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It’s important to dress for your frame, so what’s the best clothing for a rectangle body shape?

The traditional athletic shape is described as a ‘rectangle.’ This is due to athletic bodies not having many curves, and weight being evenly distributed around the body.

Not all athletes have this body shape, and not all people with this body shape are athletes. Body shape refers to how weight is distributed around your body, not how much you weigh. 

If you have a rectangular frame and you’re more muscular than the average person, you probably know how difficult it is to get clothes that fit you properly. Stick around and we’ll show you why TAILORED ATHLETE has everything you need to upgrade your wardrobe and fit you out with clothes that are both comfortable and form-fitting.

best shirts for rectangle body shape

Knowing how to dress according to your body type is important, and we’ve created a guide to help you do that as well as dress in a way that works for your lifestyle.

Let’s get into it.

What this article covers:

What Clothes Suit a Rectangle Body Shape?

A rectangle body shape is characterized by the following traits:

  • Shoulders are in line with the rib cage,
  • Hips and bust are approximately the same width,
  • Small to medium-sized midriff,
  • A general lack of curves on the body frame,
  • Straight hips,
  • Little waist definition, and
  • Weight gain is typically spread evenly throughout the body.

Athletes often fit into this body shape category, so we’re likely talking about you here. It can be difficult to dress this body shape, especially when it’s trendy to be curvy. Most easily-available clothing items aren’t complimentary to your body type.

As an athlete, you’ll have curves in the form of muscles that you can highlight through your clothing choices. 

We recommend staying away from clothing with a boxy cut, as this can drown out your shape. The best cut for a rectangular-shaped athlete is the athletic cut, which will accentuate all your best features.

You’ll want to include clothing that focuses on your waist, thereby giving definition to your shape. Doing this breaks up your natural rectangle shape and gives volume to your body. 

best jeans for rectangle body type

Athletic fit shirts are slightly pulled in at the waist, giving your body better dimension. Below, we’ll take you through the details of these shirts, as well as some options in terms of pants for a rectangular-shaped athlete.

Let’s get into the best straight body type clothes.

How to Dress as a Rectangular Shape

The rectangular body shape is often mocked for being “straight” due to its lack of curves. There’s a lot of advice out there for women with this body shape, but we’ve put together a guide for athletic males with a rectangular body. 

Straight body shapes are well-proportioned from top to bottom. The best way to create some flow in your shape is to avoid shapeless garments. Regular and oversized shirts should be avoided. Instead, focus on filling your wardrobe with the best athletic clothes for men.

TAILORED ATHLETE offers high-quality clothing made by athletes, for athletes. We make the best dress shirts for muscular guys, so you can rest assured your closet stays filled with flattering items when you shop with us.

Best Shirts for Rectangle Body Shape

As we mentioned earlier, the rectangle body shape needs some added definition from the clothing you put on it. 

We have a variety of cuts, so you’ll be set for a variety of occasions. 

Athletic Fit Polo Shirts

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we have created the perfect polo shirt for athletes. One of the best features of our clothing is that it’s made for athletes. This means you never need to size up or down to make sure there’s space for your muscles.

best jeans for rectangle body shape

We know what an athlete’s body looks like, and we know how hard it can be to find clothing that fits just right. You can rest assured that when you invest in our shirts, you’re investing in a long-lasting garment that will fit you perfectly and accentuate the features you’ve worked so hard for.

Our polo shirts are made in our True Muscle fit. This allows extra space for your upper arms and chest area, while not leaving any excess fabric around the waist area. 

We know that you've likely had this problem in the past: you buy a shirt a size bigger than you normally would to accommodate for your arm size, and then get left with too much fabric around your waist area. 

This leaves you looking shapeless and undefined. All our shirts aim to solve this problem, but we know you’ll want more than one style available in your closet.

Polo shirts are a classic closet staple, but let’s go over some other options we have available for you to choose from.

Our polo shirts are also perfect for a triangle body shape, since the premium 4-way stretch fabric allows you to move freely without having to worry that you’re going to tear it at the seams.

Muscle Fit Dress Shirts

We’ve raised the bar with our traditional formal shirts designed for athletes. This style is also made in our True Muscle Fit, which allows for broader shoulders and bigger arms. It also tapers at the waist, which as you know by now, is important for the straight body type.

The material is anti-wrinkle and quick drying, making the shirts a convenient addition to your wardrobe. 

The material blend it’s made of is 80% microfiber, 17% cotton, and 3% elastane. This blend creates the perfect comfortable formal shirt. 

The elastane allows the shirt to have some stretch, so you can look smart while being comfortable. We know it’s important for athletes to be able to move around freely without feeling constricted.

best jeans for rectangle shape

The microfiber and cotton components of the shirt ensure it feels soft against the skin, can dry quickly, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. This was an important feature for us because we know how busy life can get. Who has time to iron their shirts every day?

Our dress shirts are perfect for rectangular body shapes. They’re figure-hugging, but not uncomfortably so, and give your body definition.

Pique Jersey Shirts

Our pique jersey shirts are the perfect shirt for those chilly days. They allow you to keep warm while looking stylish. And even better news, they’re great for your body shape!

We know that finding a warm top for your rectangular body shape can be even more difficult than finding a shirt.

These warm shirts are made with stretchy fabric and have refined details. Athletes tend to run warm, so they’re not too thick. 

They’re made from a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The higher cotton content is what keeps you warm. The polyester allows for a fitted, formal look. This is to ensure your jersey doesn’t drown out the definition in your arms and chest. 

The cut of the pique jersey shirt makes it a great clothing item for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

So, what about pants? Let's go over some options we have available for you.

Best Jeans for Rectangle Body Shape

We’ve designed premium jeans for athletic body shapes, with enough stretch to ensure comfort. These are also made in our True Muscle Fit, so you don’t need to size up or down to make room for your quads.

Our jeans are designed to be versatile, so you can dress them up or down. You can pair them with our Polo shirts for a casual day look, and then change into a muscle fit dress shirt for a night out.

They go perfectly with our athletic polo shirts.

what clothes suit a rectangle body shape

The jeans move in sync with your body, ensuring your movement doesn’t feel restricted. They provide the ultimate comfort and versatility. They’re also great jeans for the inverted triangle shape.

TAILORED ATHLETE jeans are made with reinforced seams. This way, you know your jeans will last. This also helps you move confidently in them because you know they’re strong enough to handle heavy movement.

We also offer trousers which are perfect for the rectangular body shape. Our essential trousers are made with a contemporary cut and minimal design.

They’re formal-looking but super stretchy and comfortable. They’ve also got mock pockets at the back.

They’re made with a blend of 78% polyester, 18% viscose, and 4% elastane. This blend allows our trousers to look formal while maintaining your comfort levels. They’re easy to move around in and have reinforced seams to ensure they last you a long time.

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