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As an athlete, it’s difficult to find pants that fit properly.

You’ve probably gone from store to store, only to find that you’ve got the same problem everywhere: there’salways somewhere the pants don’t fit just right.

You’re probably wondering why that is. How are pants made these days? Why are slim cuts everywhere?

We’re going to take you through the answers to these questions in detail below.  We not only explain why this is a problem, but give you a solution to end the nightmare.

What this article covers:

What Body Types Are Pants Made for?

when your pants don't fit

These pants are certainly not made for muscular body types. Let’s look at jeans, for example.

First of all, the popular slim cuts are impossible for muscular people to fit into. Sure, you can size up twice to fit your thighs into the jeans, but where does that leave you? 

You land up with jeans that are super tight over your thighs and hanging loose everywhere else.

Not a flattering look.

If we take a look at sweatpants, there’s a similar issue. You size up once or twice to get a comfortable fit around your thighs, and there is excess material everywhere else. 

You don’t feel comfortable, which is the entire point of sweatpants.

Let’s dive a little deeper into why pants don’t fit you well.

How Are Pants Made?

This depends on the type of pants you’re looking at. Here’s a look at how the most popular options are made for the general public.


True jeans are made out of 100% cotton, but most jeans these days are made out of a polyester blend. 

why don't jeans fit me

Companies have started catering to modern styles in an attempt to keep jeans in fashion, and this has meant that the cuts have gotten slimmer and slimmer over the years. 

Polyester helps with this, as the material is more malleable than the original thick cotton denim jeans.

This material has some problems, though. It’s not particularly breathable, so you can get quite sweaty when wearing modern jeans. This is especially true if you’re someone who moves around a lot, which we know athletes are.

But let’s get back to how they’re made. There’s quite a process behind the preparing and dyeing of the fabric itself, but we’re going to focus on how the material is cut since this is what affects the way it fits you. 

Once the material is ready, patterns are cut from paper or cardboard according to the type of jeans being made. This is often done for around 80 different sizes at once.

These patterns are placed on top of the material, which is then cut by high-speed cutting machines. This sometimes happens for up to 100 layers thick! This leaves a lot of room for error, unfortunately.

Once the material is cut, the sewing is done in an assembly line. This is usually done by humans operating sewing machines. The speed they’re expected to work at also leaves room for error.

Lastly, things like pockets, rivets, and zippers are added. 

Although this process is necessary to get bulk amounts of jeans made, you’re unfortunately left with a few pairs that don’t quite fit right. 

This might be because a leg was cut skew, or even a little too narrow. So, even if you’re able to find the correct size of jeans in the store, you might land up with an issue anyway.

For athletes, this gets even trickier. We’ll get into this later.


why do jeans not fit me

Similarly to jeans, joggers are made in bulk due to high demand. Athletes have problems with these cuts because although they’re stretchy, the proportions are still made for those of the general public.

The same process is followed, whereby a pattern is cut out of paper or cardboard, and laid over the fabric before it is cut.

The fabric used in joggers is usually a blend of cotton, fleece, and polyester. It’s a super comfy blend.

Once cut, the pants are sewn by human-operated sewing machines, and elastic is added to the waist and ankles.

You get the picture. A cut-and-paste process is followed when making clothing.

This brings us to why these cuts don’t work for athletes.

What Problems Do Regular Pants Have?

As we’ve established, regular pants just don’t work for athletes like yourself. They don’t fit right in all sorts of places, and can sometimes even hurt you. 

Pinching The Waist

Oftentimes, athletes will find themselves buying the incorrect size of pants on purpose. 

This is to accommodate the fact that their actual size doesn’t fit over the thigh area or sits too loosely around the calves.

why do my jeans not fit me

If you size down, you might end up with the problem of your pants pinching your waist. Ouch! This is one of the biggest problems when finding dress pants that fit well.

You might even have pants that are the right size but aren’t made to move with you. This means they feel fine when you’re standing still. 

The second you get a bit active, though, they pinch your waist and feel uncomfortable.

Not Long Enough

Another common problem athletes have is that pants are never long enough. 

They’re made for smaller body types, so when you eventually get a pair of pants over your legs, the fabric doesn’t reach your ankles.

Sure, the bare ankle look is in style. But it’s not for everyone, and you want some control over how your pants look on you.

Again, you’re faced with needing to size up and having your pants look odd in other areas.

This is one of the most important things to look for in dress pants that fit properly.

Not Enough Room For Thighs

The biggest problem you have with pants is that there isn’t enough room for your thighs. This is not how pants should fit.

when your pants do not fit

We’ve done heaps of research into what problems athletes have with pants so that we could create something that works well, and this was the most common complaint.

You know the story already: you size up accordingly, and just deal with the way your pants sit.

Tight Calf Area

A tight calf area is also a common complaint, especially among athletes who focus on bodybuilding. 

Sometimes when buying what should be the correct size, athletes aren’t able to get their calves through the legs. It’s super frustrating, we know.

We have good news for you. After doing all that research into what frustrates athletes, we designed a range of clothes, especially for your body type. 

We’re athletes ourselves, and although we relied on our own experiences with clothing to make this range, we put in a lot of time and effort to understand any other issues our community had with clothing.

Let’s get into it.

What’ll Work for My Athletic Body?

Thanks to decades of research, hard work, and first-hand experience, TAILORED ATHLETE has come out with our true Muscle Fit

These clothes are designed using premium 4-way stretch fabric to fit your muscular frame. They’re the best pants for your body type.

We don’t compromise on quality when it comes to our fabric. We created not only a line of pants that fit you well but also move well with you. As an athlete, we know you’re prone to movement as opposed to living a sedentary lifestyle.

You don’t need to size up or down in any of our clothing ranges. It’s all designed to be form-fitting and look great on your body!

Top tip: our men’s athletic-fit dress shirts go really nicely with our jeans!

why don't my jeans fit me

Thanks to our high-quality tailoring and 4-way stretch fabric, you can be sure that your pants fit without having to try them on. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we’ve got a comprehensive return policy, so there’s no risk to you or your wallet.

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