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If you’re a keen weightlifter, athlete, or professional sportsman, you’ve discovered a common problem whenever you’ve gone shopping for clothes. A muscular body isn’t always easy to dress and finding the best athletic-fit jeans can take hours you’d rather spend doing something else. 

It’s not your fault. The majority of menswear stores cater to the average body type, not an athletic one.

With many garments cut to a template designed many years ago, their clothes just don’t fit and flatter your muscles. When it comes to jeans, the problem is even more noticeable. 

Thanks to this guide on the best athletic-fit jeans, that’s a problem you’ll never face again.

Want to know what to look for in athletic-fit jeans, and where you can find them? Keep reading and find out.

What this article covers:

Best Fitting Jeans for Athletic Guys

best jeans for athletic men

What makes a great fit for men’s jeans? Men’s jeans should sit on top of the hip bone or 1-2 inches below the belly button. The legs should end on the top of your shoes or slightly above, never too low. They should have enough stretch in them to allow for movement and should flatter your shape.

So what do you do when you want to find a pair of jeans to fit your muscular legs? We think we already know the answer: You size up. 

Don’t despair, it’s something many athletic guys experience. However, sizing up isn’t the solution to finding athletic-fit jeans that fit. Sizing up your jeans to fit over your muscles just makes them look wrong and fit wrong, too. 

When you buy a bigger size to fit over your quads, they are too loose at the waist and just don’t flatter you. Fortunately, you never have to do that again. Because we have the solution, and it’s simple: invest in a pair of TAILORED ATHLETE’s muscle-fit jeans

best men's athletic fit jeans

They’re as trendy as ordinary jeans, but they have a secret - they’re the best jeans for athletic legs. So they fit flawlessly over your quads while sitting snugly at the waist. They’re available in a wide array of blue and grey shades as well as black, for maximum versatility. 

Best Jeans for Tall Athletic Men

The best style of jeans for tall men is generally a straight-leg or regular-fit pair. However, when you’re both tall and muscular, this style won’t be as flattering. 

Different types of jeans fit differently on you depending on their cut and stretch and your body type. You‘ll find our muscle-fit jeans flattering even on tall men. Their slight taper means they display the lines of your calves to perfection, too. 

Best Athletic Tapered Jeans

Our muscle-fit jeans are the best athletic-fit jeans on the market today and are available online for your convenience. 

best jeans for tall athletic man

They fit snugly around the waist, with maximum stretch at the quads and a comfortable fit at the calves. There’s even a slight taper above the ankle so they can conform around your larger calves without hanging off your legs like a potato-sack. 

This makes them the best jeans for a triangle body shape, with everything you need to be comfortable.

Who Can Wear Our Best Athletic Fit Jeans?

Everyone with an athletic frame can wear our athletic-fit jeans. They’re suitable for all ages and look great no matter what you wear them with. 

Jeans are the ultimate crossover garment. They’re just at-home in the workplace as they are on date night if you know what to wear with them.

Can You Wear Jeans to Work?

Yes, you can, but it depends on your work environment. If you work in an office, invest in a pair of our muscle-fit trousers. They’re the best pants for guys with big legs because we’ve crafted them from premium 4-way stretch material. Ideal for work or after-hours events, they come in a range of neutral colors. 

best athletic fit jeans for men

If you work in a creative space with a smart-casual dress code, you can easily get away with wearing jeans to work. Even if you have a relaxed work dress code, you should opt for our muscle-fit jeans. They’re the best-fitted jeans for men with muscles. 

What to Wear with Our Athletic-Fit Jeans

Are you looking for a more polished look to go with your jeans for work? Our athletic-fit dress shirts for men are the ticket! The True Muscle-Fit design makes our shirts, like our jeans, perfect for the athletic physique. 

best fitting jeans for athletic guys

They accommodate your broader chest and shoulders, while neatly tapering at the waist. Wear them tucked in with work trousers for a more formal appearance at the office or style them untucked with our jeans for a casual look on the weekend.

Final Thoughts 

Finding clothes, and especially jeans, to fit your muscular body may have been a challenge in the past. Thankfully, that’s no longer a problem with our range of stylish and versatile athletic-fit trousers, shirts, and jeans. 

Jeans are the most versatile garment a man can own. They offer convenience when running errands, comfort while relaxing on the weekend, and practicality at work, So get the best athletic-fit jeans you can find, right here at TAILORED ATHLETE. For jeans that work out as hard as you do.

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