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If you’re a muscular guy with big thighs, it’s a nightmare for you to find jeans that fit just right. The best jeans for big legs should sit nicely around your waist without being so tight you can’t even pull them up. 

We won’t even get started on how uncomfortable jeans can be.

An athlete’s body is always going to have bigger muscles in the leg because you’re working these muscle groups constantly. Your hard work shouldn’t be met with a lack of suitable clothing, and TAILORED ATHLETE is here to present the solution to your problem. 

We know that shopping for jeans has become a daunting task, as there are so many fits and styles available. It feels like none of these work for you though, and we’re going to explain why.

Once you have a better understanding of why these styles and fits don’t work for you, you’ll have a much easier time picking out things that will work for you.

What this article covers:

Jeans for Big Thighs

best jeans for women with big legs

The best jeans for big thighs simply make enough space for those thighs. So many styles and fits don’t accommodate the way an active person’s body looks, especially when this body is on the larger end of the scale.

There are plenty of options for those with a slender athletic build, but what about those with a stockier athletic build? What are the options for bodybuilders who want to throw on a pair of jeans over the weekend?

It’s frustrating when you want to have an easy-going morning, but you find yourself fighting a pair of jeans because they’re too loose on your waist and too tight around your thighs.

The reason you have this problem is that the average person doesn’t spend time working their hamstrings and quads. Their pants need to have a relatively straight cut, and most pairs of pants are made this way as a result.

You’re going to need a pair of jeans that are cut according to the curves of your body.

Finding the Right Fit Is Essential

best skinny jeans for big legs

Finding the right fit is essential because, without it, you’ll be left looking untidy. 

You’re probably familiar with the problem of needing to size up more than one size to buy a pair of jeans that’ll fit over your thigh area. The problem with this is that the waist is too big. Sure, you can use a belt to solve this problem, but the overall look is quite untidy.

Finding the right fit also helps with comfort. When you need to wear an uncomfortable belt to keep your pants up, you land up quite uncomfortable throughout the day. 

You’re often wondering if your pants might be hanging too low or, even worse, if they might fall down any second.

When you find jeans that are the right fit, you won’t have this problem. You’ll feel comfortable enough to move around freely.

What Makes the Perfect Fit?

best fit jeans for large thighs

So, what makes the perfect fit when it comes to jeans for athletic legs

As we mentioned, comfort is a big factor at play. It’s important not only because it gives you better freedom of movement, but because it boosts your confidence too.

When a pair of jeans fits you just right, there’s no denying you feel more confident. Jeans have the power to make us feel great about ourselves. Here’s what to look for in the best-fitting jeans for men.

The perfect fit needs a fitted waist that doesn’t need a belt for function. Sure, you can add one as an accessory, but it shouldn’t be necessary to hold your pants in place. There are so many styles available that this should be a thing of the past.

Additionally, the perfect fit needs to be figure-hugging, but not too tight. It’s important that they allow freedom of movement, but also that they look good. A figure-hugging fit should show off those legs you’ve worked so hard for and doesn’t need to restrict you in the process.

best fitting jeans for thick thighs

They need to have enough space for your calves too and should taper slightly at the ankles. You don’t want them so tight in that area that the material bothers you, but you also don’t want them too loose, as that would give the pants a more “straight leg” look.

This look can make athletes look boxy. 

When it comes to material, you want a blend that ensures both softness and flexibility. Make sure there’s a high cotton percentage in this blend. Pants made of a high percentage of polyester don’t last long and don’t allow for adequate moisture-wicking.

Different Jean Styles for Men with Big Legs

Having big legs doesn’t mean you should be limited to one style of jeans. You can look for jeans with a combination of the below features. These are the features that best complement your body type. 

best fit jeans for big thighs

They can apply to different types of men’s jeans fits.

They pair well with a t-shirt or a formal shirt, so you can dress them up or down!

Skinny Fit

Skinny-fit jeans are the best-fitting jeans for short stocky guys, but they also work great for taller men.

The cut is versatile and flattering for a lot of shapes and sizes. This is true because as long as they fit you properly, they always look neat. They make you look well put-together, even if you just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

If you do have a stockier build, we recommend skinny fitting black jeans. The color is slimming, so they can help you elongate your legs and slim your overall figure.

If skinny jeans really aren’t your thing, you can also go for the slim cut. They’ve got a little more breathing space than the skinny fit, but offer the same well-put-together look. 

Tapered Ankle

best loose fit jeans for big thighs

A tapered ankle is important. It brings the look together and helps the jeans look like they fit you perfectly. 

Basically, a tapered ankle means the jeans become slim towards the ankle to bring in the leg and create a cohesive look. This allows the pants to be a bit looser and comfier on top but still have a polished overall look. It looks clean and sharp.

The Answer To Your Problems: True Muscle Fit

We’ve arrived at the answer to your problem! The true muscle fit.

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we spent years doing research on what athletes are really looking for from clothing brands. We gathered data on this topic and created the athlete’s dream fit: the true muscle fit.

Our True Muscle Fit Jeans offer everything you’re looking for. They’re made out of stretch fabric with reinforced seams, so you can rest assured that your pants won’t break when you move around in them.

 best fitting jeans for big thighs

The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This blend helps us ensure that you won’t get sweaty in these jeans. There’s nothing worse.

They offer the ultimate comfort and versatility. You don’t need to worry about sizing up for your jeans to fit over your quads. They were designed with your quads in mind, and they can move with your body.

They’re perfect for all occasions and are available in multiple colors so that you can fill your closet with staples that work for you and your body type. 

They’re been designed not only with your shape in mind but also with your lifestyle in mind. It was important to us that these jeans would last you a long time, despite generous wear and tear.

What Can I Pair Them With?

TAILORED ATHLETE has you covered. We’ve got a range of shirts that you can choose from, and the good news is that these are also designed with your body shape in mind!

Our men’s athletic fit dress shirts are a common choice for athletes who struggle to find suitable work clothes elsewhere. They’re available in both short- and long-sleeve, so you can fill your closet with staples for all seasons.

 best jeans for guys with muscular thighs

They allow for a broad chest and shoulders and have space for bigger arms. They’re also made in the true muscle fit, and come in a variety of colors so you’re not limited for choice. 

In line with our vision to make clothing that works for your lifestyle, these shirts are anti-wrinkle and quick-drying. You can simply wash them and hang them up, and not have to worry about ironing before wearing them.

They’re made of 80% microfibre and 17% cotton. This blend ensures the shirts maintain some stretch, but also don’t get too creased after washing or with normal daily wear.

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