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Just because you’re a short, stocky guy shouldn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to find fitting jeans. Unfortunately, since the majority of garments are made for the average body type, this can leave you without much choice.

You have to try all sorts of workarounds just to find jeans that fit, nevermind finding a pair that actually fits well and accentuates your body. When you find the right size, they always turn out to be too tight or too baggy.

What started as an exciting day shopping for new denim jeans always seems to leave you frustrated at the end of the day.

Thankfully, TAILORED ATHLETE has a solution. We’ve designed our clothes with athletes in mind, so if you’re looking for men’s jeans for athletic thighs, you’ve come to the right place.

Rest assured that we have you covered. We'll show you the best-fitting jeans for short, stocky males in this article. We can help you locate the ideal pair of jeans for your body type, no matter your preference. 

What this article covers:

How Should Jeans Fit a Short Man

best fitting jeans for short stocky guys

Before we get into the best types of jeans for short stocky guys, we first need to discuss the measurements men need to consider before purchasing a new pair of jeans. 

The general issues that short stocky men face when shopping for a good pair of jeans are usually that the inseam is way too long, the jeans are too tight, or the bottom of the jeans bunches up at your ankles. 

A well-fitted pair of jeans for shorter guys should keep these issues in mind and you comfortably around your waist.

Of course, these aren’t the only things you need to look for when shopping for clothes. Finding jeans for a triangular body shape means there are some other factors you need to consider when shopping.

The Inseam

Finding the perfect pair of jeans as a short stocky male all comes down to the length, particularly the inseam. 

Don’t buy jeans to look taller. All that’s going to do is make you look untidy and as if you’re being swallowed by your pair of denim jeans. 

To prevent the bunching up around your ankles, the inseam for short men should be between 25 and 29 inches. Additionally, your jeans should taper down from your thighs and fit comfortably around your waist without being too constricting. 

what are the best fitting jeans for short stocky guys

Be sure you know your seam measurement before purchasing your jeans. Measure the distance between your crotch seam and the hem of your jeans, this gives you the inseam. 

When fitting on your jeans, make sure that the inseam doesn’t rub up against your crotch. You should be able to sit and move about comfortably without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

For short stocky men, wearing a jean with a well-suited inseam can highlight your silhouette making you appear taller and giving you a fashionable appearance. 

This is one of the most important factors to consider when finding men’s jeans to fit your body type.

The Waist 

Another important measurement is the waist size. If you’re looking for jeans with muscular legs and a small waist, these are the things you should be looking for.

A good rule of thumb is to always purchase jeans to wear without a belt.

Don’t get us wrong, belts are an amazing accessory to pair with denim jeans, but they shouldn’t be used to hold up your pants from falling. 

If you notice that the material of your jeans bunches up around your waist with the addition of a belt, then your jeans are too big for you. 

the best fitting jeans for short stocky guys

Wearing jeans that are too big around your waist can create some unflattering folds in the seat and crotch area. You must find the perfect balance between too tight and too loose, and knowing your waist size will help you determine it.

Keep in mind, that to determine the proper jean size for short men, make sure to measure just below the navel, which is where your pants should sit.

Check the Rise

As a short stocky male, you should never ignore the rise of your jeans. It’s one of the most important measurements to consider when trying to find a jean that fits, especially for shorter men. 

The rise of jeans is the space between your crotch and waist. Generally, the best rise for shorter men is mid-rise jeans. This style of jeans makes your legs appear longer giving off the illusion that you’re taller. 

What’s more, getting the rise of your jeans just right means that everything else stays where it needs to. If your pants rise is proportional, you don’t have to worry about your fitting underwear bunching up beneath the denim and leaving you uncomfortable.

jeans for short stocky guys

You can push the rise up to a high rise, but generally mid-rise jeans are the go-to for shorter men. You should stay away from low-rise jeans as a short male. All this will do is make you appear a lot shorter than you already are.

Dark Washes Are Best

At first glance, you might be thinking that color has nothing to do with the fit of your jeans, and for the most part, you’re not entirely wrong. However, color can make or break a good-fitting pair of jeans by making it seems that it doesn’t fit you properly. 

As a short man, you always want to wear clothing that either makes you look taller or compliments your features. Believe it or not, certain jean colors can make you appear wider. 

The best color for short stocky men is dark-washed denim. These colors are slimming and create a more polished look than light or faded denim jeans. 

Best Fitting Jeans Styles

Now that we know a little bit about what we have to look for when shopping for jeans, we can now discuss the best jean styles for shorter stockier men. 

short stocky guys' best fitting jeans

There are a lot of options out there which might make it difficult to decide. Thankfully, short men are limited to deciding between three types of jeans – slim fit, straight fit, and muscle fit jeans. 

Slim Fit

Slim-fit jeans work perfectly for short stocky guys because they taper down the leg and don’t have a lot of excess fabric. They are probably the best-tapered jeans for big thighs and calves. 

The slimming effects given off by slim-fit jeans cannot be ignored. A slim fit jeans feel comfortable and it the perfect combination between too tight and too loose. 

While the best slim-fit jeans are great for the average, skinny guy, they’re not really appropriate for short and stocky men. 

Most slim-fit jeans are manufactured using a stretchy breathable fabric. This allows you to move around freely without the feeling of being constricted. 

Slim-fit jeans help elongate your legs and create a streamlined silhouette of your figure. It is one of the best options for short stocky men.

Straight Leg

short stocky guys' best jeans

If you are looking for a balanced silhouette, then straight-leg jean is the best option. This balance helps to create an illusion of a taller frame. 

Additionally, straight-leg jeans can assist with the proportions of shorter stockier men due to their constant size from above the knee down to the ankle. The extra fabric makes these the best jeans for big quads.

If you are looking for comfort as a shorter man, then straight legs jeans are the way to go. Straight-leg jeans are more spacious in the calf and thigh regions, especially for someone short and muscular. 

Muscle Fit  

We already know the difficulties involved in finding properly fitting jeans when you are vertically challenged. Usually, short stocky men are told to stay away from skinny items of clothing, especially when it comes to jeans because they are known to be unflattering. 

Thankfully, with the emergence of muscle-fit jeans, this is no longer a problem short men face. Muscle-fit jeans are a different fit that is made to wrap around your body without reducing your maneuverability.  

They shape around your muscles and are spacious in the thigh areas. There’s no bagginess associated with our muscle-fit jeans and they are a great fit for short stocky men. They can also be paired with athletic dress shirts to bring your outfit together. 

what are the best fitting jeans for the short stocky guys

If you’ve got shorter legs and big thighs, these jeans are perfect for you.

You can shop for a selection of muscle-fit clothing products at TAILORED ATHLETE, including shirts, slacks, and the top athletic thigh jeans. Our styles are created for mature, muscular guys of all heights, even shorter stockier individuals. These are by far the best jeans for athletic legs.


Finding the best-fitting jeans for men can be challenging and frustrating, especially when you’re short and stocky. Thankfully, it's not impossible. With the right measurements and style in mind, shopping for jeans will be a lot easier. 

Familiarise yourself with the important aspects of how jeans should look and fit. This will make picking a pair of jeans incredibly easy.

At the end of the day, it is what you feel most comfortable in. If you are looking for something with style and comfort, then athletic or muscle-fit clothing is the one for you. 

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