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When worn with a little thought, jeans may be one of the most adaptable items in a fashionably mature man's wardrobe.

Jeans are great for both older and younger guys, however, if you don't change your style as you get older or adjust to your new measurements, choosing jeans for an older gentleman can be a challenging task.

With the emergence of a variety of unique style options, such as trim, slim, regular, straight, athletic, and many more, finding the best-fitting jeans for men, especially older men, can be a nightmare.

By the time men reach 50, they typically wear outdated and worn-out jeans that do not flatter their body shape or fit their style. Hems drag along the floor and seats begin to slowly sag.

There are several ways you can figure out the best-fitting jeans for your older self, but we will save you time by listing the best tips and tricks for finding the best-fitting jeans for older guys so that you can look your best no matter what.

What this article covers:

Fit Comes First

When trying to find the perfect pair of trousers or jeans, the fit is the most crucial part. Jeans have come a long way since their early designs and are available in a range of sizes. However, older men prefer these baggier designs from the past but are getting the fit completely wrong.

best fitting jeans for older men

Thankfully, these days you can have the best of both worlds – baggy jeans that are tailored to your appearance and are more fashionable. Ultimately all it comes down to is the fit of the waist.

Straight Leg Fit

Nothing can beat the timeless style of classic straight-leg jeans. This cut of jeans is well tailored to the body of older men and is well suited to their styles.

There is a slight sharpness to straight-leg jeans which fit snuggly around your quads and loosen around the calves.

They are great for muscular builds and have great pocket space to carry around your belongings, making them the best-fitting jeans for thick thighs and quads.

Depending on the length, you will also have the option to cuff the bottom of your jeans to give off a classier look. Straight legs jeans are great for experimenting and go great with a variety of clothing items. They are by far the best jeans fit for the male body.

Slim Fit

As you get older, you slowly start to phase out wearing skinny jeans. The older you get the less flattering and honestly uncomfortable they start to become. However, you cannot rule out the middle option of slim-fitted jeans.

best fitting jeans

Slim-fit jeans make older men look handsome, giving them that classic silver fox looks if they’re rocking a beard. This type of jeans is comfortable with enough room for you to move around and breathe.

A pair of slim-fitting jeans will hug your lower body giving you a sleek look. The openings in the lower legs are usually short and tightened around the ankle and can be accompanied by a variety of formal footwear.

Why Waist Matters

Before heading out and purchasing any pair of jeans, you need to make sure you know your actual waist size. Grab your measuring tape and run it around your waist to determine it.

Once you have the correct waist size every other part of the jeans will fall into place. Jeans should fit snuggly around your waist and should have very little to no sag around the seat. A good fit of jeans should be able to stay up around your waist without the use of a belt.

Of course, the fit can change depending on your body type and height measurements. In general, the best-looking fit for an older man is a straight leg with a mid-rise. This type of jeans covers most height ranges.

fitting jeans for older man

If you have exceptionally long legs with a short torso, then all you have to do is adjust the rise from mid to lower.

Fit is everything when it comes to jeans for older men, so make sure you’re comfortable in your denim and make sure that you’re not constantly having to tug at the waist to prevent it from falling.


Of course, the best-fitting jeans for older men also have to have the right style. A good-fitting pair of jeans will have no impact if the style is completely outdated or worn out.

Every person has their style, and it is important to consider your style when shopping around for a new pair of denim jeans.

Refined classic-look jeans, such as the modern straight leg are perfect for older men. They are comfortable, and stylish, and can be paired with any type of footwear.  

fitting jeans for older guys

What About Colour

The fit of your jeans might have nothing to do with the color, however, certain colors are more suited for older men.

Dark colors are the best option for older men, as they help to reduce the illusion of wrinkles. Lighter more obscure colors just leave you looking like a teenager going through puberty. Darker clothes give you a more sophisticated look and help complete your look as an older gentleman.

Select jeans with uniform color throughout to give you that professional look. Stay away from distressed jeans with tears and unnatural fading.

The Length

Finding the appropriate length in jeans is one of the most difficult things to do. Your waist size could be perfect, but the length of your jeans can be completely off at the same time.

Finding the balance between the two used to be impossible, however, modern jeans now have breaks which makes it much easier to find your desired length.

fitting jeans for mascular legs

The break of jeans is the space between your shoe and the end of the jeans. For older men, a classic half-break looks the best. A half-break ends at your mid-heel and gives you the lower folds at the bottom of your jeans.

You don’t want to have an excessive amount of material at the bottom of your leg, and you also don’t want your pants to be riding miles above your shoe exposing the entirety of your socks. You need to be able to find the balance, and with a half-break, you will be able to achieve this balance.


Cotton and denim are the two materials that stand out when it comes to jeans. Denim naturally lasts longer and maintains its shape better. Conversely, cotton is softer, which makes it a wonderful material for often-worn pants.

Deciding on a material comes down to preference. Denim is more popular for older men, but if it’s a hot day and you want something lighter, then cotton is the way to go.

What About Older Men With Muscular Builds

Shopping for clothes as a muscular male can be very difficult, especially when it comes to jeans. Many styles of jeans are either too loose or way too tight with little maneuverability.

fitting jeans for man

Thankfully there is now a solution in the form of muscle-fit clothing. If you want something that clings closely to your figure while giving the full range of motion then muscle-fit jeans are the way to go.

Muscle-fit jeans get rid of all bagginess and are made with a 4-way stretch fabric that can sculpt around muscles. You can pair them with athletic polos to refine your look even more.

fitting jeans for guys

On TAILORED ATHLETE, you will find a variety of muscle-fit apparel items like shirts, slacks, and the best jeans for athletic thighs. Our designs are developed for older men of all sizes with muscular figures.


You can see that there isn't just one ideal pair of jeans for older men! However, if you take into account the style, material, fit, color, and fit of your new denim, chances are that you'll get something truly fantastic.

Remember that muscle-fit jeans are what you want if you want something tight-fitting that highlights your muscular build. Visit TAILORED ATHLETE for the best athletic-fit jeans and other athletic-fit clothing items.

Check out our other sartorial advice for gentlemen's fashion now that you know how to pick the ideal pair of jeans!

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