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Is the upper half of your body narrower than the lower half? Then you have what’s called a “triangle body shape.” 

It can be particularly difficult to find the right clothes to fit this body type, and this is especially problematic when you are an athlete with well-defined leg muscles. 

Many menswear retailers simply stock brands that they have relied on for years, and those clothing manufacturers use outdated templates and metrics for designing their garments.

This is why TAILORED ATHLETE is one of the only brands that athletes and muscular men can rely on to consistently provide them with quality clothes that look good and sit comfortably.

We believe that any man can look stylish and well-dressed when he has the right advice. So let’s examine the best ways to dress your body, with this guide to clothing for a triangle body shape.

What this article covers:

Characteristics of the Triangle Body Type

An inverted triangle body shape is often hailed as the ideal for men and is seen as the most ‘masculine’ of all the body types. This is just one of the possible body shapes to have as a man. 

best jeans for inverted triangle body shape

There are, in fact, 5 male body types. These are the rectangle, inverted triangle, triangle, trapezoid, and oval.

Many men are predisposed to a triangular shape, especially as they get older. It means being larger around the waist and hips in relation to the top part of the body. When viewed from the front, it mimics a triangular shape with the base at the waist and the apex at the face.

So, let’s break it down. The triangular body type generally has the following characteristics:

  • Larger hips
  • Thicker waist 
  • Narrower shoulders

Both men and women can have a triangle body shape. But whereas with women the “base of the triangle'' sits at the hips, with a small waist, in men it sits in between the waist and hips. 

Therefore, a man with a triangle body shape has a thicker waist than some other male physiques. But there is no right and wrong body shape. Every body shape can look good with some sound fashion advice. 

That brings us to which clothing styles suit your shape.

Which Clothing Styles Suit a Triangle Body Type?

When you have a triangle body type, you need the best clothes for a triangle body shape. So, where can you find the right styles that will not only fit but also flatter your shape?

Different clothing styles suit different body shapes. Unfortunately, most men’s clothing is designed for a body that is broader on top and narrower at the bottom.

Because of your thicker waist, you may be tempted to buy more rectangular shapes. Many menswear chains seem to cater to that body type.

However, the clothes that look good on rectangle body types don’t suit triangle shapes, and vice versa. So, what do you need to look for when shopping for your shape?

What to Do if You Have a Triangle Body Shape

casual jeans for inverted triangle body shape

Balance Out Proportions

The trick is to balance out your proportions. What you need to do is emphasize your upper half more and distract attention from your midsection. Wearing tees that are too tight may only serve to enhance this imbalance, so allow more room at the waist. 

This means choosing shirts and tees with more fabric at this point, but also more softness and stretch around the midsection. This will also be more comfortable when you are seated at a desk at work or running errands on a busy day.

Draw Attention Away from the Midsection

Of course, it’s a good idea to distract the eye from the midsection, as it is your widest part. This isn’t particularly difficult to achieve if you stick with a monochromatic color scheme. By dressing in one color, or subtle shades of the same color, you avoid cutting yourself off, so to speak, at your widest part. 

A carefully chosen pullover can also do the trick. The important thing is that it should not fit too snugly at the midsection. A pullover with a pop of color peeping out the top thanks to a brightly colored shirt collar, instantly draws the eye upward and away from your lower half. 

Create a Diversion With a Mix of Prints and Solids

Mix things up with a bit of diversion and flair. A patterned or checked blazer, for example, with a solid-color pair of trousers or jeans. This gives you a look that’s high on style and diverts attention from your lower half.

Jackets don’t have to be overly structured, but slouchy shoulders are also a no-no. Sloping or narrow shoulders will only be emphasized in this way. Opt for slightly more structure at the shoulders, especially for coats.

Wear Properly Fitted Clothes

best clothes for inverted triangle body shape

Wear shirts and tees that fit you, especially at the shoulders. The shoulder seams should be snug against your body and lay across the widest point of your shoulder. Wearing shirts that are too broad at the shoulders doesn’t make yours look any wider; you’ll just look as if you’ve shrunk.

The same goes for your pants and jeans. Overly wide pants visually drag your lower half down. Remember, it's all about perception: you need to create the illusion of a narrow waist and hips, which instantly makes your shoulders look broader by comparison. 

Stick To Single-Breasted Styles

Double-breasted suits always look sophisticated but they aren’t very flattering to men with more girth in the middle. Wear single-breasted suits instead, with structure at the shoulders but more room around the waist. 

This helps you stay comfortable while looking professional. Suits with vertical stripes provide even more value, as they elongate and slim the torso. Wide lapels open up the chest area and make your upper body seem more in balance with your lower body. 

Combine all these tips, and you’ll be good to go. 

Which Casual Wear Styles Are Right for a Triangle Shape?

Trousers With a Wider Leg or a Straight Cut

Straight-cut, slightly wide, or slightly fitted trousers all work well for a triangle-shaped body type. The key here is moderation. Overly baggy trousers make you look unkempt. 

Skinny jeans or overly tight pants will also not work if you have heavy quads. Rather choose our Truemuscle-fit pants instead if you have muscular thighs. 

 best clothes for upside down triangle shape

Shirts and Tees with Interesting Collar Chest Details

The aim is to draw the eye upward and broaden the upper body. You can do this with interesting collar designs, horizontal stripes near the top half, and insignia or monogramming on chest pockets. 

Shoulder details are also a clever way to visually broaden the shoulders. They don’t have to be too dramatic. Even some interesting stitching detail will work.

Less Constructed Jackets

Wear jackets that are a bit less constructed, as overly fitted ones may also draw attention to imbalanced proportions. Always have them fit well at the shoulder seams, though.

Don’t wear jackets that end at the midsection, if they are very fitted. If you must, wear them open. This is more appropriate if you have extra muscle around the middle, too.

Crewneck or Wide-neck Pullovers 

A crewneck pullover will always be in fashion. It also suits most body types. V-necks, on the other hand, while fashionable, tend to draw the eye downwards. 

This will make your shoulders seem even narrower. Stick with round-necked tees and pullovers, or one of our fitted polo shirts. They flatter most body shapes and move with the lines of your body.

best clothing for inverted triangle shape

WhatNot to Wear

  • Color-blocking combos and wide horizontal stripes around the abdomen, waist, and hip area
  • Skinny jeans
  • Extremely tapered pants -(they draw the eye to the center of your body)
  • V-neck pullovers
  • Very tight tees - (may emphasize your narrower shoulders)
  • Shapeless, baggy clothes 
  • Tucked in shirts with eye-catching belts - (cuts you in half at wider your waist)
  • Low-rise pants - (these will merely draw attention to your thicker midsection)  

There’s one exception to the rule about horizontal stripes, though. They’re perfectly okay from the cheats up. They actually visually broaden your shoulders. The trick is to find something with brighter stripes on the chest area and a more subdued hue from the waist down.

Our Guide to the Best Clothing for Your Triangle Body Shape

The best advice for making the most of your physique is two-fold: Get in the best shape you can, and dress to fit your shape. Whether you are lean and lanky or stocky and muscular, physical exercise will make the most of your underlying frame. 

inverted triangle body shape male clothes

Once you’re in your best shape, you want to show off all those long hours at the gym. So don't wear clothes designed for men with the body shape you aspire to. Rather, aspire to make the most of what you have. 

Dress to Fit—Not Fight—Your Shape

Do you panic every time you need to buy new clothes?  Well, you're not alone. Even finding the best jeans for an inverted triangle body shape can be a challenge in mainstream stores. For years athletically-built men complained about the fit of traditional menswear brands. 

They just weren’t designed with musculature in mind. You’ve put a lot of hard work into your body and the hours in the gym have paid off. Does that mean that you will have to spend hours searching for bodybuilder clothing for men

The Best Solution For Muscular Triangle Shape Bodies

So what do you wear if you have a triangle shape, but also well-defined muscles? There’s no need to stress because we have the solution, with our range of clothes for muscular men. Get the right garments for your muscular shape at TAILORED ATHLETE.

We offer high-quality smart-casual shirts and pants for men who work out. They are designed especially for the muscular triangle frame, regardless of your underlying body structure.

We also have the best men's athletic-fit jeans and other casual and athleisure wear for muscular bodies. But the cut alone is not what makes ours the best athletic clothing on the market. 

casual pants for inverted triangle body shape

The fabrics are also carefully chosen for the best fit, stretch, and comfort. With moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, and non-crease materials usually reserved for gym wear, now even your work clothes can make the most of your physique. 

You’ll feel comfortable and look good all day long, no matter what life throws your way.


No matter your individual body type or shape, you can always dress in a way to fit and flatter it. The same is true for muscular bodies. At TAILORED ATHLETE we design athletic clothes for athletic men’s bodies, guaranteed to fit your physique and your style.

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