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Classic fit vs. custom fit, what sets them apart? The main difference is that classic fits come standard while a custom fit is made specifically for your requirements. 

Choosing a classic fit suit ensures a hassle-free experience provided it’s the right size for you. This can be a massive pain for anyone with more bulk around their chest and shoulders. 

If you’re bigger than the average person, you may have to go with a custom fit suit just to get your clothes to sit comfortably around your muscles. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Fortunately, this isn’t your only option.

If you’re looking for athletic fit dress shirts for men and don’t want to go to a tailor just to get it done, TAILORED ATHLETE is for you. Our quality garments use premium 4-way stretch fabrics to contour around your body.

This provides you with a tight fit that doesn’t make you feel suffocated in your clothes. Read on to find out more about why TAILORED ATHLETE could be the right option for you.

What this article covers:

What Is Classic Fit?

A classic fit suit is a traditional cut. It’s easy for the average person to wear with ample room around the arms, chest, and waist. Because of the excess space in the arms, it tends to bunch up and leave unattractive creases on people with larger arms.

custom fit vs classic fit

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Factors to Consider Buying a Classic Fit Suit Off the Rack

Classic fits are called classic because they work on the average body shape. 

One of the upsides of getting a suit off the rack is that you don’t have to wait to have any work done. You can easily pick one from a store in a few minutes if you already know your size.

However, if you’re larger than average, you’ll still need to have it tailored. This can be expensive, and you have to find a tailor you trust.

It may fit one area of your body but sit poorly in another. This is particularly common with athletic people since they tend to be slimmer in some areas and bulkier in others. For example, it might fit you perfectly around your abdomen but be far too tight around your arms and chest because of the way your body tapers.

If you’re confused about the difference between classic and regular fit, they’re pretty much the same. The only difference is that a classic fit suit is slightly tighter than a regular. 

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What to Look for When Buying a Classic Fit Suit

When buying a suit off the rack, it’s important to look out for four factors that show if a suit fits well. The shoulders, waist, sleeves, and backside all show indications of an ill-fitting suit.

If there’s any loose, excess fabric bunching around the shoulders or arms, it’s important to consider a smaller size shirt or jacket. 

This is going to be a common problem if you spend a lot of time in the gym. Either you’re going to get a suit that’s too tight and looks like you don’t know how to dress, or you’re going to have to get something that’s so big that it won’t show off your best features.

polo classic fit vs custom fit

Because athletic people tend to have a triangular frame, you can end up with something that technically fits around your chest, but is two sizes too small around your arms.

Classic fit suit pants are another area of concern. If they’re tight enough to fit around your calves, they’re probably going to cut into your groin and give an unpleasant tenting effect. Conversely, if they’re too loose, they’re going to look boxy around your legs and not show off your hard work.

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What Is Custom Fit?

There’s little room for individuality when buying an off-the-rack suit. Many people prefer to have a suit made specifically to fit their bodies.

Custom-fit suits are made using your measurements, so you don’t have to worry about them being baggy in some areas and too tight in others.

Pros and Cons of Having a Custom Fit Suit Made


  • Having a suit custom-made opens a whole world of choices. You can pick the perfect fabric in the color you want. You can also discuss details like stitching and linings to make your ultimate suit.
  • You can combine the best parts of all your favorite fits. If you love the tightness of the slim fit, but you prefer the length of the modern fit, you can control each section separately.

polo classic vs custom fit


  • The cost of a custom-fit suit can be enormous. There are many options for customization, but each individual change you make costs extra.
  • Buying a custom-made suit can take a lot of time. Custom is not the way to go if you are looking for something quick and easy.
  • To have a high-quality custom-fit suit made, you will need to find an experienced tailor. It takes specific knowledge and training to make a really beautiful suit.


We think that getting a custom-fitted suit can be a good idea, but because of the various downsides, it’s not always feasible. The cost to both your wallet and your time can make getting a custom-fitted suit unworkable, but that doesn’t mean you should get to enjoy all the benefits they provide.

TAILORED ATHLETE, as our name suggests, provides high-quality garments for athletic men that account for your muscles and frame. You don’t have to worry about feeling cramped in your clothes or having to size up just to get inside. This is what makes us a True Muscle Fit/

If you have an athletic build and want the effect of a slim fit suit, muscle fit is the way to go.

Have a look at our catalog of dress shirts and pants to find something that fits your style.

classic fit vs custom fit polo

What to Consider When Having a Custom Fit Suit Made

When having a suit made it’s essential to decide when you will be wearing this suit. Is it for formal occasions like weddings and galas, or will you be wearing your suit in everyday situations like business meetings? Maybe you need the perfect all-rounder?

Each element that makes up a suit varies depending on the formality of the ensemble. The number of buttons, the pockets, the width of the lapels, and even the vents on the back communicate something about you. What do you want your suit to say?

No matter what you decide, TAILORED ATHLETE has something for you.

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Suit Elements to Keep in Mind

The number of buttons is significant. One-button jackets are more modern and casual. They are a great way to show off your shirt and tie. However, they can look too relaxed in a formal environment. A two-button jacket is a classic while three is considered very formal.

Pockets also say plenty about the wearer. Patch pockets are the most casual style as they are very simple. The jetted pocket is the most formal pocket design with a very streamlined appearance. Pockets with flaps are the perfect middle ground and work with any style.

Your lapel shape can communicate your style as well as your knowledge about suits. The width of your lapel is also important. The general width is about 3 inches, but a thinner lapel can look very modern if done properly. It may look out of place at formal events.

what is the difference between classic and custom fit polo

A notch lapel is a perfect choice if you want something you can wear anywhere. A peaked lapel can look very stylish, but it takes a skilled tailor to pull it off. The shawl lapel is the most formal style and is most often found on tuxedos.

When it comes to vents, you need to consider what you want to look like with your hands in your pockets. Double vents will keep your backside covered while no vents or a single vent will pull the jacket up and expose your rear. Consider what will be appropriate at your event.

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