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Muscular men face a lot of difficulties when shopping for clothes, especially online. This is especially true when shopping for dress pants to wear to an important event. Sometimes, it just seems simpler to live in sweatpants, doesn’t it? But when you’re in the corporate world or have to attend formal functions, what do you do?

We know you’re exhausted from searching for the best-fitting dress pants for your muscular body. Fortunately for you, there’s good news: The search is over. We’re here to show you the proper fit for an athletic physique, and where you can get it, in this guide to the best-fitting dress pants.

What this article covers:

What Are Dress Pants?

Final Exam

Dress pants are more sophisticated than ordinary pants, jeans, and chinos. They aren’t designed with a matching blazer or jacket like a suit or tux. A good pair of dress pants should pair well with most formal shirts so they can be worn to corporate events or even high-end functions. 

Dress pants are considered the middle ground between smart-casual attire and evening wear. What matters is what you wear them with. For example, worn with a smart collared shirt, dress pants can be appropriate for daytime or nighttime. Therefore, dress pants are what you make of them.

The best way to ensure a look fitting for the occasion is to wear pants that fit and flatter your body.  When you have well-developed muscles, that’s not always so easy. Even amongst athletes, there are different body types and proportions

How Should Dress Pants Look?

Fashions come and go, but for dress pants to look good, they have to meet certain criteria. Let’s look at the top three considerations now.

The Right Fit 

Properly tailored dress pants make the difference between looking average and looking your best. But how do you know that your dress pants fit properly? 

They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, especially over the hips, thighs, and legs. The waist of men’s dress pants should also fit snugly enough that you don’t need a belt. 

best fitting men's dress pants

Dress pants that fit well also won’t bunch at the ankles or pull upwards at the calves. These are usually signs that your pants are either too long or too short for your proportions.

The Right Cut

The pant leg should be a straight cut or slightly tapered, ending on the top of your shoes. Always pay attention to your unique proportions. 

The Right Break

They should also not have an obvious ‘break’ where the hem hits your shoes. If you’re particularly short, especially if you’re long in the torso but short in the legs, you may need to have your dress pants tailored. This will ensure that your dress pants taper gently to a subtle break on the shoe.

The Right Look

There’s no hard and fast rule about the color they should be. Rather, take your cue from the occasion. For weddings, corporate functions, and traditionally formal events it's usually best to stick with black. However, when worn for work navy or dark grey are perfectly suitable.

Why Are Properly Fitting Dress Pants Hard To Find When You’re Muscular?

best slim fit mens dress pants

Whether you’re looking for the best-fitting work pants or dress pants, the issue is the same. They never look quite right and aren’t comfortable either. Muscular men often struggle to find properly fitting clothes, especially dress pants. But why is this the case?

Traditional dress pants are designed to a template that doesn't cater to athletic and muscular frames. This works for the average man, who despite tailoring for height requirements, can look reasonably in average dress pants. But when you have well-defined muscles, the average suit won’t fit well.

That usually means you’ll have to size up to get the dress pants to fit over your quads. This means the pants will be helpless in other areas. Muscular men need clothing designed to fit over their muscles. That’s where we come in.

How to Find the Best Dress Pants for Your Athletic Physique

At TAILORED ATHLETE we make clothes specifically for athletes. They have premium 4-way stretch fabric letting them contour around your legs to show off your muscles. Our garments follow the lines of your muscles to give a fit that’s both comfortable and flattering.

This is where many other clothing houses go wrong. They design clothes with stretch but not the right cut orvice versa. So while they might look great on the rack but they’re not the best dress pants for athletic legs.

We know how important both are to a sleek and stylish silhouette. Yes, you could wear tracksuits and exercise apparel and be comfortable. But what happens when you need more formal attire?

best tapered dress pants

It’s a real challenge to find workwear and formal wear, like dress pants, in material that stretches yet looks attractive. That’s why we produce the very best in breathable, stretchable fabrics that are also high quality. They always retain their shape and look good for years.

Our Best Slim-Fit Men’s Dress Pants

Do you need the best-tapered dress pants for a work function? Or perhaps you’ve been invited to a gala event and need to look at the part? That’s no longer a problem with the range of dress pants at TAILORED ATHLETE. We’ve got you covered from office wear to the best in evening wear.

 best fitted dress pants

The best athletic pants for men should work to make your muscles look good, rather than making you look like you’re squeezed into them. You’ve worked hard in the gym and on the sports field to attain your muscles. Be proud of them, and dress them in pants that fit and flatter you.

The slight taper not only looks attractive but also helps to camouflage other issues like short legs. A tapered style is the best pants fit for short legs, as it doesn’t add volume and draw attention to your leg length. Instead, it places the focus where you want it, on your athletic build.

Our athletic-fit pants are perfect for any occasion. There’s no need to size up just to find something that will fit around your wider parts. Just select your size and you know you’ll get a great fit because our dress pants are the best men’s pants for athletic thighs.

Best-fitting men's dress pants

Closing Thoughts

In TAILORED ATHLETE’s menswear, you’ll never feel underdressed or inappropriately dressed again. We offer casual wear, workwear, and dress pants and shirts with the modern athlete in mind. So you can step out with confidence every time you leave the house.

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