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We’re sure that as someone with an athletic build, you struggle to find clothing that fits you properly. We’ve put together this guide on the best dress shirts for bodybuilders as your solution to that problem. 

We’ll introduce you to our range of True Muscle Fit shirts. They’re designed by athletes, for athletes using only the best quality materials.

What this article covers:

Style Problems You Experience

 best dress shirt for bodybuilders

Let’s go over some of the problems you might experience when trying to buy clothing as a bodybuilder or athlete. 

The first issue we noticed when doing our research before designing our range was that traditional fit shirts just have too much fabric around the torso. Athletes tend to have broader shoulders than average, but we’re generally pretty lean around the stomach. 

This means that you have to size up a few times to find a shirt that fits your shoulders, but you’re then left with billowing fabric around your midline, making you lose all your definition. 

This obviously doesn’t do your athletic physique any justice. This brings us to the second issue we established after talking to 1,000s of athletic men to make sure the range we design is perfect for athletes.

The fabric often used for shirts just doesn’t work for you and your lifestyle. You need something that’s going to move with you - you’re not a sedentary person, after all. 

Most shirts these days are made out of polyester, which can feel stiff and itchy. This is why we made it a top priority to use good quality, breathable Performance Fabrics. 

Another issue we want to avoid is sweaty situations, which clothing high in polyester is known for.

What’s the Solution?

So, we clearly understand the problems athletes face when it comes to going clothing shopping. But what’s the solution? Well, after doing all that extensive research, we designed a range of clothing any male athlete would love. 

 best dress shirt for bodybuilder

And yes, our shirts even fit bodybuilders correctly. We’ll have you looking tailored and neat in no time. 

You’ll have none of that excess fabric around your torso or sleeves that are too tight. No more sizing up or down, either. We’ve cracked the code when it comes to clothing for athletes.

Shirts Tailored For Your Shape

TAILORED ATHLETE specializes in making True Muscle Fit clothing. This is a fit we designed especially for athletes, and our shirts come in a variety of styles so that you can dress appropriately for any occasion.

We make our clothing with “Performance Fabrics” which offer all the benefits your gym clothing offers: they’re moisture wicking, they don’t crease, and they offer 4-way stretch. 

We know it’s important to you that your clothing suits your lifestyle, and that’s why we’ve chosen the fabrics and blends that make up our shirt range.

Let’s go through your options of the best dress shirts for the athletic build.

Muscle Fit Shirts

Our shirts are all made in a True Muscle Fit, so no matter what you fancy in our store, you can rest assured it’s made to fit your body type. 

This cut allows for a broad chest and large shoulders, while at the same time avoiding that boxy fit you’d find in a regular shirt. Although all our shirts offer some differences in style, we’ve made sure that all waists are tapered to allow for a tailored fit.

After all, we’re trying to help you look neat, tidy, and professional. 

Essential Dress Shirts

what size shirts does bodybuilder wear

Your first option is our essential dress shirt. As suggested by the name, these are a closet staple beloved by many of our clients. We’ve been told it’s the best athletic button-down shirt.

These are available in white, navy, black, and light blue. You can pair them with any formal pants and they’ll look great.

These are made with luxury stretch fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long. The fabric blend is 80% microfiber, 17% cotton, and 3% elastane. 

This small percentage of elastane is what makes our shirts easy to move in, and the microfiber is a breathable material that will ensure you don’t become a sweaty mess by the end of the day like you would in a regular shirt.

This shirt is perfect for business attire. It fits snugly around your upper and lower arms while being tapered around the waist to ensure that tailored look we know you’re after. 

The material is anti-wrinkle, so you don’t have to worry about whether you look professional or not throughout the day. It’s also fast-drying, making laundry days super easy.

The moisture-wicking properties mean no more unappealing sweat stains after a long day, so you can head straight out after work for a night on the town.

Essential Business Shirts

Next up are our Essential Signature Business Shirts. These offer all the same benefits mentioned above, but are made with a different fabric blend so that they have a more formal look.

what size shirts do bodybuilders wear

These are 69% cotton, 27% nylon, and 4$ elastane. The higher percentage of cotton gives this option a bit more structure. They’re the perfect fit for a bodybuilder looking for a shirt that fits properly for the corporate world.

They come in checked patterns, making sure that not only can you access clothing that fits you properly for work, but you also look stylish. That’s what you want out of the best athletic fit dress shirt, right?

Muscle Fit Bamboo Shirts

Lastly, we have our muscle-fit bamboo shirts. These have a softer look, so they’re perfect for evening outings. These are some of the best long sleeve athletic shirts out there. 

They’re also made in our True Muscle Fit, and are available in a wide variety of colors. They’re super soft and breathable, and we’ve added an embroidered emblem on the chest to give them an added luxurious look and feel.

The material is thermo-control, so you never have to worry about overheating in these shirts. The fabric blend includes 30% bamboo, making these shirts a sustainable choice.

The Perfect Shirts For Bodybuilders

So there you have it: a list of the perfect shirts for bodybuilders. 

what size shirt do bodybuilders wear

If these aren’t your style, feel free to browse our site for a variety of other options that are also created with your body type in mind. Our men’s athletic fit polo shirts might be a great option for you.

Going for TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit athletic dress shirts means you don’t have to struggle to fit into your clothes. Now, you can show off all your hard work without the extra hassle of buying tailored clothing. 

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