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As an athlete, you’re likely always on the hunt for the best athletic-fit dress pants. 

Coming across decent-quality day-to-day pants is difficult, but finding dress pants that look and feel good can be an even bigger nightmare.

You might even struggle to understand why regular pants don’t fit you properly. We’ll take you through why this is the case, and give you the solution to your problem.

What this article covers:

The Problem with Regular Pants

Most people don’t spend their days in the gym working on their physique. Their bodies look different from yours, and most manufacturers produce clothing that fits their bodies.

best athletic dress pants

This leaves you with the problem of where to buy clothing. Furthermore, what fit should you buy for your body type?

It’s all good and well to know that regular clothing doesn’t fit you, but understanding why will help you decide on the best fit for your athletic body type. 

This is especially true when it comes to dress pants. When you’re wearing formal clothing, you want to look smart and well put together, which means your clothing has to fit properly.

If you wear garments designed for an average body type, you’ll likely end up looking frumpy. This clothing isn’t designed to accentuate your muscles, nor is it designed to fit around your muscle.

This leads us to the biggest problem you’ll find with regular dress pants: The proportions aren’t right for your body type.

Athletes generally have larger thighs and calves. You also have a lean waist. The problem here is that in order for regular pants to fit around your athletic thighs and calves, you need to buy a size or two too big. 

This means the pants don’t fit your waist properly, giving you that frumpy look we were talking about earlier.

Sure, you can use a belt to keep the waist up. But, you’re going to have that extra fabric sticking out, and it looks bad. If you’ve gone out of your way and spent the money to find the best fitting pants you can find, you want to make sure they fit properly.

They’re Uncomfortable

There’s generally not enough material in the leg section of regular pants. If you’re somehow able to squeeze into your size, it’ll be super uncomfortable.

The material used to make dress pants has no stretch whatsoever. This means that not only will the pants look bad, but they’ll feel bad.

As an athlete, you enjoy movement, and your clothing should suit your lifestyle. You’re going to enjoy movement even when you’re wearing formal clothing, and there’s no reason you should be restricted.

This brings us to the solution to your problem: TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit. 

What’s an Athletic Fit?

best athletic work pants

Athletic fit pants have a tapered design that follows the shape of an athlete’s body. The result is a tailored, professional look. The fit ensures a well-put-together look by providing a little extra space for muscles, along with a tapered ankle cut. 

This tapered ankle shapes the whole leg better. You’ll look and feel better in this cut if you’ve got medium-sized muscles. So, what if you’ve got bigger muscles? 

Well, we’ve got a solution for that too.

The True Muscle Fit

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we’ve created a line of premium menswear for men who have just this problem. 

Our line is trusted by thousands of athletes and was designed after heaps of research to ensure we got it just right. 

Our range is comfortable and versatile. You won’t need to size up for the pants to fit your quads, and you’ll always look stylish and tailored. 

Our dress pants look formal, but they’re made with premium 4-way stretch fabric and have reinforced seams. This allows you to have a full range of motion without having to worry about splitting or tearing the pants.

Bulging muscles wear your clothes down quickly as they press against the fabric, hence our reinforced seams. These make your pants last longer.  

Better yet, we don’t limit you to one color. We’ve got a variety of colours you can choose from, along with muscle fit shirts for men that look great with our clothes. If you’re specifically looking for black, we do have the best fitting black pants around.

best dress pants for athletic legs

If you’re not looking for dress pants, and want to know more about regular pants, take a look at our guide for the most comfortable athletic fit pants.

It’s important to us that men of every body shape are able to find clothes that fit them properly. Ill-fitting clothing can really be a self-esteem killer.

These are just a few of the features that make TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit dress pants the best option for athletic men.

best men's dress pants for athletic thighs

Why Should I Choose It?

Our True Muscle Fit was made for you. We interviewed thousands of athletes in the research process, and are athletes ourselves. 

We created the fit using the data we gathered, and it’s scientifically designed for athletes like yourself.

In addition, we don’t only offer dress pants in our True Muscle Fit. We’ve got jeans, joggers, and swim shorts too. They’ll become your close staple in no time.

Best Athletic Fit Pants for Men

You now know that the best athletic fit pants for men are the True Muscle Fit.

To make sizing easier, we’ve created a comprehensive sizing guide for you. All you need to do is take your measurements and head over to our store

Leg Measurements

Here, you’ll be able to choose a size based on your exact measurements, and know that every piece of clothing you order will fit you perfectly.

best dress pants for athletic build

For our pants ranges, you’ll need to measure your waist and inner leg area.

When measuring your waist, measure around the smallest part and make sure you keep the tape horizontal. This is usually around the area that crosses the small of your back, which bends when you turn your body to the side.

You’ll then need to measure your waist, which is easy. Pop the tape around where your pants waist would sit to get an exact measurement.

Next is your inner leg area. This essentially measures your height. Measure the length of your inner leg which starts at the crotch area, all the way down to your ankles. 

This is important because in order to be inclusive, we’ve got sizes that cater to shorter and taller men. We’ve got the best pants fits for short legs.

Once you’ve got these measurements together, you can choose the proper size for your exact body shape and length.

You’ll never look back. 

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