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As a stylish, muscular man you probably struggle with a common problem among athletes. You spend hours at the gym honing every aspect of your physique. Sadly, you regularly find yourself with nothing to wear that truly shows your style. 

If you often have to settle for unflattering, oversized outfits, we have a solution for you. You no longer have to make do with what you can find in regular stores. 

Keep reading to find out how TAILORED ATHLETE can change your life and wardrobe.

What this article covers:

The Common Problem

Unfortunately, most retailers don’t cater to men with athletic bodies. The shirts are either baggy or restrictive and pants are another challenge altogether. It’s such a common concern that muscular men frequently have to spend even more having their clothes tailored.

best dress shirts for muscular guys

The choices boil down to drowning in your clothes or feeling stuffed in. Formal events require a level of polish that you can’t find with what is currently available. Finding appropriate bodybuilder clothing for men doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

The fact is that none of these clothes were made for you. These clothes were designed with the average body shape in mind. You need clothes made for your body. Your unique needs can only be understood by other athletes. Our garments are designed by athletes for athletes.

The Solutions

It seems like there are only two real options left for athletic men. You can either find a reputable tailor or you can switch to a brand that puts your needs first. Here’s what you need to know:

Find a Tailor

Finding a tailor can be a tedious process and you can never be guaranteed a quality job if it’s a new tailor. First, you need to go buy all oversized clothing, then find a tailor in your area that you trust. Your tailor also needs to have experience working with athletic builds.

best dress shirt for muscular guys

Tailoring can also be very expensive. If you have to have every item you buy tailored, it can add up. It’s like paying for your clothes twice and waiting a couple of weeks for every piece. This can be very wasteful and impractical.

If you’re looking for clothes to fit a muscular and rectangular body shape, you might need to look elsewhere to save yourself time and money.


You can either spend a ton on tailoring or you can make the switch to TAILORED ATHLETE. We can save you time and money. When you shop with us, you can rest assured knowing that you are our first priority as we only cater to athletic builds.

Our clothes are made of the highest quality performance materials. These fabrics are moisture-wicking and non-creasing to keep you comfortable all day in any scenario. When you spend so much time working on your physique, your clothes should add to your confidence.

Our garments all have 4-way stretch to give you the best fit you’ve ever had. Working with measurements from thousands of athletes, we worked to develop something that would work for all of them. We created the True Muscle Fit—the ultimate fit for muscular men.

True Muscle Fit Clothing for Men

At TAILORED ATHLETE we offer styles that we know look great on muscular bodies. Our clothing is larger in certain areas such as the chest, arms, glutes, and quads. We taper our clothes to suit the natural shape of your muscles.

best clothes for muscular men

We believe that having an athletic physique shouldn’t stand in the way of dressing well. We focus on the perfect fit with no excess fabric, no pinching, and supreme comfort. We have spent thousands of hours collecting data from athletic men to find the ultimate solution.


We have a wide variety of shirts to suit any occasion. We have casual, yet stylish men’s athletic fit t-shirts with long and short sleeves in a large mix of styles and exquisite colors.

 pants for muscular men

We also have a whole section dedicated to the perfect polo shirt. We offer long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions of our ultimate polo in many stylish finishes like ribbed and zippered. 

Our signature style, the True Muscle Fit button-up shirts are the best shirts for an inverted triangle body shape. From a business meeting to a wedding, you will never look out of place. We have classic colors to suit every look.

Also in our True Muscle Fit, we have super soft knitwear options for when the colder months roll around. We have long and short sleeves in both cotton and merino wool variations.


When it comes to pants, options are very limited for muscular men. Looking for casual jeans for inverted triangle body shapes can be tiring. We offer the solution. Pants made with muscles in mind. We have carefully considered how to maximize your comfort.

We have trousers in a variety of styles including everyday cotton trousers and our essential trousers. Our trousers offer style, comfort, and quality. There is no need to size up to ensure room for your quads and calves, they’re made with you in mind.

From the design stage, we consider your needs. When you wear our pants you can expect the ultimate flattering fit. Made to fit your muscular physique, our clothes are unmatched.

Our muscle-fit jeans are form-fitting and flattering. The premium stretch jeans are available in a variety of colors to suit your style and are extra spacious in the seat and legs to accommodate large muscles.

jeans for muscular men

Our Limited Edition jeans have a unique finish that’s specially designed to maintain its look over time. These jeans have reinforced seams with top-quality stitching. They also offer more flexibility and range of motion due to our famous 4-way stretch fabric


When winter comes, it becomes even harder to find warm clothes that fit well. The TAILORED ATHLETE high-quality sweatshirts are the perfect outerwear item. They come in mock neck, zip neck, and crew neck styles.

polo-shirts for muscular men

The sweatshirts look fantastic over our muscle-fit t-shirts. Wearing an oversized t-shirt under tighter items can look untidy. The tight fit of our t-shirts ensures a sleek, polished appearance with no lumps or creases.

Our aim is to give you the garments you need to feel like your best self. If you look and feel your best at the gym, you deserve to feel that confidence in your everyday life too.

What to Look for

Because there are so few retailers that cater to muscular men, it can be difficult to find trendy clothing that fits your body properly. It’s best to stick to classic styles like slim fit jeans, white crew necks, and tapered leg trousers.

You should also look out for neutral tones and subtle colors. Bright colors can often look intimidating on big men, so neutrals can help convey your friendly demeanor. Neutral colors such as black, beige, and white also create a very sleek, polished appearance.

At TAILORED ATHLETE we focus on making top-quality items that will always be stylish. We specialize in staple items such as long sleeve Henley tops and slim fit cotton trousers. We make items that you can wear every day and always look and feel good.

trousers for muscular men


With a 4.4 star rating on Trust Pilot, you can rest assured that past customers are happy with their purchases. We value our customer feedback and work hard to incorporate suggestions. Our clothes are renowned for their quality, and we have many repeat customers.

If you want versatility for any event, TAILORED ATHLETE is for you. Our range of styles allows you to mix and match for different needs. Whether you are going to work, on a date, or out with friends, we have the items you require.

Our high-performance materials keep you dry and comfortable all day. Our clothes are breathable, super soft, and stretchy, giving you the support you need to live your life to the fullest.

We offer the best athletic clothes for men and our reviews show it. One customer says the fit of our dress shirts is unparalleled. Customer satisfaction is how we measure our success and the results speak for themselves.

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