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The main difference in fits is how close the fabric sits against your body. The fit you choose depends on how you like your clothing to feel while you wear it. Another important factor is the presentation you want from your overall outfit.

AtTAILORED ATHLETE, our garments are made with athletes in mind. We specialize inTrue Muscle Fit clothing, basing our designs to follow the muscular structure and natural shape of the body, whereas traditional fits are designed around the skeleton and often square and boxy with no tapering. Traditional designs are outdated; our clothing caters for people who often don’t fit into regular cuts due tolarger arms, chests, and legs or want clothing to complement their athletic physique.

What are muscle-fit shirts? This is the shirt to go for if you have large muscles. They offer the comfort of a modern fit, the styling of a slim fit, but without the restriction; catering to the actual shape of athletes physiques. They are designed with extra room for the upper body and a tapered waist to show off a trim stomach.

In addition, we use premium performance fabrics with unique wearer benefits, such as 4-way stretch and moisture wicking properties. Our clothes offer the ultimate formal wear option for athletes.

What this article covers:

What Does Modern Fit Mean?

what is modern fit suit

A modern fit will have a tapered waist and tighter cut chest and arms. It fits close to the body and has higher armholes than a standard fit.

Modern-fit clothing items typically look best on triangle body shapes. A triangle body is widest at the hips, tapering upwards towards narrower shoulders.

If you want a less-boxy and updated look, but you prefer more room in your clothing for comfort, opt for a modern fit, however you may find it less than optimal if you work out.

What Are Modern Fit Pants?

The biggest difference between modern fit pants and classic fit pants is that the legs of modern fit pants are narrower. They have less fabric than the traditional or classic fit.

The waistband of modern-fit pants sits slightly below the waist, but higher up than slim-fit pants do. Modern fit pants have a tapered or boot cut leg. 

This fit is roomier on the thighs, with a slight tapering on the calves towards the ankles. The general size leg opening on modern fit pants is 16 ½ inches.

Modern fit pants suit current trends as they are more tight-fitting than classic cut styles. They do, however, offer a more conservative option for those who don’t feel comfortable in slim-fit styles.

Finding the right cut can be difficult for anyone who’s bigger than the average person, which is whyTAILORED ATHLETE has a wide range of men’s athletic fit dress pants to keep you looking your best.

what is modern fit

Modern Fit vs Slim Fit Suit

Slim fit suits have narrower chests and shoulders, coming together in a tapered waist. This fit is the tightest fitting cut you can get. These suits come with jackets that have snug, fitted shoulders.

This fit is highly trendy at the moment and can look very stylish when tailored properly, but this can often be very restricting. If you have a broader chest or shoulders and the suit isn’t well-fitted, you can look squeezed in and end up being very uncomfortable.

A slim-fit suit is often recommended only for tall, lean builds. 

If the material bunches and wrinkles around your arms, thighs, and stomach, you’re either not wearing the right size or you need to try a different fit entirely.

When you’re choosing a slim-fit suit, the right jacket can make all the difference. People with a bulkier physique should opt for a double-breasted jacket, as the double row of buttons creates the illusion of a narrow waist.

Far from optimal, the slim-fit can provide a better alternative to traditional designs for those who want a closer fitting cut without going to the tailor.

Modern Fit vs Slim Fit Pants

Slim fits typically look best on rectangular-shaped bodies. If your body is the same width from shoulder to hips, you have a rectangle-shaped body. This is the shape most frequently found on tall, thin bodies.

what is a modern fit suit

So what is a slim fit? This contemporary style is cut to sit closer to the body than traditional designs with as little excess fabric as possible. For more slender guys, this is a more appropriate alternative in making them look more muscular, but often comes at the expense of mobility and comfort.. You should still always feel like you can move freely in your clothing.

Slim-fit jacket arms create a gap between your arm and body that loose fits would disguise. This gap creates the illusion of a narrow waist.

The tight fit of the slim cut creates more shape by using defining lines. The key to looking good is accentuating what you have, with angular lines achieved with a slim fit. 

However, if you are looking for true muscular definition, a ‘True Muscle Fit’ is the key to accentuating your legs and creating truly defined shapes that enhance your physique whilst leaving you looking your best. Discover our very ownmen’s athletic fit dress pants for the optimal solution.

Classic Fit vs Modern Fit

The classic fit is probably the cut you have seen the most. It’s also known as the “traditional cut.” The classic fit uses straight lines and wider legs in the pants. 

This cut focuses on comfort. It’s cut broader across the shoulders and has more room across the entire body.

Classic fits are also the easiest for tailors to adjust. If you have a body shape that doesn’t work with most fits, a classic fit can be tailored easily to fit you perfectly, however this is usually costly and time consuming.

Traditional Fit vs Classic Fit

classic fit vs modern fit

A traditional fit is roomy in the waist and chest, often made with a two-button jacket for a clean, professional look. This differs from a classic fit because it’s specifically tailored to have more room in certain areas. 

This fit is perfect for people with larger stomachs. The executive cut is spacious but still has a neat, professional appearance, it’s flattering for those who don’t have a v-taper. 

It’s essential to note what oversized vs relaxed fit is. Clothing tailored for a relaxed fit is cut wider in certain areas for a roomier fit. However, oversized is simply buying the wrong cut in a larger size.

Wearing oversized formal wear can make you look frumpy and messy. An oversized shirt or jacket will wrinkle in strange places. It will look like you are drowning in your clothes and not show off all the hard work you have put into your physique.

Modern Fit vs Executive Fit

Also known as the portly fit, an executive cut suit or shirt is designed to compensate for a larger physique while maintaining the elegance of formal wear.

While a modern fit jacket sits closer to the chest, stomach, back, and shoulders, an executive fit jacket will be tailored to be wider around the chest and stomach.

Modern Fit vs Regular Fit

modern fit vs classic fit

The regular fit is looser around the body. The upper body is relaxed, with extra fabric and room to move. It is still tailored to fit closer to the body. This is the standard clothing cut and is not made with any specific body types in mind; very much a 1 fit for all approach.

It looks passable on most body shapes. It can, however, look unprofessional in some settings. If you are in a group with people wearing well-tailored clothing, a regular fit suit may look out of place and like there’s a lack of pride in your appearance.

Modern Fit vs Tailored Fit

Tailored fit clothing is similar to a slim fit. It is meant to give the impression that your clothing has been specifically tailored to fit your body. However, this can be difficult to achieve without actually visiting a tailor. It’s often time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient.

The tailored fit has a shaped waist and is usually tight-fitting. It sometimes has more room around the arms and chest. This very much depends on the manufacturer and individual's requirements.

The differences between tailored and slim fit are often barely discernible. Which one you choose may come down to a few inches of extra material, however, varying levels of comfort make this a very crucial factor when deciding which fit is right for your physique. 

Tailored fit shirts run much closer to the body than modern fit shirts. They can, however, look like you are wearing the wrong size as they may run very tight, especially for those whose body weight can fluctuate slightly.

Slim Fit vs Classic Fit Tuxedo

The differences between slim and classic fit clothes are also present in suits and tuxedos.

A classic fit tuxedo is roomy around the chest and waist, with space for comfort. While looser than a slim-fit tux, it does still have a defined shape.

modern fit vs slim fit suit

Slim-fit tuxedos create a long, lean, trendy silhouette, while classic tuxedos create a more traditional shape. Classic tuxedos can be seen as old-fashioned in modern settings, but when they are tailored properly they are still very classy.

In terms of casual wear, the difference between skinny and slim-fit jeans is that skinny jeans are made to show off your body. Slim-fit jeans are made to accentuate the body without being revealing. Skinny jeans are much tighter than slim-fit jeans.

Modern vs Slim Fit Tuxedo

The modern fit tuxedo is the perfect middle ground between a classic fit and a slim fit. It doesn’t have as much extra fabric as the classic fit, but it does provide a looser fit than the slim-fit tuxedo.

If you want to avoid potentially looking out of place in a classic tux, a modern cut is your best bet. They don’t run very tight and can look elegant and timeless.

Slim-fit tuxedos can easily look good on a variety of body shapes, including underrepresented types like inverted triangles and trapezoid bodies.

Classic vs Modern vs Slim Fit

In conclusion, the most important difference between classic, modern, and slim fits is how close the material sits to the body and the shape it creates.

A classic fit is the most generic, with a blanket approach to sizing offering no nuance for different body shapes or types. The slim fit is a tighter version, with a lot less excess fabric but far from optimal if comfort is your priority. A modern fit is the middle ground, less boxy than the traditional but not as flattering as slim fit.

For most people, tailoring would be a good solution, however this is often expensive, time consuming and the very nature of tailoring does not allow for any changes to your body (between cutting/bulking). 

modern vs slim fit suit

Picking the right fit for you will determine both your comfort levels and confidence whilst wearing your garment. If you workout, have a v-taper or just want to accentuate what you have, only a ‘True Muscle Fit’ will follow the natural contour of your physique and provide you with unrivalled comfort whilst having you looking cool and collected no matter the occasion. Having something uniquely designed to your specific shape will give you the best final result, and have you looking and feeling your absolute best.

Why You Should Choose TAILORED ATHLETE

If you spend a lot of time at the gym, odds are it’s difficult to find the right clothes for you. Even if you’re only a little larger than the average person, both modern and slim-fit clothes are going to scrunch up around your arms and legs.

An athletic fit is a proposed solution to this, giving you a little more room around your chest and shoulders. However, athletic-fit clothes also tend to bunch up and can be unforgettable to wear.

.This is where TAILORED ATHLETE comes in. We offer True Muscle Fit clothing, designed around the shape of your muscles so you can wear clothes that are tight and form-fitting while still allowing you to move around as you go about your day.

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