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Getting in shape takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and even more so if you’re a professional athlete. This is why it is so frustrating when you can’t find high-quality clothing that suits your athletic body. 

You don’t have to resign yourself to living in your gym wear.

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we’ve made it our mission to provide active men such as yourself with the best athletic clothing for any occasion. Whether you are a professional athlete or an active, muscular guy who needs great clothes for work and leisure, we’ve got you covered. 

Our True Muscle Fit garments are made with premium 4-way stretch material to contour to your body without restricting your movement.

Read on to learn what to look for in athletic clothing, and to get some top tips for your wardrobe needs.

What this article covers:

What Is Athletic Clothing?

Ask anyone to describe athletic clothing and you’ll get a definition that sounds something like this: Comfortable casual clothing designed for gym and playing sports. 

best athletic clothes

But is that all there is to it—is athletic clothing just another term for gym wear?

No, because while most gym or activewear meets that purpose, they aren’t suitable for everyday wear or situations outside the gym or sports field. Athletic clothing, as opposed to activewear, is clothing that is designed for all types of use while meeting the demands of an athletic body.

So, what is the best athletic clothing, and will it meet all the demands of your busy life? 

We saw the need for premier athletic men’s clothing, and have made it our mission to offer you qualityand comfort. Everything from the cut to the fabric is considered with men’s muscles in mind.

Why Is it so Hard for Athletes to Find Clothes that Fit?

One look around the average menswear store and it’s not hard to see why most clothes won't fit your athletic body. They’re designed according to outdated templates and are deemed suitable for the body of the average man. 

That is just another way of saying they’ll look okay on most body types but won’t flatter any particular body type. You put a lot of dedication into building a strong and muscular body. Isn’t it about time that you wore clothes that celebrated that achievement?

The real issue, however, is that these regular men’s clothes aren’t cut to accommodate muscular bodies. Shirts are too tight at the shoulders, chest, and upper arms. Trousers won’t look quite right over your developed quads and calves and you won’t feel at all comfortable or well-groomed.

best athletic clothes for men

Can Athletes Wear Smart Casual Wear or Office Attire and Still Look Good?

Yes, many athletes feel as if they’re doomed to live in tracksuits and unflattering sweatshirts but you can wear any style of clothing. The trick is to choose garments that are suited to an athletic physique.

With TAILORED ATHLETE that’s never a problem, asall our clothing is made with male athletic bodies in mind. You’re guaranteed to find the right fit and look for any occasion but we understand that you may need a bit of help. 

We divided our clothing recommendations according to two categories: professional athletes and active men with non-sports-related jobs. So keep reading for spot-on advice based on your lifestyle needs.

What Clothing Styles Flatter an Athletic Body?

Now that we know why the average menswear offerings don’t flatter you, let’s take a look at what does. What are the true requirements for athletic clothing? 

An athletic body with well-defined muscles needs clothing that is cut to fit snugly but never tightly, around those muscles. Fabrics should ideally be soft, with some stretch. The aim is to accommodate and accentuate, but never to restrict or stifle.  

When you’re done training, your metabolism stays boosted for a while afterward, especially if you engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises. So to stay fresh and cool after you’ve hit the gym, fabrics with moisture-wicking properties are a real plus.

Because we know that not all men’s bodies are alike, we have clothes that work for different body types. You’ll find the best pants for a rectangle body shape, and even suitable clothes for a triangle shape.

Our Recommendations For Professional Athletes

best clothes for athletic build male

Professional athletes may not need to wear a suit to an office, but that doesn’t mean all you need is sportswear. Is your idea of bodybuilder clothing for men a collection of one-size-fits-all tees and track pants? Think again. 

You need good quality leisure clothes just like everyone else, for relaxing at home when you’re not on the field. That means jeans and shirts that take you from the gym floor to the dance floor, or from the field to the sports area to the music arena.

Want to feel comfortable no matter if you’re in the gym or out on a date? This is usually a hard task for athletic men. Most men's leisure wear just isn't designed for muscular arms, chests, and shoulders—or worse, they’re too roomy at the waist. 

Classic polo shirts, snug t-shirts, and Henley-style sweaters with a bit of stretch always look great on muscular men. With that in mind, we recommend the following athletic wear for your leisure time outside of the gym and off of the track or field:

Casual Shirts

Hit the town in our athletic polo shirts, perfect for get-togethers with friends or running some errands. No matter how active you are, these shirts made from 4-way stretch non-crease materials stay looking good.

 best pants for athletic build male

Don’t hide behind shapeless tees and sweatshirts. Flaunt the results of your hard work without Ture Muscle Fit polo shirts. They’re available in both short and long-sleeved styles, even ribbed fabrics, so you’ll find them suitable for any season. 

They’re available in an impressive array of styles and colors. So you’ll want to get a few to complement your existing leisure wear wardrobe.

Casual Pants

Our casual trousers are extremely practical and versatile, ideal for any situation. Wear our casual trousers with our polo shirts or muscle-fit tees in the summer and pair them with our jersey roll-neck long-sleeve tops in the winter. 

 best athletic shirts

Depending on what you wear them with, our trousers complement the look of any outfit. Experiment with different colors, and remember, with the addition of an outer layer like a pullover slung casually around your shoulders, you’ll stay comfortable but with an elevated look.  


We know you probably love the warmth and comfort of a hoodie when the weather is a bit cool, but you don’t have to resort to those shapeless hoodies everyone else wears. Those aren’t designed for broad shoulders, developed pecs, and muscular arms: ours are. 

Stay snug without limiting your movement. Our hoodies are ideal for throwing on after your workout as you head out for the day. Team them with matching joggers, or mix and match them for several different looks.


One of the most challenging clothing issues athletic men face is finding the best jeans for an inverted triangle body shape. Many professional sportsmen have this classic male shape, with broad shoulders and a tapered waist, but you won’t struggle to find the right fit here.

You’ll no longer have to size up to accommodate your strong quad muscles. All you’ll achieve by sizing up is an unkempt look, and too-large jeans will probably sag at the midsection too. That probably isn’t what you’re after, so trust us to offer the solution.

Our True Muscle Fit jeans are crafted from stretch denim that conforms to the shape of your muscular legs for a form-flattering fit. These are the most comfortable and attractive jeans you’ll ever own. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Smart Casual And Dress Shirts

What about those high-street publicity events you sometimes attend? Part and parcel of being a professional sportsman are putting an appearance at those promotional events and fundraisers. You never have to stress about what to wear to these social calendar evenings again.

You’ll need some high-end shirts and pants that straddle the line between the style of smart-casual and the comfort of activewear. These garments are ideal for those smart-casual promotional events you inevitably have to attend.

Our TrueMuscle Fit men's athletic fit dress shirts are perfectly suited to smart-casual events. 

the best athletic clothing

Our Recommendations for Work Clothes for Active Men 

Perhaps you’re not a professional athlete, but spend a lot of time in the gym developing your muscles.  You probably have a hard time finding suitable work clothes, especially for the office environment. 

As an office-bound guy, you’re sitting most of the time. The last thing you need is clothing that’s tight and uncomfortable. 

Shirts that look as if they’re about to burst off your frame will not present a very professional image. But you’ll look and feel cool and calm in the right athletic wear that is also designed for the office.

We recommend the following athletic clothing for your busy workday:

Shirts for the Office or Boardroom 

Our True Muscle Fit dress shirts for men are high on style and comfort. They’re designed to fit your broader chest and shoulders, and well-defined arm muscles. Yet they taper gently at the waist for a flattering fit over your six-pack abs. 

best athletic clothes for guys

These are available in a range of colors to coordinate with your other business attire and are perfect for work functions and end-of-year parties, too. Various essential business shirt styles are available, in a range of classic stripes.

These are the best dress shirts for muscular guys. Because rather than making your body fit into the shirt, the garment conforms to your muscular shape. This is a very important distinction in menswear, and yet so few retailers consider this, but it’s our guiding principle here at TAILORED ATHLETE.

Trousers that Work as Hard as You Do

Our range of smart-casual and formal trousers is the perfect solution to workwear that flows along the lines of your muscular legs. 

Pair these with one of our business or dress shirts and you’ll look professional at all times. No matter if you’re deskbound, standing while giving a presentation in a meeting, or commuting from your office, you’ll never feel restricted.


For far too long, professional athletes and weightlifters have had to stand on the sidelines while other men found clothes to fit their bodies. That problem ends here, with TAILORED ATHLETE. Our range of premium-quality garments is designed by athletes, for athletes. 

So spare yourself the frustration of looking for suitable clothes in regular retail stores. Get the best athletic clothing for your physique and your lifestyle, right here. Because whether at work or play, you deserve the very best menswear that matches your star performance.

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