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As the weather gets colder, you’ll need to swap those summer shorts for some nice pairs of long winter trousers. The problem is, if you’ve got an athletic body type, then finding winter pants that fit well is a difficult task.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered on where and how to find the best winter athletic pants.

We want to cover why it’s so difficult for athletic men to find winter pants, what you should look out for, and which pants are the best for winter.

What this article covers:

Why Is It Difficult for Athletic Men to Find Good Winter Pants?

Finding a pair of winter pants that fit muscular legs can be a difficult and frustrating task. There are so many options to choose from, however, most options are way too tight around the quads.

best winter athletic dress pants

While some men may enjoy the “skinny” look, this isn’t a preference for most of us. There are certain material and size requirements for men with an athletic build that skinny fits simply don’t meet. 

Since your quads, glutes, and calves are going to be larger than the average male, you’ll find that regular-fit clothing doesn’t fit well. If you prefer dress pants over the “skinny look”, you need to find the best athletic fit dress pants.

You’ll either end up with pants that fit your legs but are too big around the waist, or ones that fit your waist but far too tight around your legs. This is what makes finding men's pants for athletic thighs such a challenge.

Material is also important when it comes to winter pants. Pants made with run-of-the-mill fabric aren’t stretchy enough for you to move freely. This can make you feel restricted and uncomfortable, and it increases the likelihood that your clothes are going to tear if you move too fast. 

The material also plays a role in how breathable it is. When you’ve just ended your workout and get dressed in your winter pants, the last thing you want to do is feel sweaty and too hot.

Your body keeps burning muscle after your workout, which means you continue to sweat even after you’re dressed.

When it comes to winter pants, investing in the best-fitting pants makes a large difference not only with how comfortable you are, but how you look too. A good pair of winter pants should highlight your body and flatter your physique. 

What You Should Look for


There are a few things to consider when shopping for winter athletic pants. 

best winter athletic work pants

As we mentioned above, one of the first things to think about is the material. Since you need to move comfortably and don’t want to sweat too much, a lightweight stretch material would be best. 

Stretch fabric allows the pants to contour to your legs without feeling too restricting or too small. Being able to move freely is especially helpful for your active lifestyle.

There are plenty of options on the market, from waterproof to synthetic blends made from polyester and viscose. However, traditional pants made with heavy organic materials like cotton are not ideal for winter. These fabrics absorb moisture and are poor insulators, making them a poor choice for colder wather. They’ll leave you cold, wet, and miserable during your day.

Many winter pants are often designed with water and windproof materials that protect your skin from cold temperatures and elements. They’re designed to prevent moisture from absorbing. 

Quality winter pants should also provide insulation to keep your body heat from dissipating. You can find pants that have either a fleece or a down lining. However, these pants are designed for very cold weather. 

But if you have an athletic build, you probably run hotter than the average person. This means you’ll find this material too warm and you could end up sweating more than normal.

best winter dress pants for athletic legs

The best way to keep warm in winter is to keep moving your body. For an active, athletic person, this should be no problem. Most likely, you’re already constantly on the go. This means that it may be best to opt for a pair of long pants that have stretch fabric, lightweight material, and reinforced seams. 


An athletic or muscular figure also needs a pronounced, thoughtfully designed waistline. This is where the stretch material is important. The pants should be able to maintain their shape even after washing.

The best athletic pants for men are also ones that have zippered hand pockets. Not only does this make it safe and easy to carry your phone and wallet, but the tighter fit means they contour your features better. 

Only clothes that are labeled “athletic” or “True Muscle fit” are designed to have more room in the seat and thigh while making the leg area look more slim and modern. True Muscle Fit, in particular, is what makes TAILORED ATHLETE’s high-quality dress pants a step above the competition.

best winter dress pants for athletic thighs

Summer pants may be easier to find as they are easier to fit, however, a good-fitting pair of winter trousers can be extremely flattering to your muscular physique. 

As long as you find a pair of long pants that accentuates your body rather than hides it, you’ll be favoring your winter pants over your summer shorts any day.

Which Winter Pants Are the Best for Muscular Men?

The best pants for muscular men on any occasion are the ones are specifically designed for athletic builds. 

Fortunately for you, we’re one of the few brands that offer this. TAILORED ATHLETE pants are scientifically designed, with premium 4-way stretch fabric, to fit your muscular physique. This means that there’s no need to size up to allow for your quads.

Compared to other brands, our True Muscle Fit is superior because it offers a garment that’s designed to contour around your muscles rather than cling to them. 

This means that they’re specifically designed for athletic legs. No matter how many pairs of off-the-rack pants you try on, you’re going to struggle to find a fit that is so unique to your body type.

Not only are they designed for your build, but they’re also crafted from a lightweight performance fabric which makes them extra comfortable and versatile for any occasion.

We offer a variety of options, each one made from material that is comfortable and lightweight, which is perfectly suited to an active lifestyle.

The everyday tech trousers are made with premium 4-way stretch fabric for excellent color and shape retention. They have reinforced seams and are machine washable. 

best winter dress pants for athletic build

They’re also made from the perfect blend for athletic pants, which consists of 90% nylon, and 10% spandex. The casual, muted style means they pair well with any of our men’s athletic fit t-shirts.

 best winter athletic fit dress pants

Not only are there a variety of different long winter pants designed for your athletic body type, but they also come in a range of neutral colors that are the best colors to compliment your muscular physique. You can also find some of the best fitting black pants on the market so you’ll have the wardrobe for any occasion.

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