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Our shirts are popular with active men, especially our Essentials range of signature, dress and, work shirts. But if you want to wear them, you need to know how our Essential shirts fit. Furthermore, how do you know what a good shirt fit is?

If you’re an athletic man, you’ve no doubt put a lot of work into your body. There’s no sense in maintaining your excellent physique unless you’re proud to show it off. Unfortunately, most menswear retailers and even some high-end stores simply don’t cater to athletic bodies. 

That’s where our flattering range of smart and casual attire made specifically for athletic men comes in. So to show you the fashion possibilities you can enjoy with our shirts, we compiled this guide to our Essentials range.

What this article covers:

How Do Essential Shirts Fit: Guide

Whether at work or play, you want to look your best. That isn’t always an easy task when you’re a muscular man. But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to wearing baggy track pants and ill-fitting sweaters for the rest of your days. 

how do essentials t shirts fit

You have the right to garments that respect the well-defined lines of your body. We wanted to provide clothes for real athletes made by real athletes who are aware of the struggles of trying to get clothes that fit properly.  

You’ll never have to struggle to find the right shirts for your muscular frame again. So without further ado, let’s look at the Essentials range of men's shirts. What are they, and who are they right for? 

What Is an ‘Essential’ Shirt?

Essentials is the name of our range of signature business and dress shirts designed for athletic bodies. They’re aptly named too, since they’re an essential addition to the wardrobe of any well-dressed man. They are available in styles and colors that complement any personality and any work dress code. 

We use the best Performance Fabrics that offer excellent stretch while retaining shape. They’re also moisture-wicking to prevent any unsightly sweat stains or stale smells as you move freely throughout the day. 

Every aspect of your active lifestyle has been considered while making these garments. 

Our Essentials shirts fit snugly over your most well-defined areas - the shoulders, upper arms, and chest. They taper at the waist to accentuate your body’s natural lines. 

how do essentials tshirts fit

What’s more, because the materials and workmanship are of such a high quality, they will serve you well for many seasons.

Who Is it Right for?

Our Essentials range of shirts is right for anyone with an eye for style and quality. They’re specially designed for:

  • Professional athletes
  • Dedicated gymgoers
  • Weightlifters
  • Naturally muscular (mesomorphic) men

Can other body types wear our Essentials shirts? Yes, but they are cut for muscular body types, also known as mesomorphs. A mesomorph is the classic male muscular archetype. 

When you’re a professional athlete your muscles become even more defined. In the case of bodybuilders, bulkier. Traditional shirts just don’t fit properly, but our Essentials range gives you the perfect fit, every time.

How Should Men’s Shirts Fit?

When you next decide to invest in some new shirts, you need to consider how a shirt should fit. It seems like a very simple question, and you may think that you know the answer. But do you? 

Not all shirts are alike. For example, there’s a difference between how a button-down shirt should fit and how a -shirt should fit you. To always look your best, as well as appropriate for the occasion, there are some basic rules to follow.

Let’s look at the most commonly found styles of men’s shirts, and how they should fit.

 how do essential shirt fit


The first consideration is that your clothes should always be comfortable. When you’re a muscular guy, this isn’t always so simple. 

Most stores don’t have what you need, and you end up wearing whateverfits you whether or not itflatters you.

Of course, there are some basic rules when selecting a t-shirt. The shoulder seams should sit on your shoulder bone. If it’s a crew-neck tee, the collar should frame your neck by resting on your collarbone. And the sleeves, if short, should end mid-bicep for the most flattering look.

These rules ensure the perfect fit in a t-shirt, yet few off-the-rack t-shirts meet all of these requirements. 

That's not a problem, however, with TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit t-shirts. If you’ve ever struggled with these issues, TAILORED ATHLETE’s garments are designed for men like you.

So if you’ve ever wondered what shirts make you look muscular, you now have the answer. Our athletic-fit t-shirts for men are the perfect combination of style and comfort. The attractive styling and stretch fabrics make the most of your muscular frame.

how do essentials tshirt fit

Short-Sleeved Leisurewear Shirts

Next, we look at how a short sleeve shirt should fit your body. Like all other men's shirts, if left untucked, ensure that it does not end at your waist or crotch. The ideal place that the shirt hem should fall, is mid-way between the two. Too short, and it’ll look like you’ve outgrown your clothes. 

Like a t-shirt, it should not be too baggy. But if you're wearing it untucked over jeans, you don’t want the shirt too tight, either. Very tight shirts with short sleeves will not create a very attractive look. The trick is always to follow the lines of your body, without the garment feeling too restrictive.

Short-sleeved shirts may be slim-fitting, but should never be tight, irrespective of your body type. If you can move your arms around without your buttons popping open, or your sleeves bunching under your armpits, you’ve got a good fit. And the sleeves should not end too high on the bicep.

The difference between a good fit, and a great fit, can clearly be seen in our Muscle Fit Polo Shirts. They tick all the boxes when it comes to how a shirt should fit. Available in short and long-sleeved styles, and a wide range of colours, they are the ultimate fashion item for today’s modern man. 

Long-Sleeved Shirts For Smart-Casual Functions

When you need to attend that all-important work function, fundraising event, or dinner date, what do you reach for in your closet? The most stylish long-sleeved shirt you have, most likely. But does that shirt flatter your shape without making you look bulky?

Our Muscle-Fit shirts can take you from the conference table to the dinner table. They’re equally at home in any setting. They allow you freedom of movement with the bonus of high style.

how do essential t shirts fit

Your broader chest and shoulders and well-defined biceps will be accommodated by the more generous cut in the upper body. Yet these shirts also taper at the waist, for that classic athletic look you’ve worked so hard to attain.

They look good on their own, or under a smart blazer. You can wear them with formal trousers to work, or with our Premium Stretch or Limited Edition muscular-fit jeans to a weekend event. Pair one of our signature Essentials shirts with jeans and an unbuttoned blazer for a great smart-casual look at any age.

how does essential t shirt fit

Long-Sleeved Collared Shirts

Casual styles may be fine for lounging at home, but they don’t quite meet the requirement of corporate wear. You wouldn’t dream of showing up to work inappropriately dressed, and you don’t have to. We understand the demands of men who work out but work in professional careers.

You need professional-looking long-sleeved collared shirts for the corporate environment, like our Essential Business Shirts. These are tailored to meet the demands of muscular torsos, without sacrificing style. The classic colors and pinstripes look great in any business setting.

how does essentials tshirt fit

Your shirt collar should fit comfortably enough for you to breathe easily, without being too loose. A snug yet comfortable fit is what you’re aiming for. If you can fit a finger or two between the collar and your neck when buttoned up without too much difficulty you’ve got it right.

What about the sleeves; where should they end? You may often wear a jacket with this style of shirt, and for your jacket to look right, your shirt sleeve must be the correct length. A properly fitted dress shirt sleeve should end at the wrist break or the base of your hand. 


Getting your body into the optimal physical shape for your sport takes hard work and dedication. It’s not always easy, and neither is finding the right shirts to fit your physique. 

But with these guidelines on how your shirts should fit, you’ll be well prepared to look your best at all times. Our Essentials range will meet your needs for style and comfort, with classic designs that complement all your existing attire. 

So make the right choice, and invest in some TAILORED ATHLETE garments, today.

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