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We’ve all gone shopping for clothes and come across the various fitting styles associated with formal wear. Deciding on which style of fit is best suited for your specific body type can be a difficult task. 

There are so many different options when it comes to fitting styles. Each style is associated with slight differences between them, making it difficult to tell them apart.

As fashion enthusiasts, we’re always trying to untangle the differences in fit styles, particularly when it comes to modern vs slim fit suitsslim vs skinny fit shirts, and straight fit pants vs classic fit pants. However, we haven’t yet touched on the differences that lie between trim fit vs slim fit formal items of clothing.

Having little to no knowledge of the differences in fit style between clothing items before a purchase can lead to some annoying wardrobe malfunctions and often a return trip to the store.

Muscular people, in particular, find it increasingly challenging to find a shirt or trousers that is perfect. They often walk out of clothing shops with the wrong fit and size because they aren’t made for that body shape.

TAILORED ATHLETE makes clothes that cater to athletes and bodybuilders. If you struggle to find clothes that fit you comfortably and don’t constantly tear at the seams, we’re the brand for you. With premium 4-way stretch fabric and smart design, our clothes fit comfortably and give you a complete range of motion.

Your annual clothing trip to the shops will be a lot more pleasant and easier after understanding these key differences.

What this article covers:

The Differences Between Trim Fit and Slim Fit

slim fit vs trim fit

To the ordinary shopper, there might be no difference between trim and slim-fit clothing. So, let’s break it down and discuss what is slim fit and trim fit.

In a nutshell, a trim-fit shirt is loose around the torso and has a lot more space for maneuverability.However, the extra fabric around the torso tends to bunch up if you’ve got a bigger chest and shoulders.

A slim-fitted shirt fits tightly around your torso and upper body, giving off a sleeker style. There’s almost no excess material or space when you’re wearing a slim-fit shirt.This cut works well for slimmer guys, but it will look like you’re stuffed into your clothes if you’re larger than average.

There are a load more differences between the two fitting styles which we cover below. By the end of the article, you’ll know exactly which type of shirt is best suited for you without having to ponder.

Trim Fit

As mentioned above, if you’re looking for something close to your classic shirt with a touch of slim-fit style, then a trim-fitted shirt is exactly what you’re looking for.

Trim fit suits and shirts have a signature cut that’s not too loose or tight. You can think of it as a hybrid, modern fit that’s more tapered than classic garments.

trim vs slim fit

Slim Fit

Slim-fit clothing has been around since the early 1960s and continues to be an integral part of modern fashion.

Slim-fit shirts and suits are known for sharp cuts that create a closer than average fit. The arm holes of slim-fit dress shirts and suits sit higher up, which adds to its tight finish. The higher arm holes are the primary thing that makes slim fit clothing unappealing for larger men.

It can be incredibly uncomfortable and cut into your skin, and make it look like you’re stuffed into your clothes.

Let’s Put It in Perspective

So, now we know that the difference between slim fit and trim fit largely lies in the way they are cut, but is there a difference in size?

Trim fit suits are designed and cut approximately 2 inches shorter than your classic fit suits. The chest, waist, and shoulder areas are trimmed down.

Slim-fit clothing items are tailored down a further 2 inches less than their trim-fit counterparts.

To put it in perceptive, if you purchase a trim-fit shirt with a chest measurement of 40 inches, then a slim-fit shirt will be 38 inches. These reductions in measurements are the same for suits.

What About Pants?

slim vs trim fit

Slim-fit pants hug closely around the crotch and waist area. The bottom leg holes are typically tightened around the ankle and are short in length.  

The trim-fit pants offer a lot more fabric, making them loose around the quad and waist area. Trim-fit pants don’t cling tightly to your legs and are not tightened at the ankles.While trim fit pants have extra fabric to give you a wider range of motion, they won’t show off the features you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Only TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit pants are designed around these problems. You don’t have to struggle with unattractive ‘tenting’ around your crotch from excess fabric or pants that sit too high up your calves.

Which Style Is for You

This depends on two factors: what style you want to pull off and your physique. Each fit of clothing comes with its benefits for different body types.

Slim-fit garments are best suited for people who are smaller and shorter than average. They make you look taller because of their tightness, which has a slightly illusory effect.

Taller and more muscular people should avoid wearing slim-fit suits because of the length cut, which significantly reduces the maneuverability and comfortability of larger individuals.

Trim fit suits are only slightly better, as you’re more likely to at least be able to get into them. The problem is that they aren’t tailored to highlight your arms and legs, and can end up making you look boxy.

AtTAILORED ATHLETE, we have a wide variety of true muscle fit clothes, like our men’s athletic fit t-shirts and dress pants, specifically suited for athletic and muscular physiques across the size spectrum. For more information on what a muscle-fit shirt is, be sure to check out our blog section.

trim fit vs slim fit suits


Deciding on which fit of clothing looks best on you is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a wide variety of fitting styles on the market these days and understanding their fundamental differences will make it easier to decide on your perfect style. 

If neither trim fit nor slim fit garments are comfortable for you, we’re confident that are True Muscle Fit clothes are going to be just the thing you’re looking for.

Additionally, play around with accessories to enhance the look and feel of a specific fit. Hopefully, your next trip to the clothing store will be a lot more pleasant now that you’re an expert on clothing fit variation.

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