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Finding pants you really like can be a huge relief when conventional sizes and styles don’t work on your body. So it’s frustrating when you find a pair of jeans you love that fit differently just because they’re a different color.

What’s going on, and what can we do to fix the problem?

There are a variety of reasons for pants that don’t fit the same way despite being from the same brand. At TAILORED ATHLETE, we have the solution. You no longer have to worry about upsizing your clothing to fit your muscles: our clothes are made for you. 

What this article covers:

5 Reasons for Size Disparities

Do different color pants really fit differently

Mass Production

Different manufacturers use different colors and combinations in their designs. Depending on the brand, thousands of different sewers are potentially working in a factory. Different people may be responsible for the same pants in varying colors. This can lead to minor discrepancies.


When a large stack of fabric is cut, by hand or machine, the pieces at the bottom of the stack may shift slightly in the process. This can cause small, but noticeable, differences in size. This can often happen due to the massive volumes produced in fast fashion.


All fabrics behave differently. Two similar fabrics can have completely different properties when sewn into a garment. 

This can happen due to tiny differences in the makeup of the fabric itself. Lower-quality polyester fabrics can also be damaged by extreme heat during transportation which can affect the fit of the pants.

why do different color pants fit differently on me


Dyeing can potentially cause material to change size and shape. Depending on the quality of the fabric, the dye, and the temperature of the water used, the dying process may cause certain garments to shrink. 

This often happens with darker colors, so you may notice your black jeans being a bit tighter than your light blue jeans.


Not all clothing designers use the same sizing standard. There is no standardization rule that all clothing brands must adhere to, so clothing sizes often vary greatly from brand to brand. This is especially noticeable when trying on international brands.

If you want to learn more about how different types of pants fit, check out our blog.


We value high-quality materials, and we know our customers do too. For this reason, our athletic-fit men’s 4-way stretch jeans have a consistent fit, no matter what color they are. 

The impact of color on the fit of pants

This means that once you’ve found your size in TAILORED ATHLETE apparel, you don’t have to worry about getting different-sized clothes.

If you want to know why our athletic fit pants are better than classic fit, it’s all about the design. We make our clothes for athletes where most brands only cater towards the average man. This means our garments contour around your muscles rather than constricting them.

The TAILORED ATHLETE True Muscle Fit Pants

What are athletic-fit pants? This fit has been developed for athletes by athletes. We understand the struggles you face trying to find clothes that fit properly. We have developed a fit that compensates for large muscles while still looking sleek, professional, and put together.

The Different Types of Athletic Pants We Offer

Of course, we don’t only make a single style of pants. Here are just a few of the different types of athletic-fit pants we have on offer:

  • 365 Trousers - these pants are designed as a versatile layer that looks good at home or at work. They are super soft and pair beautifully with our 365 t-shirts.

Can the color of pants affect their fit

  • True Muscle fit trousers - These exceptional formal pants have a sleek, modern, minimal design that pairs well with any of our formal shirts.
  • Everyday tech trousers - The elasticated waistband, zip pockets, and super soft inner lining make these the ultimate smart casual pants.

Do different color pants fit differently

  • Patterned trousers - Well suited for spring, these luxurious stretchy pants go well with our polo shirts and a pair of trainers for an elevated take on casual wear.

Why certain colors make your pants feel tighter or looser


We believe in the constant pursuit of the best version of yourself. We will never stop striving to be the best, and we are always working on new developments and improvements. Founded in 2016, we have spent the last 7 years innovating new clothing technologies.

All our garments are made with reinforced seams and our signature four-way stretch fabric. These elements ensure a tight yet comfortable fit at all times with room for movement. Our fabric is also highly crease-resistant to allow you to keep living life to the fullest. 

The moisture-wicking technology built into all our clothes helps you to stay dry and comfortable even on the hottest days. Our fabric is lightweight and breathable while maintaining its strength and flexibility for years.

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