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If you have an athletic build, you’ve probably put a ton of dedication into achieving this physique. It’s only natural to want to accentuate what you’ve built. Bodybuilder clothing for men is not only about complimenting your style and definition, it’s also about comfort and movement.

Extra mass in your legs, chest, and shoulders undoubtedly makes you look great, but it can make it difficult to shop for clothes. If you get something too big, all the definition you’ve worked so hard for disappears. Something too small and you look like you’ve been stuffed into your clothes.

It’s important to know that you’re getting clothes that fit. TAILORED ATHLETE is here to provide that need. Our garments are made with premium 4-way stretch material to keep you comfortable and looking good.

Bodybuilders often have an inverted triangle body shape, and finding the right clothes can be a challenge.

In this article, we discuss clothing problems that bodybuilders face, the key to great-fitting clothing, and the products that you can use to upgrade your wardrobe.

What this article covers:

Clothing Problems that Bodybuilders Face

bodybuilder clothes for men

Shirts Don’t Fit

It’s difficult for bodybuilders to find shirts that fit comfortably and look good. 

When muscular men wear button-up shirts in their normal size, it sometimes looks too tight on their upper body and can result in looking inappropriate. The neck area also leaves no room to breathe. 

Trying a larger size shirt doesn’t help either because the bigger shirt you get, the longer the sleeves become which can cause bunching around your wrists.

Pants Don’t Fit

Finding pants that fit muscular legs is a common problem. 

You’ll either find yourself struggling to get them up past your quads, or you end up ripping them. A bigger size will fit your legs, however, the waist is usually too loose.

Sweat Stains

Getting that perfect physique comes with a lot of sweat during your workouts. Sweat stains can unfortunately become permanent. 

Luckily though, our brand of clothing has the right material to prevent these sweat stains.

The Key to Great Fitting Clothing for Bodybuilders


TAILORED ATHLETE focuses on designing clothes made of fabric that make them some of the best clothes available for muscular men

clothing for bodybuilder men

The best type of material to use for this purpose is a blend of materials. This is the best option because the material will allow the wearer to be able to easily move around without feeling restricted. For example, a 100% cotton shirt will be uncomfortable because it will be stiffer.

This is why we use a proprietary blend of cotton and elastane to provide you with clothes that are breathable and still stretchy enough to accommodate your muscles.

The Design

It’s best to find clothing that is specifically designed for your body type. 

This means tailoring our clothes to allow for larger legs and forearms. At TAILORED ATHLETE, we design our clothes around the muscles, whereas most brands design theirs around skeletal frames. 

This means our clothes are uniquely capable of allowing you to feel comfortable in your fit while still enjoying something form-fitting.

Products that Fit Bodybuilders

TAILORED ATHLETE specializes in clothing that’s tailored to fit muscular physiques. We offer plenty of clothes in our True Muscle Fit t-shirts and pants.

True Muscle Fit T-shirts

Our T-shirts are made from soft stretch cotton. It has a 'True Muscle Fit' and raglan-cut sleeves. These t-shirts are purposely designed to accentuate your physique. They’re minimally designed and made for comfort.

 bodybuilder clothing for man

You can wear these shirts on any occasion. They’re made from stretch fabric with raglan cut sleeves and are machine washable. 

True Muscle Fit t-shirts are good if you’ve got a triangle body frame.

Muscle Fit Jeans

Our True Muscle Fit jeans are designed to perfectly fit larger, more muscular legs. They offer ultimate comfort and versatility and are perfect for all occasions.

The True Muscle Fit is due to the stretch fabric, reinforced seams and blend of materials.

clothing for bodybuilder man

Muscle Fit Pants

We also stock True Muscle Fit pants and trousers that are for everyday use. They’re the perfect thing for wearing to the office or to any smart-casual event and keep you looking good without being overly dressed-up. 

Our pants are soft and lightweight, making them versatile pieces of clothing. They’re great pants if you have a rectangular body shape and more muscle around your calves and thighs as they contour around any definition in your legs.

Fashion Tips for Male Bodybuilders

Choose Neutral Colors Over Bright Colors

You’re already guaranteed to stand out if you’ve got an athletic body. This means that usually bright colors can be a bit harsh. Natural, subdued colors like brown, olive, and navy will complement muscular physiques the best.

The attention will be less on the brightness of the clothing, but rather on the appearance of your muscles. This helps you to appear strong, attractive and welcoming instead of threatening and unapproachable.

Discover your favorite brand

It can be difficult to find a brand that offers materials, fits, and styles that you like. The best is to experiment and look at reviews. You can also tell what the clothing will look like by looking at the sizes that the models in the pictures wear.

men's bodybuilding clothes

Don’t Wear Thick Clothing

It’s common to wear large jackets and sweaters in winter. However, thick layers will often make you look big without accentuating your muscles.

For the colder days, try wearing long-sleeved tops and shirts. You can also add a few layers if necessary. This will accentuate your muscle definition.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

It’s common to resort to buying standard XL or XXL shirts off the rack. This is because larger shirts can accommodate broader shoulders and larger lats and pecs. However, larger shirts are unflattering as they’re too big.

Dress According To Your Body Type Instead Of Trends

Having a shirt that fits correctly is important. However, you should choose something that expresses your personality and suits your personal style.

If you have a big neck, strong jaw, and large you may want to choose a shirt with moderate-spread collars, or collars with forward points. This style will serve to narrow your face and compliment your jaw. 

mens bodybuilding clothes

If you’re smaller but still muscular, you may prefer tighter shirts with extreme collar spreads, short collar points, and skinny ties. This will complement a slimmer frame, face, and jaw. 

Don’t Buy Shirts That Are Too Small

It’s common to choose a shirt that’s too small because you may think this shows off your muscles best. However, these items of clothing usually end up ripping. They can also cause large sweat stains as the clothing is too tight.

Brands dedicated to manufacturing shirts for athletes know that the size and position of an armhole for these athletes' shirts must be different from that of a standard shirt. These brands specifically design the pattern so athletes can wear nicely tailored shirts with fitted arms. This prevents the risk of ripping apart the sleeves.

The same principle applies to shoulders. The shoulder seam of a shirt that fits correctly should finish on the edge of your shoulder. Unfortunately for bodybuilders, standard XL or XXL shoulder seams do not fit properly.

Well-fitting clothing might cost you slightly more than a regular t-shirt. However, your comfort and style will be worth the investment.

Finding the best athletic clothes for men doesn’t have to be such a challenge anymore. We’re confident that TAILORED ATHLETE has something for you.

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