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Have you ever wondered how the difference between fitted and regular fit clothing affects the way you look? Choosing the right fit for your body shape is important. It’s also important that you choose the fit you’ll feel most confident in.

Sadly, while fitted and regular fits are pretty popular among the general population, they don’t necessarily work for everyone. These kinds of “off-the-rack” clothing are made for the average frame. That means they’re square, boxy, and not made for showing off any real definition. 

Feeling confident in your clothing can make a big difference. Being comfortable is a contributor and that’s why we’ve created a range of clothing made by athletes, for athletes. Our range is high-quality, easy to move in, and works with your body.

TAILORED ATHLETE makes high-end garments for athletic men. Our clothes are made with 4-way stretch material that contour around your muscles to show off your hard work without squeezing you into your fit.

Read on to find out why fitted and regular clothes fall short, and why TAILORED ATHLETE is right for you.

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What’s a Fitted Shirt?

Shirt styles change along with all other fashions. Closer-fitting shirts are in fashion at the moment, and this is what a fitted shirt is. But how figure-hugging is this cut?

regular fit vs fitted

A fitted shirt is sometimes confused with a slim fit shirt. There is a slight difference, though. 

Slim fit shirts hug your chest and shoulders but hang straight down from there to your waist. This accentuates arm muscles, but not abdominal muscles. 

Fitted shirts, however, hug your chest and shoulders and then has a tapered fit down to your abdomen. This style is good for lean, slim men, but not great for those with an athletic build. Because the fabric doesn’t have any ‘give’ in it (the ability to move and stretch naturally), it tends to cause creases and tears as you move around. 

If you’ve got more muscle mass than the average man, you need to find clothes that are going to allow you to move freely.

Fitted shirts are sometimes referred to as tailored fit shirts. As is seen when comparing tailored and slim fit, a fitted shirt defines the body better. This is because the arm and waist areas are tapered.

The narrow cut highlights the shoulders and arms well because of darts at the back of the shirt, which eliminate excess fabric. However, if you’ve got big shoulders, you’re going to need excess fabric in non-stretch clothes to allow you to move around.

Since they tend to be quite tight, you might need to size up to make room for your arms and chest which can leave you with a baggy fit around your waist and torso.

What Is a Regular Fit Shirt?

Regular and straight fits are made for the lower common denominator, and they don’t take the build of the modern athletic man into consideration. They’re designed for the masses, and therefore haven’t got much structure to them.

difference between fitted and regular shirts

This is because, to fit as many people as possible, they can’t be too tapered or have a defined shape to show off your best features. Instead, they need to be loose enough to fit most people.

Regular fit shirts provide a classic, comfortable look and feel. They place an emphasis on comfort and functionality over looks. It generally contains extra material, unlike slim fit and extra slim fit shirts that look good on slimmer men.

This extra material provides both extra length and width. It also doesn’t taper at the waist like a fitted shirt does. If you’re of a slender or athletic build, this fit is not for you.

This cut has extra room in the arm area. The benefit of this is that your range of movement is increased when you’re wearing a regular fit shirt. You, unfortunately, lose the opportunity to wear a well-fitting shirt in exchange for this.

It is, however, a great option for lounging around at home on a Sunday.

The fit has a reputation for looking sloppy. This is largely to do with men's fashion becoming sleeker, and the demand for better-fitting clothing growing. 

TAILORED ATHLETE has noticed this increase. We created the True Muscle Fit to give athletes the best clothes they can find, keeping them both comfortable and well-dressed. Our clothes are made with premium 4-way stretch fabric that allows for broad shoulders and bigger arms, whilst providing a tapered waistline. 

Because they’re created with athletes in mind, you won’t have to worry about sizing up or down when purchasing from our ranges; be it this range or any of our others. We’ve made sure there’s extra room for large muscles in all our clothing.

If you want clothing that will make you look slim, our athletic fit is for you. 

Now that we know about each type of fit, it’s time to see where they differ from one another.

Difference Between Fitted and Regular Shirts

The main difference between fitted and regular shirts is how well they fit. If you have an athletic build, neither of these are good options for you. Relaxed and oversized fits don’t do all your hard work justice. Because they hang so loosely, they make you look as if you don’t even know what the inside of a gym looks like.

fitted vs regular fit dress shirt

This is especially true when picking a shirt. Pants can be more forgiving, so it’s less obvious if they don’t fit you perfectly. Shirts, however, can make or break your outfit.

Wearing a shirt that’s oversized or too loose can lead to your outfit looking badly planned. Or worse, it could make you look sloppy.

It’s important to pick the cut that suits your body type best. What areas do you want highlighted? Are there any areas you want looser material over?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can make your decision. The fitted shirt generally isn’t made with stretchy fabric, so as to accentuate certain areas. The athletic fit is similar to the slim fit, but provides more room for shoulder and arm muscles. It’s essentially a fitted shirt made for people with an athletic build. 

A well-fitting shirt can make all the difference in terms of how presentable you look. Try out our men’s athletic fit dress shirts, and let us know what you think.

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