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Jeans are the ultimate fashion classic. Young and old, sportsmen and office workers, we all love them. There’s nothing quite like slipping into your favorite, comfy pair of jeans. The problem comes in when they start looking worse for wear, and you need to replace them. 

We’ve all suffered the frustration of ill-fitting jeans in the past. It’s a very common problem, especially for muscular men. But why do jeans fit differently, even when those brands are supposedly the same size? And why do they fit differently from your other trousers? Keep reading to find out

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Why Do Same-Size Jeans Fit Differently?

There’s no doubt that jeans from different brands fit differently to each other, and even to ordinary trousers of thesame size

why do same size jeans fit differently

We’ve all experienced this puzzling phenomenon at one time or another. We try on a new pair of jeans in-store, and despite being the right size, they just don’t fit right. But what causes this, and how should jeans fit men anyway? 

There are a surprising number of reasons why jeans can differ, despite the same ‘size’. Let’s look at the most common reasons for this.

Manufacturer’s Templates

You’ve probably heard about how to find jeans that fit without trying them on. Check the inseam length and rise measurement on the label and you’re good to go. Right? The problem is they just don’t work out too well sometimes. You’ll get lucky with a few pairs of jeans, but not all of them. Here’s why. 

Jeans are usually not cut out one by one. They are cut in multiple, in mass production. While you’d expect the machines cutting out the pieces of denim to be very precise, this stacking method can lead to slight variations. 

When trying on jeans in-store, you may notice that even the same brand will have two pairs of jeans of the same size that differ.

why jeans fit differently


The style of the jeans can also impact how it fits. A pair of skinny jeans and a pair of relaxed-fit jeans, for example, will fit very differently. Regardless of the size, some styles will fit your body type better than others. That’s why they call styles ‘fits’. As in skinny fit, relaxed fit, etc. 

So, should jeans fit tight or loose? This depends largely on your taste and your body. If you’re a muscular mesomorph, the body type that many athletes have, you’ll probably struggle to find skinny jeans in most stores that work for you. They just won’t flatter your muscular frame. 

Another problem is that different manufacturers interpret styles differently. What one considers a regular fit may differ from another. They make jeans that will fit most men adequately. This means that particularly skinny, overweight, or muscular men all have to shop around for a brand that works for their body type.


The type of fabric, amount of stretch, and even the color can affect the fit. The color? Yes, you read that correctly. Some dyes cause shrinkage, which will of course affect the fit. And once you’ve washed those jeans a few times, they may shrink even more.

jeans fit differently

Then there’s the issue of stretching. An unforgiving fabric without the right amount of stretch will never fit muscular legs the same as skinny ones, despite being the same hip or waist size. The converse is also not desirable. Too much stretch and the jeans don’t snap back into their shape after a few wears.

Why Do Muscular Men Struggle So Much With the Fit of Jeans?

You can be proud of that muscular physique! We know you put a lot of effort into staying fit, strong, and in shape. The thing is, most jeans manufacturers just don’t cater to athletic bodies. Their jeans are designed for the ‘average man’. 

The Problem with ‘Upsizing’ 

A common solution to the problem of jeans not fitting over muscular quads is ‘upsizing’. You may have had to do this at some point in the past. But buying jeans in a bigger size to fit over your muscular legs, will inevitably cause more issues. Like jeans that don’t sit right at the waist, or sag at the ankles. 

And why is it so hard to find jeans that fit over your muscles? They’re just not cut to allow for them. There’s not enough fabric allowance in your more muscular zones. And often, the fabric just doesn’t have the right amount or type of stretch.

why do  the jeans fit differently

The Best Jeans Fit for Muscular Men

Buying off-the-rack jeans, even from high-end stores, hasn’t worked. Upsizing hasn’t worked. But don’t despair, because your problems are over once you invest in a pair of our men's athletic fit jeans

That’s right. Your quest to find jeans that fit properly is over. Because here at  TAILORED ATHLETE, you’ll only find quality garments for men that fit and flatter you. 

Let’s look at why these are the last brand of jeans you’ll ever wear:

Designed for Muscular Bodies 

Our jeans are designed by athletes, for athletes. That means that every pair of jeans, and every other garment in our range, is designed with muscles in mind. Our designers understand exactly what a perfectly crafted pair of jeans needs to fit your frame. 

Quality Fabrics

We don’t cut corners by using cheap fabrics or dyes. Our quality fabrics are designed to last for years. So, don’t feel too bad about discarding your old comfy jeans. Our athletic jeans will soon become your new favorite. And not only will they last a long time, but they’ll also retain their color and shape. 
same size jeans fit differently

Four-Way Stretch

Our fabrics not only have the right amount of stretch, but the right type too. That’s how they manage to accommodate your well-defined quad muscles while still sitting snugly at the waist. You’ll never have to ‘size up’ again. 

Final Thoughts on Why Jeans Fit Differently

Jeans fit differently for several reasons, and it’s usually a hit-or-miss situation to buy clothes off the rack without trying them on first. But you don’t have to suffer this indignity any longer. Here at TAILORED ATHLETE, we make jeans for athletic men that fit right every time. Get yours today.

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