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Are you tired of searching for the best men’s athletic pants? Pants for athletic male bodies have traditionally been very hard to find. Men with muscular physiques were doomed to spend their days in baggy, oversized pants or track pants. But why was that the case, and what has changed? 

In our guide below, we tell all and explain what makes our men’s pants a cut above the rest. We also include some useful tips for how to find pants that fit and flatter your particular physique. So keep reading to discover why TAILORED ATHLETE has the best men’s athletic pants around.

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What Are the Best Men’s Athletic Pants?

best athletic pants men

What do we mean when we say the ‘best athletic pants for men’? We mean the most flattering and comfortable men’s pants for athletic thighs, that’s what. And no, wedon’t mean track pants or baggy clothes. Nor do we mean gym clothes. 

We’re talking about pants that not only fit but also flatter, your body and your muscles. You’ve worked so hard to build and maintain your muscular body. Those hours in the gym and/or on the sports field have paid off. You deserve garments that work as hard as you do, and that showcase the fruits of your labor.

In the past, that was a tall order. There weren't many options open to sportsmen who wanted garments that fit their bodies properly. Unless they had their clothes specially made, they were disappointed. 

Off-the-rack clothes never fit them properly, and they often had to size up to accommodate their muscles. And then, those garments had to be tailored so that they’d fit. 

Most Comfortable Athletic Pants Were Hard to Find

Traditionally, athletic men’s pants were even harder to find than the best pants fit for short legs. But why were they so hard to find? The approach to menswear by fashion houses was to blame.

You see, men’s outfitters worked according to a template designed for the ‘average’ body. And many, if not most of them, still do! The problem with this is that that template doesn’t suit everyone. In fact, it doesn’t flatter anyone. Men’s clothes are made to fit ‘most men’ but are never quite right for anyone. 

At a time when most men were not working out that much, it didn’t seem to matter. But with the rise of sports and a healthy lifestyle, more men than ever were pushing weights and building their muscles. They needed clothes to fit their larger frames, but no one catered to their specific fashion needs.

Now It’s Easy to Find the Best Athletic Pants for Men

best athletic pants mens

Now, it’s easy to find the best athletic pants for men with our range of pants designed specifically for a muscular physique. We offer the best pants for athletic men to suit any occasion and any personality. They’re easy to wear and easy to care for, as they are all machine washable.

These are not merely pants that athletes can fit into; rather, they are pantsdesigned for athletes.  And that makes all the difference. But we haven’t stopped there. It’s not all about the cut, it’s also about the style. So whether you’re looking for the best-fitting work pants to wear to the office or a night out, we’ve got you covered. 

Formal occasions are no longer stressful because we also have the best men's dress pants for athletic thighs. We even have the best athletic pants for short guys. Cut and style are very important, but what about the fabric? Yes, we thought of that too. 

Active men need clothes that suit their active lifestyle. So our pants are all made from fabrics that are comfortable and designed to stretch while still retaining their elasticity and shape. But enough boasting, let’s examine these garments more closely and discover what makes them the best.

Best Athletic Fit Pants For Work

These are for the active man who spends time in the gym as well as in an office. Do you need pants fit for your active life and your working life? With our work pants, you’ll look and feel cool and comfortable in the boardroom. With our muscle-fit trousers, there's no need to size up for your quads.

best athletic pants

But if you’re a remote worker, don’t feel left out. There’s no excuse not to look good while at work, even when you work from home. Our range of smart casual garments will suit your remote work or hybrid lifestyle. You can feel confident when taking that Zoom call, knowing that you’re dressed for success.

Best Athletic Fit Pants For Leisure

Active men work hard and play hard too. Up until fairly recently, athletic-fit jeans for men were almost impossible to find. That’s no longer a problem. So, if you need jeans that show off your muscles to perfection on a night out, these are for you. 

best athletic pants

And when you’re just lazing around at home or running errands, do so in our muscle-fit joggers. These casual pants are where practicality meets plush comfort. They are soft, stretchy, and comfy without looking baggy. And they keep their shape, so you can enjoy them for many seasons to come.

best mens athletic pants

Best Athletic Fit Pants For Formal Occasions

Black-tie events often fill muscular men with dread. It’s always been hard to find formal garments that fit their muscles as well as the occasion. If that sounds like you, fret no more, because it’s easier than ever to find dress pants for your frame.

With our range of clothes for formal occasions, you'll accentuate your physique while impeccably dressed for the occasion. Our Essential Trousers offer the same muscle fit as all our athletic men’s garments. They are made with stretch fabric, with reinforced seams for strength and durability.

 best athletic pants men's

Tips For Finding The Right Fit For You

We all have different lifestyles, different work environments, and even different social lives. That’s what makes us unique. And even though you may fall into the broader category of muscular men, you’ll find that your body is unique too. 

There are different types of muscular men, all with different fashion needs. This is partly due to your different gym routines and sports regimens. However, genetics also play a role. You may be short and stocky, or lean yet muscular. You may be tall and broad-shouldered. 

But with the help of these simple tips below, you’ll always look your best, no matter your body type. Pick the body type that best describes you, and learn how to put your best foot forward in our athletic pants for men. 

Short And Stocky

If you’re short and stocky and want to appear taller, here’s a handy tip. Don’t cuff the hems of your pants, rather have them tailored. Turning up the hems only serves to draw attention to the problem and make you look shorter. Pants with fold-ups aren’t appropriate for many work environments, either. 

You can get away with bold colors if you wish, but match your pants to your shirt, or a jacket, for a monochromatic look. This will lengthen and narrow your proportions, without taking away from your excellent muscular definition. 

Narrow vertical stripes, like pinstripes, for example, will have the same effect. To recreate this look, try our Essentials pinstriped shirts with our muscle-fit pants. These are your best workwear options, and will also suit a smart-casual evening event.

most comfortable athletic pants

And remember, when you know you’re dressed to look your best, your confidence will soar. Short men who are confident often look taller than they actually are,

Lean And Muscular

Muscular definition is not the same for every sportsman. A track and field athlete will not build muscle as a bodybuilder does. If your frame is muscular but not bulky, what do you wear to look your best?

You can wear lighter colors than your short and stocky counterparts. Lighter colors visually broaden you. The same goes for horizontal stripes. Tighter and tapered pants or skinny jeans will look good on your lean but muscular legs.

Our truffle & white striped polo with our athletic-fit jeans are your best date-night look.

best athletic pants for man

Tall, Broad & Bulky

Are you tall and broad-shouldered, perhaps with really well-developed biceps and thighs too? The classic bodybuilder shape was always the most difficult to dress. That is, until now.

We know how much hard work and dedication goes into crafting those muscles. And TAILORED ATHLETE pants and shirts will display them without ever looking inappropriate for occasions outside the gym.

The key is to wear pants and shirts that skim your muscles rather than cling to them. Check for the ideal fit at your widest parts. So with a t-shirt, that's at the bicep. And with pants, that’s at the thigh. 

Wear any color you feel comfortable in, but stick to understated neutrals to accentuate your shape while looking suave and polished. Our Everyday Tech Trousers and crew-neck tee are your best weekend leisurewear options.

 most comfortable athletic pants for men

Closing Thoughts

Gone are the days of hiding your hard-earned muscles from the gym behind shapeless clothing. Fashion that fits and flatters is now available to every athletic man. You’ll never have to wear unflattering pants that don’t fit you properly, ever again. 

With TAILORED ATHLETE, athletic men now have the freedom to wear whatever they want. So browse our range of men's pants and find your best fit yet. The choices, and the fashion possibilities, are endless.

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