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We all want to look good when we’re out and about, and jeans are a great way to achieve that. However, there are so many styles and cuts available, it’s difficult to know which jeans are the best for the various male body types.

There’s an emphasis in the fashion world on the types of jeans that are best for women with varying shapes, but what about men? Men also come in different shapes and sizes, so we’re going to take you through the best fits.

If you can’t find jeans that fit right, stick with us.

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What Jeans Fit My Body Type Male

what jeans fit my body type male

Jeans come in a variety of cuts, washes, sizes, and styles. With so many options out there, how do you choose one that suits your body type and feels comfortable to wear?

A well-fitting pair of jeans is always stylish, regardless of the current trends. It’ll make you feel confident, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

The common options for men in terms of jean styles include loose fit, relaxed fit, straight fit, slim fit, and skinny fit. Sometimes more than one of these styles will suit your body type, and that means you can purchase more than one style to keep as a closet staple.

You can then choose which style you feel like wearing based on your mood or where you’re going, and won’t be limited to just one style.

Male Body Types

The three main body types for men are an ectomorph, a mesomorph, and an endomorph. 

An ectomorph has a thin frame and doesn’t bulk up easily despite exercising and eating well. 

A mesomorph is an average frame that can bulk up easily through consistent exercise and a strict diet. 

An endomorph is a large frame typically described as having a wide build. 

The first step in choosing the right pair of jeans for your build is knowing what type of frame you have naturally. If you’re an ectomorph, you should stay away from baggy jeans, such as loose and relaxed-fit jeans. 

They’ll drown you out, and you look polished when you’re buried in layers of denim. You should stick to skinnier fits, but straight fits work too.

what are the different types of jeans fit

An endomorph, on the other hand, might be able to carry loose-fitting jeans better. They’ll fill them out a bit more and won’t be drowned out by the excess material.

A mesomorph can go either way, as they can either have a slender build or build muscle over time. This means it depends on your current body shape when you choose a pair of jeans. The basic rules described above apply though.

How Jeans Should Fit a Man

We can’t dictate to you how jeans should fit you, as part of this choice comes down to your preferences. 

For example, skinny jeans might look best on your body type, but you can’t stand the idea of the material sitting so close to your skin.

We’re going to explain the theory to you about why certain fits look better on certain body types, and you can use this as a guide to decide which fit is best for you. If you have the problem listed above and skinny jeans are recommended for you, you can adapt this accordingly. 

Go for skinnier-fit denim, such as straight fit or narrow fit. These will still look good on your body shape. Remember, it’s important that you feel comfortable in what you wear.

But how should jeans fit men? 


best fitting men's jeans for body type

The waistline should always sit snugly against your waist, for starters. It’s important that the waistline of your jeans is the correct size because otherwise, you’re going to end up holding it up with a belt.

While a belt is a great accessory, it should never be required to hold your jeans up. You’ll never feel comfortable or confident in a pair of jeans like this. You’ll spend a lot of time making sure they’re not slipping down or showing your underwear in public, and end up not enjoying wearing these jeans at all.

Additionally, the waistline of your jeans should sit at your natural waistline. If your jeans sit too high or too low, they could cut into your waist and feel uncomfortable. Your jeans should be tight enough to look like they were made for you, and not too tight that they look like they’re a size too small.


The ankle area on your jean should end in line with your ankles generally. It’s okay if you prefer them a bit shorter, but they should never be longer than necessary. This contributes to an unpolished look. 

jeans fit guide mens

What Are the Different Types of Jeans Fit

So what are the different types of jeans fits available to you, and how do you know if the ft is for you? We’re going to explain below.


If you have a rectangular body shape, you’re likely an ectomorph. You won’t bulk up easily and are naturally quite lean. Your chest, shoulders, and hips are all proportional to one another, meaning no part of your body is wider than another. The result is a rectangle shape. 

If this is your body shape, straight-fit jeans are perfect for you. They won’t drown you out with an excess amount of fabric, but also won’t make you look too scrawny. They give your legs a little bit of volume while being super comfortable.

Inverted Triangle

best fitting jeans for men by body type

The inverted triangle body type is the muscular man with broad shoulders and a small waist. This body type is usually an endomorph who started out small but focused on working certain muscle groups to land up with an inverted triangle body type. If this is you, you likely also have bulky legs that you’ve worked hard on.

The best jeans for muscular legs and a small waist is a straight-fit cut with large pockets. Straight-fit jeans give the illusion of smaller legs without making them look out of proportion when your upper body is taken into account. Large back pockets even out the proportions of your body.


A triangle body type means you have narrow shoulders and wide hips. You’re going to want a pair of jeans that make your body look more proportional. Thebest jeans for a triangle body shape are loose jeans. Their wide legs make your legs look more substantial, evening out your top and bottom halves.

best mens jeans for body type


A trapezoid body shape is an athletic build with a slim waist and toned legs. Your top and bottom halves are well-proportioned, and for this reason, you’ll look good in most jean cuts. The best fit for you though is going to be the slim fit. You should get these in a low-rise option.

They’ll show off your chiseled and toned body. Opting for jeans with large back pockets will also help enhance your toned bottom. The best jeans for muscular thighs are our True Muscle Fit, which we’ll explain later.


The oval body type is those with larger stomachs, buttocks, and thighs. This body type is a mesomorph - a naturally larger shape. A straight-cut pair of jeans is best for this body shape, and we don’t recommend low-rise jeans here. Go for something that sits a little higher, as this will help control your midsection. 

You can find the best tapered jeans for big guys in our collection of athletic taper jeans.

best jeans for mens body type

A relaxed pair of jeans also looks good on this body type. They keep you looking polished without making you appear larger than you are. 

For added comfort, you can size up. Sizing up is okay for this body type because you’re opting for a higher waist. This means it won’t slip down the same way a low-rise pair of jeans would. 

What Fit Jeans Should I Wear?

The best fitted jeans for men is the True Muscle Fit. TAILORED ATHLETE has created this fit after doing hours of research on athletes and bodybuilders like you. We’re athletes ourselves and have struggled to find jeans that fit our body types. 

We decided to create a fit that would work for men of all body types and would work for a busy lifestyle. The True Muscle Fit is scientifically designed with stretch fabric to fit a muscular or regular frame perfectly. It molds to your body to give you a sleek, polished look no matter what body shape you are.

These jeans have reinforced seams to ensure longevity and their ability to work for athletic bodies. They’re made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, so you can rest assured there will be no itchy fabric irritating your skin throughout the day.

They’re soft and comfortable, and work for a relaxed Saturday afternoon or a smart Friday evening.

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