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If you’ve put the work in to achieve an athletic or muscular build, you probably find it difficult to find clothing that fits right. You’ll often find that your pants are too tight, your shirts are too small, or your muscles are being accentuated even more than you hope for.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can make sure you find pants that fit you. In this article, we’ll show you what the best men’s pants for athletic thighs are. 

What this article covers:

Why Is It Difficult for Muscular Men to Find Pants That Fit Thighs?

the best mens pants for athletic thigh

It can be extremely frustrating to find pants that fit well. Muscular thighs end up being too wide for most traditional pants. The problem is that the market hasn’t figured out how to design pants that compliment the male athletic leg rather than make it uncomfortable.

An athletic or muscular figure needs a waistline that’s thoughtfully designed and well-pronounced. A design that meets these requirements typically comes from something with a bit of stretch incorporated into the fabric. 

Regarding jeans, in particular, the pants should be able to hold their shape. They should also be able to hold their shape without stretching to the point that they need to be washed after every use.

The best way to ensure you get this type of design and material is to find a brand that’s labeled “athletic fit”. These will have more room in the seat and thigh while achieving a slim, modern appearance through the leg.

Tips for Men with Muscular Legs

If you have a muscular lower body, then this is for you. Athletic legs can make your shopping experience extremely stressful but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many men in the same situation find off-the-rack shopping difficult as your waist, neck, calves, and quads are not a regular size. 

It can be discouraging, especially if you haven’t been introduced to any tips or solutions to your problem.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a bodybuilder, or spend hours enjoying a sporting activity that you love, you’ve most likely gained muscles in your lower body that make it difficult to fit into most pants you try on.

Luckily, there are many tips and recommendations that you can follow to help get a pair of pants that fit you correctly while accentuating your figure. 

the best men's pants for athletic thigh

These tips include not looking at the size of the waist, dressing to fit your body type, looking for a good tailor, and looking for the best brands for an athletic build.

Don’t Look at the Waist Size

The first thing everyone usually does is look at the size of the waist to determine if the pants will fit. However, you should rather choose pants that fit in the thigh and seat. With off-the-rack pants, the seat is generally 6 inches bigger than the waist. For example, if you have a 34” waist, the seat will be 40”. 

With all off-the-rack, mass-produced garments, sizes are standardized. This means that finding one that fits perfectly can be almost impossible. Most men, specifically men with athletic legs, usually have seats that are larger than their waist. So, when it comes to comfort, it’s best to speak to your tailor to get the waist either sized up or taken in.

Dress to Fit Your Body Type

There are new trends emerging all the time. It can sometimes be tempting to keep up with these trends such as slim fit and skinny jeans. However, you should try to avoid these, especially if you have a muscular build. 

This type of skinny fit could be unflattering and make your body look out of proportion. You should, however, always go with what looks best on your body type rather than wearing what everyone else is wearing. If you’re going for slim, look at the best-fitting men's dress pants

best men's pants for athletic thighs

You should also dress according to your height. Look at the best athletic pants for short guys and the best pants fit for short legs.

Look for a Good Tailor

One of the best things you can do if you end up buying pants that don’t fit is to take them to a good tailor. Unfortunately, not all pants are going to fit perfectly off the rack. Unless you get a specific athletic fit, the reality is that most pants will fit better with some alterations. 

This applies especially to men with athletic thighs. It’s not impossible to find perfectly fitting pants that don’t need a tailor, however, a good tailor will know how to suit the pants to your body type and style. 

This means that your pants will be more comfortable and will fit according to your personal preference. The only downside is that you will need to pay for tailor services on top of the cost of your pants. 

This could be money well-spent if it’s for something special, but having every piece of clothing in your wardrobe tailored will set you back more than it’s worth.

Find the Best Brands for Athletic Body Types

best men's pants for the athletic thighs

Fortunately, there are now some brands out there that have finally recognized the needs of men with athletic legs. 

We believe that athletic men have different clothing needs from the average Joe, and we’ve made it our mission to provide that. We know from experience just how difficult it is to find pants that fit properly around athletic thighs. We’ve worked with athletic men to create a clothing brand that caters to your unique needs.

Read on to find out why TAILORED ATHLETE is the right decision for you.


TAILORED ATHLETE offers True Muscle Fit clothing specifically designed to fit your muscular physique. We offer the best men's athletic pants. We’re trusted and worn by thousands of athletes worldwide. The following is the variety of pants we offer that are designed for different occasions:

True Muscle Fit Trousers

Our True Muscle Fit Black Trousers are both comfortable and versatile. The unique True Muscle Fit means you no longer need to worry about sizing up to fit your quads. They offer a contemporary cut and minimal design, making them an essential addition to your wardrobe. 

 best mens pants for muscular thighs

These are best paired with a formal shirt to complete an effortlessly professional look, but you can also wear a casual t-shirt, making them highly versatile.

The trousers are made with premium 4-way stretch material, reinforced seams, and are machine washable. They’re also created with a combination of 78% Polyester, 18% Viscose, and 4% Elastane. The pockets at the back are mock pockets for ultimate comfort and style.

Muscle Fit Jeans

Our True Muscle Fit jeans are designed with unique stretch fabric and the 'True Muscle Fit. They’re designed for ultimate comfort and versatility.

The muscle-fit jeans are perfect for all occasions but are best paired with TAILORED ATHLETE’s Signature Shirts. Shop the men’s athletic fit jeans.

 Best men's pants for muscular thighs

These jeans are machine washable for convenience. They’re created from stretch fabric and reinforced seams for ultimate versatility. They’re also made from a blend of 95% cotton, and 5% elastane.

Limited Edition Jeans

Crafted from real denim, the Limited Edition Jeans feature a unique wash-effect finish, designed to maintain their clean appearance and modern look. With our signature True Muscle Fit catering for muscular legs, reinforced seams for durability as well as 4-way stretch technology, you can expect a new level of comfort and flexibility.

Best pants for men with muscular thighs

The limited edition jeans are best paired with T-shirts or shirts and are a great addition to your weekend wardrobe.

365 Trousers

Our signature 365 Trousers are designed to balance work and life while keeping you comfortable and stylish. As their name suggests, these trousers are meant for everyday use. They’re super soft and lightweight and are purposely designed to be interchangeable and versatile. 

best mens pants for big, athletic thighs

They work well paired with any of our 365 T-shirts and are perfect as a versatile base layer, to be worn at home, the office, or a social event.

Everyday Tech Trousers

The Everyday Tech Trousers are where function meets fashion. They’re crafted from a lightweight performance fabric so you can expect the most comfortable and versatile casual trousers you could ever own. These are designed with the ‘True Muscle Fit’ for athletic legs.

The modern design details include an elasticated waistband, concealed zip-back pockets, and a super soft reverse fabric inside for optimum comfort. 

The everyday tech trousers are best worn with any of the TAILORED ATHLETE Everyday Tops. They’re perfect as everyday trousers, to be worn on any casual occasion. They have 4 Way Stretch, color, and shape retention, as well as reinforced seams. These trousers are machine washable and made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

Best pants for men with athletic thighs

The Best Color Pants for Athletic Thighs

Neutral colors are always the best option for people with muscular builds. 

If you’ve got a muscular body then your muscles will naturally stand out on their own. Neutral colors will compliment your body whereas bright colors may take the focus away from your physique. 

This doesn’t mean you need to avoid bright colors altogether. Neutral colors are the best option for pants. However, bright colors can be suitable for short sleeve shirts in summer.

You can dress according to your goal. Black can make you look slimmer while lighter or more subtle colors can make you look bigger because they highlight the shape of your body. Shop for the best-fitting black pants.

When choosing pants, try to go for neutral colors such as black, white, grey, and charcoal.

TAILORED ATHLETE offers trousers and jeans in an array of neutral colors ranging from black and grey to khaki and graphite.

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