extra slim fits are typically for slender, tall men rather than those with larger muscles. Because they sit so closely to your skin, they can be really uncomfortable to walk around in.

Jeans and Pants

Extra slim fit jeans are sometimes known as “spray-on” jeans. This is because they’re so tight, they look like they’ve been sprayed on. 

These jeans are best suited to people with naturally small frames, as is true with slim and skinny fit bottoms.

They’re made mostly from elastane, which gives them extra stretch, but you’re going to take them beyond what they were intended for.

Our pants are all made in an True Muscle Fit. This avoids the problem of pants feeling too tight, but still has the benefit of accentuating your best features. 

We prioritize comfort and a form-flattering fit, and our pants are scientifically designed to fit your athletic physique perfectly.

slim fit vs extra slim


Extra slim fit shirts hug your frame tightly. They’re the tightest fit you’ll find in the men’s section, and it might be difficult to purchase this fit as an athlete.

They often incorporate elasticated fabric to accentuate body features and create a skin-hugging effect. They have a close-fitting cut at the shoulders, resulting in no space between your skin and the fabric.

They don’t have a wider cut like the traditional and tailored fit men’s shirts. Instead, they have a tapered cut.  This is what makes them so figure-hugging: less material is used overall to make the shirt.

This lack of fabric can be problematic for athletes. Since the shirts aren’t made for particularly muscular people, this means they won’t fit well unless you upsize at a regular store.

Are These Fits Comfortable?

These fits are comfortable, however, athletes often have to buy a size or two larger than their regular size for them to fit.You’d be able to buy a classic or regular fit without sizing up, but they’re going to make you look like you don’t know what the inside of a gym looks like.

This can make buying clothes unpredictable, especially if you opt for buying clothes online. 

We aim to fix that problem. Our true muscle-fit clothing was designed by athletes, for athletes, and feels like a custom-fit shirt. We know how difficult it is to buy clothing as an athlete, so we designed clothing that not only fits your body well but accentuates those features you worked so hard to have.

That’s exactly what TAILORED ATHLETE’S men’s muscle t-shirts do.

extra slim fit vs slim

Which Should I Pick Based on My Body Type?

If you’re an athlete, True Muslce Fit clothes are a great choice for youComfort fits and standard fits might not accentuate your athletic features.

Extra slim fit might be too form-hugging. The result might be that the clothing doesn’t fit you well unless you upsize once or twice, and this can make buying clothes difficult.

Slim fit clothing gives you a chance to show off your physique, well feeling comfortable enough for everyday wear. This is thanks to the elastic fibers in slim fit clothing, which make it easy for the clothes to move with your body throughout the day.

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